April 26th, 2013 by Clark Humphrey

capitol records via wikipedia

  • Among the stories I missed by waiting a week to post Random Links: Heart’s well-deserved induction into the Rock n’ Roll Hall o’ Fame.
  • Are the Sonics Back Yet? (Day 108): No. But at least we have a date when we might (repeat, might) find out one way or the other: May 13.
  • Seattle’s on-and-off-again Fourth of July festivities are on again.
  • Seattle’s interim police chief says he’s really, really, really sorry for the video he made mocking the homeless back in the ’80s, using police training-video production gear.
  • Is “alternative” music too female-unfriendly? Or is it just corporate “alternative” music festivals that leave the women out?
  • The SunBreak explains just why privatized liquor costs more than state-liquor-store liquor did.
  • Starbucks is among the companies asking for expanded U.S. tax breaks on overseas revenues.
  • Washington’s attorney general wants you to know that T-Mobile’s “no-contract” cell phone plans can still cost you as much as traditional ones.
  • Paul Krugman asks whether no one in power even gives a damn about the long term unemployed; while Jared Bernstein at Salon says rising income inequality can’t be fixed unless the campaign-finance system is fixed first.
  • The Boston bombing media circus was a pathetic spectacle that continues to spread misinformation.
  • Bad news everyone: Futurama is canceled, again, perhaps this time forever (but that’s what they said the last time).
  • Speaking of shows (and characters) which have come back from the dead, the once-dead online revivals of All My Children and One Life to Live have miraculously re-revived like Lazarus Dixie. Episodes stream on Hulu.com starting Monday.
  • The film itself has gone on to the big Netflix stream in the sky cloud, but the original website advertising Space Jam lives on!
  • One or more of Wikipedia’s volunteer editors had been taking female writers out of a page about “American novelists” and into a page about “American women novelists.” But people complained, and the sex-segregation has stopped. This isn’t much different from indie bookstores (like Seattle’s Left Bank Books) separating “women’s fiction” from “general fiction.”
  • Can we really blame the whole ’08 economic kablooey on a few coked-up financiers in London?
  • AlterNet reminds you that, yes, your bad memories of George W. Bush are fully justified.

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