June 6th, 2012 by Clark Humphrey

  • Missed the transit of Venus? Fret not! You can still catch The Myrtle of Venus!
  • The lovely graphic at the left of this site’s “sidebar” column, inviting donations for the Cafe Racer shooting victims, was done by our ol’ pal Nick Vroman, an ex-Seattleite now in Japan. He’s also got a lovely site reviewing Japanese cult films.
  • With the arrival of Wednesday came The Stranger’s package of Cafe Racer shooting and mourning articles.
  • Joel Connelly calls the “war on drugs” America’s “second lost war of the half century.”
  • Contemporary art, product logos, graphic design, even web page design—all these fields and more are frequently invaded by rank copycats, whose thievery can be caught red-handed at the site You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice.
  • Health Scare O’ the Week: the allegedly imminent arrival of drug-resistant gonorrhea.
  • The next frontier in confronting idiot misogyny: Multiplayer gaming.
  • Cell phone users are using their cell phones as phones a lot less. Companies plan to respond by raising rates. Huh?
  • Our heroine Amanda Palmer wanted to raise $100,000 from a Kickstarter campaign, to release and promote her next record. She ended up raking in a cool million.
  • Social-economy guru Richard Florida offers up some theories behind the revival of downtown retail around the country.

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