April 25th, 2012 by Clark Humphrey

sonics first-year pennant, available at gasoline alley antiques

  • As various machinations occur here and elsewhere that just might bring a new men’s pro basketball team to Seattle, national audiences can see the authoritative document of how the team we had got stolen. The Sonicsgate documentary airs this Friday at 7 p.m. PT on CNBC. There’s a viewing party at the Sport bar.
  • All sorts of companies are trying to get away with hiring undocumented workers. Even an organic herb farm.
  • Seattle’s next P-Patch community garden site: the roof of the Mercer Street parking garage.
  • Item: “Seattle company unveils plan to mine asteroids for riches.” Comment: If this works out, the whole scarcity premise behind metals commodity prices could one day disappear. And with it would go the fortunes of certain Third World countries.
  • Short sales and foreclosures still account for more than half of all home sales in Snohomish and Pierce counties, and a third of all home sales in King County.
  • No, Social Security isn’t going broke any time soon. And there are simple ways to make sure it never does.
  • America’s first mad cow is in California, naturally.
  • Why didn’t Forbes run articles about male porn stars when ol’ Malcolm Forbes was alive?
  • Ex-Harper’s editor Lewis Lapham has a long essay about the future of language in the Internet age, among other things. Lapham rightfully calls for more and better reasoned thinking online. And he echoes my own belief that the web is not primarily made of code but words. But he also casually engages in tiresome elitist stereotyping about a “postliterate sensibility” that’s supposedly “offended by anything that isn’t television.” Any guy who claims to oppose one-dimensional banalities shouldn’t repeat them himself.
  • Found: Someone who misses the glory days of MySpace.

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