That sure was some NCAA men's b-ball final game. (Will a college team from our fair state, in any gender, ever get to play for the whole shebang? At least the UW women came close this year.)


One more day of showers, then back to sun and relative warmth the rest of the week. Thursday could be particularly hot.



Many lovely "street" murals have appeared over boarded up windows in gas-blast-stricken Greenwood. (KUOW)



Alaska Airlines is now almost as big as the place it's named after. It’s becoming the fifth-biggest airline in the country,buying Virgin America from Richard Branson and partners for $2.6 billion. (KIRO-TV)

The combined operation will be based in Seattle. And there's another potential local benefit: Virgin's fleet consists of 55 leased Airbus jets. Alaska could buy Boeing planes to replace them as the leases expire. (PS Biz Journal) 

Branson's whole global business empire is derived from his having gotten out of the recorded-music biz while the getting was good. Does this mean he believes the airline biz is similarly peaking? Apparently not. He claims he's "disappointed" VA's shareholders sold out despite his wishes. (Newsweek)

So if Alaska's got all that cash just lying around, why can't it (and its "ground services" contractor) pay employees their deserved back wages? (Seattlish)


The thing about running light-rail trains earlier or later is that it cuts into track-maintenance time. (KING)

Does a Sound Transit survey contain a question that's really a test-market tryout for slogans to use in the upcoming "ST3" ballot measure? (PubliCola)

Metro's newly revised bus routes are barely a week old, and already the agency's looking to tweak 'em. Specifically, they're thinking of lengthening the brand-new route 38 in the south end. Someone at the Seattle Transit Blog fears that would destroy the new route's on-time reliability.


The UW, despite decades of emphasizing research grants and "world class"-osity, actually graduates a greater percentage of lower-income undergrads than most colleges in the state. (SeaTimes)


The Arboretum's building a new 1.2-mile loop trail, with $7.8 million in "construction mitigaton" funds from WSDOT related to the 520 project. (Capitol Hill Seattle)

Algae threaten Green Lake once again. Crews will "pre-treat" the lake with alum, so the blue-green algae won't find the place hospitable. (Why not just harvest the stuff, and make millions in multi-level marketing "Super Blue-Green Algae" health products?) (KIRO-TV)

Get ready for ads in some Wash. State Parks. (KCPQ)


San Juan Island is beefing up its own short supply of affordable housing by barging existing houses from Victoria BC. (UK Guardian)


Burien's city government is thinking about banning "junk cars" from private driveways and front yards. But would it even BE Burien without 'em? (KCPQ)


It's anti-gypsy-moth spraying season on Capitol Hill. (Capitol Hill Seattle)

Another side effect of an over-carbonized atmosphere: rising acid levels in the Pacific. If we don't do something about it soon, it may become too late. (Joel Connelly)


The U.S. Forest Service is cleaning up lead-contaminated soil from the site of a former shooting range on USFS land. (Everett Herald)


This week's merchandise spilled from a semi onto the Viaduct: boxes of "cooked frozen crab." (KIRO-FM)


Did Mayor Murray crack a joke at a Women's Funding Alliance benefit, implying that women didn't care about sports? (Seattlish)


We knew the new KEXP Komplex at Seattle Center would include a cafe/bar space. Now we know who'll operate it: neo-soul sensation Grace Love! (SeattleMet)


The Mariners lost their first opening-day game in a decade, falling 3-2 at Texas thanks to some defensive goof-ups and Felix Hernandez fading too soon. Same teams tonight.

Opponents of the Chris Hansen arena scheme say they may file a ballot initiative to stop it. (KIRO-TV)


"iConic: Seattle," networking/presentations event for "business innovators." (McCaw Hall)


"Ask the Oracle." (Sorrento Hotel)

Author-critic Touré on "Microagression: Power, Privilege, and Everyday Life." (UW Kane Hall)

Benefit for Greenwood explosion victims with Little Fixtures, Shagnasty, Loudmotor, Fast and Friendly. (Funhouse)

"Race, Justice, and Democracy: A Town Hall Event." (KCTS)

The Used, the New Regime. (Showbox Sodo)

"Generation Axe: A Night of Guitars." (Paramount)

Gang Cult, Beverly Crusher, Sun Thieves, Reptilian Children. (Sunset)


(Jane Rule, "The Desert of the Heart"):

“You loved the world for its own sake or not at all.”


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