April 10th, 2012 by Clark Humphrey

  • Seattle voters will have the chance to bring library service back from several years’ worth of drastic cuts. You know where I stand on this.
  • Meanwhile, in the land of Jorge Juis Borges’ surreal library stories, the Argentine government has banned all book imports. The lame excuse is that they could contain dangerous levels of lead. Ebooks and their reading machines, and domestic reprints of foreign books, aren’t affected.
  • The local Catholic Archdiocese, once a liberal “social gospel” bastion, has turned hard homophobic.
  • Northwest fishermen worry about Japanese tsunami debris showing up in their waters. Talk about your deadliest catch.
  • An activist group called Seattle’s greatest family-owned bakery an unfair employer, and staged a protest. Loyal customers staged a counter-protest. Cookies were tossed. Literally.
  • The two African Americans who publicly claimed Seattle Police had stopped them for no good reason, got stopped by Seattle Police again.
  • A dead orca in Washington waters has caused some to sing “Blame Canada.”
  • The UW invented kidney dialysis. Now it’s working on what might replace it.
  • The rise in cable-TV subscribers becoming former cable-TV subscribers has attracted even the financial community. One analyst hints there’d be even more cord-cutting, except that many folks are keeping cable subscriptions for Internet access.
  • The alleged “liberal media” in a “liberal state” sure don’t seem to like Jay Inslee.
  • We’d earlier mentioned that print newspaper ad revenues had sunk to 1984 levels. Someone took those figures, adjusted ’em for inflation, and concluded newsprint ad money is actually at its lowest level since 1950. (The U.S. population then was about half what it is now.)
  • Young adults aren’t just not reading print newspapers. They’re also driving a lot less and biking a lot more.
  • I’m pretty sure the only people who read the Seattle Times editorials anymore are the bloggers who righteously trash them.
  • “In Russia, a lack of men forces women to settle for less.”
  • How can something that barely has 10 employees and has not apparently made a cent in profits be worth a billion dollars?

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