February 15th, 2012 by Clark Humphrey


…the last places in America where books are still a dominant part of the culture, consumed, discussed, pondered, and critiqued with gusto.

  • Amazon reportedly still wants more Seattle office space.
  • Liquor privatization starts phasing in on March 1, when restaurants and bars can buy booze direct from producers and out-of-state distributors.
  • That $340 million state budget “windfall”? A lot of it’s due to past slashings of social service programs.
  • The state Legislature still doesn’t have a plan to halt horrendous budget cuts. But it is working to bring back incentives for out-of-state film productions.
  • It’s the end of the smelting line for the Fremont Fine Arts Foundry. The longtime site of statue-making, and home base of the first efforts to save the ferry Kalakala is going to become a restaurant, a bar, and a restaurant-bar supply house.
  • Forget about radio, the printing press, penicillin, the wheel, or even gum with flavor crystals. The Internet is “the greatest thing that mankind has ever created.” Or so says the don of crazy cat captions.
  • Is Microsoft helping fund a creepy right-wing campaign to force “climate change is just a theory” curricula in K-12 schools?
  • In reality, as opposed to right-wing-media fantasyland, there is no war on religion in this country. And wrestling is fake too.
  • Sean Hannity held a panel discussion about the birth control pseudo-controversy. The panel included men of several races and religions, and not even one woman. (Has even one woman spoken for the anti-birth-control side in any public forum, other than Sarah Palin?)
  • Nancy Grace has become, if it can be imagined, even sleazier.
  • Lest We Forget Dept.: It’s the 70th anniversary of the forced detention of Americans of Japanese descent.
  • One anniversary not commemorated by many, except by Noam Chomsky: The 50th anniversary of the start of the Vietnam War. (Or rather, of U.S. involvement in same.)

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