October 21st, 2013 by Clark Humphrey


During our three-week-plus blogging absence, one of the events we failed to note was the demise of one of the unsung pop-culture greats, Samuel W. Petrucci. A logo and packaging designer, he worked on everything from the Charleston Chew candy wrapper to a Lassie lunch box. But he’s best known for the logo and box art on the original G.I. Joe dolls, often using himself as a model for Joe’s face. His daughter Lisa Petrucci is a prominent local “pop surrealist” painter and co-owner of Something Weird Video.

  • Don James, R.I.P.: He may have been the last great Husky football coach to date. He was certainly a figure of respect and sportsmanship, prior to the “Scoreboard, Baby” era of win-at-any-cost that ended up ruining the program.
  • A former contract worker at Google’s obscure Bothell office has mixed feelings about her time there; including, but not limited to, the paucity of female higher-ups.
  • Yes, there are (even in this climate of starved social needs) alternatives to “boarding” the mentally ill.
  • Alas, the extremely expensive manufactured crisis that was the govt. shutdown probably isn’t “the Tea Party’s last stand.” There will always be something else, real or made up, around which to ferment faux-outrage.
  • Meanwhile, Michael Lind at Salon sez the extreme-right-wing tactics so visible these days are simply old Southern white-right politics, ramped up by local/state operatives afraid of changing demographics permanently ruining their historic privileges.…
  • …and Daniel Goleman at the NYT says we face not only an economic gap but an “empathy gap.”
  • You can run all the exposes of the Koch brothers’ extreme-right-wing funding machine you want. It won’t persuade the conservative follower who only knows what right-wing “bubble media” tell him and who, therefore, has never even heard of the Koch brothers.
  • No, Cosmopolitan: The women who perform in hardcore porn vids indeed are “real women.” They’re just playing unreal characters.
  • As some of you know, I hated loudmouth alpha-male San Franciscans before it was cool.
  • Hollywood has successfully shut down a big BitTorrent index site.
  • Let’s close with some seldom-seen Edward Gorey art from long out-O-print satiric verse books by the undeservedly forgotten Felicia Lamport:

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  • Art Marriott AKA "ArtFart" writes:
    October 21st, 201312:49 pmat

    It’s hard to believe, but many seem to have lost track of the notion that the “Tea Party” is –not– a “grass-roots” movement, except perhaps for the well-manicured fescue of some very exclusive golf courses. The whole thing was manufactured by the Kochs and their well-heeled buddies, and their ultimate goal has little if anything to do with the antics or stated objectives (or “subjectives”) of the likes of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz or Michele Bachmann. All of those, including the “stand-your-ground” pandering to the NRA, misogynistic “right-to-life” campaigns, waking up the snoozing beast of Southern race hatred and holding the world economy hostage (or pretending to) over Obamacare, are merely “divide-and-conquer” distractions. After each of these charades, most of us heave a great sigh of relief that we “won” and staved off doomsday, while behind the headlines they’re relentlessly whittling away at workers’ rights and the social safety net. These guys are nothing but old-fashioned “cheap-labor conservatives” whose ultimate wet dream is to keep the general population hungry and desperate enough to work for next to nothing.

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