MISCmedia MAIL has no beef about reports that some commercial parmesan cheese might be cut with up to 9 percent wood products. A lot of us need extra fiber anyway, right?


One rain system after another, with dry spells in between, through the rest of the week.

With all the warm winter rains, will the current mountain snowpack last to the spring and summer? (PI.com) 



Say hello again, maybe, to "fast ferries" from Seattle to Bremerton. Say goodbye, maybe, to Bremerton as a relatively low-rent exception to gentrification. (KING) (image: Josh Farley/Kitsap Sun, 2012)

Meanwhile, tech companies have "discovered" Tacoma. Buh-bye, relatively-low rents there. (KIRO-TV)



The "cis" man who tried to undress in a women's locker room at Green Lake, claiming the trans-restroom law let him? Turns out he may have been following a right-wing call for intimidation tactics against the law. (Slog)

Failing in the Legislature, trans-restroom opponents may file a ballot initiative. (KING)


That proposed 102-story skinny downtown tower? Now it's only gonna be 100 stories. And its apartments would be the most expensive we've ever had; probably too costly for most anyone who currently lives here. (Curbed) (Crosscut) 

Local NAACP head Gerald Hankerson claims the 23rd Avenue construction mess, and the lack of compensation to merchants, shows the city's "purposefully pushing out black owned businesses." (KIRO-FM) (PubliCola)

Meanwhile, Pike/Pine businesses are awaiting "precedent-setting" help under a city program to alleviate construction-related disruptions. (Capitol Hill Seattle)


The state Senate approved a compromise school-funding plan, already passed by the House. Critics insist the plan does too little and delays full funding too long. (AP)

Under a bill passed in the house, police officers resopnding to suicide attempts could recommend that mental-health professionals rush to the scene. (Spokesman-Review)

A proposed state bill would let a lot more courts charge "jury fees" to convicted defendents. The potential result: more impediments to the constitutional right to a jury trial; more burdens on underclass defendents. (Crosscut)

King County Sheriff John Urquhart wants the Legislature to make it easier for legal U.S. residents (not just citizens) to be deputies. (KING)

The state lowered its projected tax revenue for the next two years by $87 million, citing China's slowing economy among other factors. (KING) 


The Seattle Police's court-appointed monitor says the department's making progress in dealing with individuals in "mental crisis" without resorting to force. (SeaTimes)

Black Lives Matter activist Mohawk Kuzma announced his own investigation into police responses to protesters. (SeaTimes)


Councilmember Sally Bagshaw wants more official homeless camps, with a total of 1,000 "tiny houses" or "disaster relief pods," scattered around the city. (Danny Westneat)

"The Jungle": It's "uninhabitable." Yet it's inhabited, by perhaps 400 human beings. (KCPQ) 

Some RV-residing folk are balking at the proposed rules for the city's "safe lots," including rules against using propane heat or electrical generators within the vehicles. (SeaTimes)

Should the Frye Art Museum, as it's planning to do, sell a parking lot to developers of "market rate" (i.e. costly) apartments, or work for more affordability? (Slog)


The early-morning lineup at a methadone clinic's as depressing as you'd imagine; but a Seattle biotech's working on a non-opioid pain med that might help prevent future addictions. (KING)


Conservation groups in the region are suing the Feds over alleged foot-dragging on improving steelhead habitat. (AP)

Online commerce generates a "mountain of cardboard." (NYT)


More than a dozen employees of Sea-Tac airport contractors are suing for back pay at the City of SeaTac's $15/hr. wage. (KIRO-TV)

Two psychiatrists at Western State Hospital say they're being retaliated against, for having spoken out about conditions there. (AP)

The Space Needle settled with an ex-employee who said he was fired for promoting unionization. (PS Biz Journal)


Boeing's engineers approved a new six-year contract. (KIRO-TV)

Will Boeing buy Northrop Grumman's aerospace business? (PS Biz Journal)

Boeing may develop a plane sized in-between today's 373 and 787, but not yet. (PS Biz Journal) 


A Seattle startup that promised to help couples finance lavish weddings suddenly changed its business model, leaving hundreds of couples fightin' mad. (KCPQ) 


In a preseason "closed-door scrimmage," Sounders FC beat LA Galaxy 4-0. 

UW men's basketball at home vs. Cal tonight.

Gonzaga at home vs. Pacific tonight.


"Immersive" production of "Romeo and Juliet." (Seattle Immersive Theatre, thru March 18)

"Guided play" version of "Where the Wild Things Are." (Seattle Children's Theatre, thru Sun)

"The Twelfth Story," post-apocalyptic play by Rebecca Goldberg. (Annex Theatre, thru Sat)

"2155: An Exploration of Afrofuturism in Performance Art." (Gay City, thru Sun)

Ignite Seattle 29, group show of short slide presentations on various topics. (Town Hall)

Earl Brooks, Joey Kline, Claire Michelle. (Cafe Racer)

Sacred Signs, Perpetual Ritual, DJ Veins, DJFK. (Vermilion)

Galcher Lustwerk, AOS, Simic. (Kremwerk)

Juliana Huxtable. (Chop Suey)

Wussy, Rabia Shaheen & Mike DeBe. (El Corazon)

The West, Trick Candles, Noddy. (Barboza)

Author/film critic A.O. Scott. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

Novelist/essayist Alexander Chee. (Hugo House)

Seattle's Best Damn Happy Hour. (Seattle Center Armory)

Tenants' rights program by Capitol Hill Community Council. (12th Ave. Arts)

Masters of Hawaiian Music. (Triple Door)

"Memento Mori: Metaphysical Musings on Madness and Mortality" with Professor Vanderbeck. (Spooked Seattle Tour) 

Tom Bennett & the Rolling Blackouts. (Little Red Hen)

The Infamous Stringdusters. (Showbox)

"ArtSpeak 101: Art History Happy Hour." (Pivot Art + Culture)

Film "Sharknado" in "hecklevision," plus (real) disaster-preparedness presentation. (Central Cinema)




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