May 6th, 2018 by Clark Humphrey

Bill Bradburd offers more clarification on the SeaTimes story blurbed here last week, about the amount of land in Seattle devoted to single-family zoning:

Actually… that’s 69% of residentially zoned land is zoned single family. But that 31% left over can have in places a shit ton of housing in residential towers, apartment buildings, multi-family projects, microhousing, etc.

And it’s in those areas we are building well over 100K units of housing.That’s 100K+ units in the pipeline since 2015, the year for which all this HALA nonsense is being measured and our 20 growth plan is based. In fact, since the Dec 2017 through April, about 40K units alone have been permitted.

The hype over single family is a non issue except to developers looking for more low density zoning to build $750K townhouses for tech workers. And a way for neo-urbanists to attack homeowners who often are simply working class people who have nothing to do with any of this shit and make less than 50K/yr….

Don’t believe the hype…

(and in truth, it’s 49% of Seattle (excluding right of ways) is single family homes–some in single family zones, though in single family zones there are multi-unit buildings like duplexes triplexes and more, and in higher density zoned parcels there are old single family homes hanging on. http://www.seattle.gov/opcd/population-and-demographics/about-seattle#landuse)

Keep up the good work…  Bill

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