MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2016

I'll have something to say soon about the new Metro bus routes and how screwy they are. But for now, let's have a regular start to the work week. 


More periodic rains and sun breaks Monday. Clear and warming starting Tuesday. 



From the people who brought you Santarchy, here comes Peter Cott…—oops, sorry—here comes Bunnycade!



Well that was an anticlimax, no? The Bernie Sanders campaign's groundwork, media buys, and personal visits paid off, as Sanders won the state's Democratic caucuses by about a 3-1 margin over Hillary Clinton. (Slog)

Meanwhile, Rainier Beach High School would like you to remember it, and its needs and challenges, long after Hillary Clinton's visit. (SeaTimes)


Now that vinyl records and even cassettes are back, let's get the kids interested in dial clocks again. (KOMO)


The confusion about getting anywhere in northeast Seattle (other than Husky Stadium) by transit will get easier when the light-rail extends from Husky Stadium to the U District. But that won't happen for years. Though progress was reported, when a tunnel machine (a smaller and more reliable one than the one on the waterfront) arrived at the future U District station. (Seattle Transit Blog)


Seattle's Africatown Center in Rainier Vista was vandalized with racist and pro-Trump graffiti. (Slog) There was also a burglary there; a suspect's already been arrested. Police believe he may also have a connection to the vandalism. (SeaTimes)

Upscale homeowners with a misplaced sense of entitlement cut down an acre of view-blocking trees in a city-owned West Seattle greenbelt. (SeaTimes)


One of the planned "safe lot" sites for people living in RVs is now officially dead. (West Seattle Blog)

Portland's thinking of offering homeless people one-way bus tickets out of town—if they've got a particular place to go. (Portland Mercury)

The brutality of rent hyperinflation, in slides. (via Sightline)

Family-services worker Sandy Lowe reminds you that homelessness is usually the end result of other personal calamities, and that we should work to help people facing those issues before they lead to living on the streets. (SeaTimes oped)


Even "affordable" housing is attracting big-money, out-of-state investors. (PS Biz Journal)

Wanna make residential neighborhoods more walkable, more "community"-esque? Bring back corner stores! (Seattle Transit Blog)


Local business bigwigs are launching a program to find jobs for the homeless and long-term unemployed. Will it work? (Crosscut)

We can point with pride that the state two states to our south will follow Seattle's lead and pass a minimum "living wage." (AP)


What this town needs, an "angel investor" opines, is a place where startup tech companies can bloom and grow. (PS Biz Journal)

Mt. Rainier National Park can't take reservations for this summer yet. Its in-house computer was damaged by a storm (a different kind of "taking it to the cloud"). (KCPQ) 


Longer-range planes bring more Asian cities within a nonstop distance from Sea-Tac (specifically, a shorter nonstop distance than from L.A.). (SeaTimes)

Fun facts about the Boeing 737, which has been in the air for nearly 50 years (half of the Boeing Co.'s existence). (Everett Herald)


"Wildfires pump millions into Washington's rural economy." That's nice I guess, but couldn't we find a more, you know, non-lethal way to, you know, fire things up? (Crosscut) 

"More people die from drownings than from fires in King County." (KIRO-TV)


UW women's basketball made the NCAA women's tournament's Elite 8, beating Kentucky 85-72. Then they made the Final 4, dropping Stanford 85-76. A semifinal game against Syracuse happens Sunday.

Gonzaga left the NCAA men's tourney with a last-seconds 63-60 loss to Syracuse.

The Mariners swept the last full weekend of spring training. They beat the White Sox 5-4 in 10 innings Friday, the Dodgers 7-6 Saturday, and the Cubs 12-9 Sunday. Royals today.


Iggy Pop. (Paramount)

Rick Steves talks on Cuba. (Town Hall)

Wendell Potter and Nick Penniman on keeping "big money" out of elections. (Town Hall)

Steve Hackett. (Neptune)

"The Nest" novelist Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

Satan, Skelator, more. (Highline)

Warren Haynes and the Ashes & Dust Band, Jonathan Tyler. (Moore)


(Jorge Luis Borges):

“I can give you my loneliness, my darkness, the hunger of my heart, I am trying to bribe you with uncertainty, with danger, with defeat.”


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