September 22nd, 2011 by Clark Humphrey

nordstrom photo, via shine.yahoo.com

  • Those $85 Starbucks designer tees? All net proceeds go to Starbucks. One more reason Howard Schultz is in the Forbes 400 richest-people list.
  • A Starbucks employee in Calif. posted a satirical song about his job onto YouTube. The song became popular; he became fired.
  • After 18 years, the homey and low-key Rosebud restaurant/bar on East Pike is calling it quits. The management (which just bought the place from its previous longtime owners) homes to reopen nearby.
  • Facebook’s got this big new feature that looks a lot like something already devised by a Seattle startup site.
  • The Real Networks spinoff Rhapsody, a subscription online music service, has some sort of free trial thing going on via Facebook.
  • Washington state: Now with even more poverty.
  • You want across-the-board cuts in all state spending? Fine. Welcome some new early-release inmates, who won’t get the supervision past parolees got.
  • Swedish Medical Center to lay off 150 staffers. So much for the aging-boomer-era medical boom.
  • The on-again, off-again scheme to drastically redevelop the parking lot north of Qwest CenturyLink Field is on again. For now.
  • An unfinished Kent parking garage will be razed and replaced by homes and stores.
  • Tacoma teachers’ strike: over.
  • Obama’s coming to town. You won’t get to see him.
  • The always-lucid Feliks Banel sees the retirement of J.P. Patches in the context of the institutional decline of local TV (particularly local non-news TV).
  • The “Occupy Wall Street” folk have finally proclaimed “our one demand”—11 of them, all big-big-picture stuff, essentially adding up to the complete re-orientation of the nation’s government, economy, and society.
  • ‘Tis a sad, sad day for all who care about tradition, long-form storytelling, and frequently-remarried drama queens. The final network episode of All My Children airs today.
  • On a much happier note, you can become part of a new tradition tomorrow, the tradition of the ped-powered urbanites.

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