January 4th, 2013 by Clark Humphrey

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For the 27th consecutive year (really!), we proudly present the MISCmedia In/Out List, the most venerable and only accurate list of its kind in the known English-speaking world.

As always, this is a prediction of what will become hot and not-so-hot in the coming year, not necessarily what’s hot and not-so-hot now. If you believe everything hot now will just keep getting hotter, I’ve got some Hostess Brands stock to sell you.

Grilled cheese Sliders
Improving “Disrupting”
Mai Tais Infused vodka Martinis
Probable end of Community End of Dexter
Pinterest (still) Instagram
Prequels 3D remakes
Nashville 2 Broke Girls
Catherine Zeta-Jones comeback Lindsey Lohan comeback
Ghosts Zombies
“Wowsers” “Cray cray”
Popcorn Cupcakes
Mustard greens Butter lettuce
John Hawkes (The Sessions) Johnny Knoxville
Marion Cottilard Zooey Deschanel
Women’s pro soccer UFC/MMA
Bermuda shorts Fluorescent running shoes
Reality “Augmented reality”
Midnight blue Tawny brown
Soviet package design “Artisanal” graphics
Society Social media
Dyed pubic hair Mustaches
“Malarkey” “Porn” (to describe anything but actual porn)
Big love “Big Data”
Floam Lego
Rome Los Angeles
Mia Hansen-Love (Goodbye, First Love) The Farrelly Brothers
Philadelphia Austin
Soap Lake Tieton
Conservators Conservatives
Internet radio Clear Channel
Women in politics Rape “redefiners”
Cooking Channel Bravo
Empathy Calling other people “sheeple”
Sanity Hannity
THEESatisfaction One Direction
Thinkers Manipulators
Judith Krantz E.L. James
Reviving Pioneer Square Upscaling the waterfront
“Be An Elf to Yourself” “Keep Calm and Carry On”

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  • Raymond Gravelle writes:
    January 10th, 20136:14 pmat

    As the Mayor of Soap Lake I applaud you for your uncanny foresight, insight and out-of-sight prediction that Soap Lake is an inny and not an outy. In 2013 the City will have a completely redeveloped downtown and the Giant Lava Lamp will be built just in time for the 50th anniversary of the invention of the Lava Lamp. Let me know when you are coming over and I’ll make sure the red carpet is rolled out to welcome you to Washington’s Health & Art Resort.

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