July 18th, 2012 by Clark Humphrey

wikimedia commons, via komo-tv

  • Drugs? Guns? Codeine pain pills? Forget it. What U.S. Customs is really cracking down against on the Canadian border is a bigger threat to America than all those combined. Beware the dreaded candy Kinder Eggs.
  • Starbucks apparently has an image problem in NYC.
  • How to get shoppers away from dot-coms and back to the malls? How ’bout wine bars, yoga classes, craft-making groups, and jeans stores with special butt-view mirrors?
  • Outside estimates put the cost of a spiffed-up Seattle waterfront near a cool billon. That’s a heckuva lot for what’s essentially just another group of “world class” windswept plazas (and we’ve already got more than we need of those). I still say: scrap most of that, bring back the Waterfront Streetcar, and put an amusement park at Pier 62-63.
  • The big winner in the demise of Washington’s state liquor stores? Oregon’s state liquor stores.
  • Deja Vu’s Dreamgirls really doesn’t want to leave SoDo, not even for a big buyout by the arena developers.
  • In the immortal words of Mr. Costello, I don’t wanna go to Chelsea.
  • Link Light Rail is three years old and more popular than ever.
  • Macklemore’s new pro-gay-marriage hiphop track is getting quite the national attention.
  • Boeing wants more engineers and more training for future engineers. Oh, and it also wants more Federal money.

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