February 13th, 2013 by Clark Humphrey


As the many unattached among us face with dread the day devoted, by Hallmark and other marketers, toward luvvey-duvvey cutesy-poo, comes a new study on “the old man-woman thing.”

Authors Bobbi J. Carothers and Harry T. Reis claim, among other things, that:

  • Instead of a clear demarcation of “female” and “male” behaviors and thoughts, there’s more of a continuum among individuals.
  • Gender itself is less a factor in psychological differences among people than race, nationality, subculture, etc.

Imagine the possible implications!

  • Those men and women who classify the entire opposite sex as the Evil Other-with-a-capital-O are just wrong!
  • Attempts to “pink-ify” consumer products, in order to market them as “For Women,” are really just as stupid as they already seem.
  • Dating and “speed seduction” courses intended to reveal the mysteries of the opposite-sex brain are big wastes of money. (Which some of you already know.)
  • There’s even less of an excuse for movie studios not to create more “active” roles for female characters, or for the rest of corporate America to pay women less.
  • And instead of fighting and manipulating and jostling for power as “man” and “woman,” we’re really fighting and manipulating and jostling for power as “people.”

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  • KM writes:
    February 17th, 20133:02 pmat

    That’s what I have been suspecting, and at times saying, for several decades. Thanks.

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