December 15th, 2011 by Clark Humphrey

If you tried to access this site on Tuesday, you would have found an ugly, undesigned mess.

That’s because my site (and email) server company disconnected me for nonpayment, without previously bothering to tell me in any way, shape, or form that a payment was due.

The texts on the site remained up, but the WordPress-based formatting and most of the images were locked away. It took about three hours to get everything back and properly configured again.

In other news, my current contract job might finally end Friday. More regular postings should follow.

But for now, a few random linx:

  • Seattle’s about to honor the now really-really retired J.P. Patches by naming a city dump transfer station after the beloved TV clown.
  • The on-again, off-again plan to save Capitol Hill’s beloved B&O Espresso is off again, and the joint will close for good by New Year’s. It had been open during the entire time I’ve lived in Seattle.
  • The latest alleged threat to the spoken word? “Vocal fry.”
  • Conspiracy theory of the minute: Could former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens have been one of the supposedly, mysteriously ill fated BP whistleblowers?
  • Joseph Stiglitz sees bigger long-term trends at work behind the economic blech. It’s a shift away from industry as the basis of commerce, not just in the U.S. but globally.
  • Studies show that users of tablet computers and ebook machines are using them quite a bit for long-form texts, causing The Economist to proclaim “the rebirth of reading.” I’ll have more to say (tangentally) about this next week.

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  • Angiportus writes:
    December 18th, 20112:42 pmat

    Sympathies about the server problem. Hope justice prevails.
    I read much of the stuff about “vocal fry” and though I have not yet heard the samples, one thing I took away was, funny how some people when they discover something new or surprising, consider it evil/wrong/harmful, when it might not in fact be so, when they haven’t even started to understand it. And as one of the commentors on LanguageLog put it, note how it is young women being targeted with “another bullshit peeve”.

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