Whaddya know? Maybe this year's Mariners aren't completely doomed after all.


Drying up today; warming up by Friday.



The biggest of Seattle's several Jimi Hendrix memorials, the 2.5-acre Jimi Hendrix Park next to the Northwest African American Museum, is almost ready to open this summer after a decade in planning and building. (Capitol Hill Seattle) 



Sure, Sound Transit sez it'll take 22 years to build light rail from Ballard to downtown. But hey, if we speed things up it might only take 18 years. (Seattle Transit Blog)


Today's freight-truck highway spill didn't deposit food products, but something from elsewhere in the digestive process… (KIRO-TV) 


America's biggest coal company filed for bankruptcy. It was to be the biggest client of the planned Bellingham coal port. Does this mean the port plan's doomed? (Joel Connelly)


A great horned owl was found in Everett, having been struck by a car and eating a poison-killed rat. It's now healing at a wildlife-care center. More proof of what Major Briggs said, "The owls are not what they seem." (KOMO)

Last summer's heat wave killed off almost all the sockeye salmon in the Okanogan river system. (SeaTimes)

It took whale scientists two weeks to identify a southern-resident orca that was found dead and partly decomposed. Now the observers are reassessing their "satellite tagging" system that keeps track of each whale's movements. (Seattlish)


Beekeepers plan to set up a pair of hives, housing some 30,000 endangered honeybees, on the front lawn of the governor's mansion in Olympia. (KCPQ) 

Some offensive Wash. state place names could be changed by the end of this year. (KOMO)

The prosecution has rested in the case against State Auditor Troy Kelley. The judge said the prosecution's evidence justifies the case going to a jury. (News Tribune) 


A few more details have emerged in the potential conflict-O-interest between SDOT's boss and the former ride-share contractors. (PubliCola) 

You know there's a municipal special election coming up really soon, right? (Seattlish)


Councilmember Herbold is already facing "blowback" against her scheme to have the city help nonprofits buy up privately owned, "affordable" apartments. (Slog)

The Mary's Place organization will set up a temporary shelter for women and families, in one of the closed motels bought up by Amazon for future expansion. (SeaTimes)


Western Washington U's been the site of three "anti-Semitic incidents" in recent months, and is forming a task force to try and figure out what to do. (SeaTimes)

A mysterious postcard to Mulilteo residents told of a proposed mosque in the town, and gave an email address with "mukilteostaysafe." The mailing was likely sent by the president of a local aerospace subcontractor, who's apparently been behaving like a "concern troll" in town politics. (SeaTimes)


Why is "#JournalismSoWhite"? One reason, as discussed at a Tuesday panel in Seattle: unpaid internships and "for the exposure" gigs limit the profession to people who don't need to earn a living. (Slog)


Thieves broke into a Ballard non-profit's storefront. Not to rob them, but to rob the unlicensed pot-growing operation in an adjacent space. (KING)


The Snohomish County man arrested in connection with Ingrid Lyne's extremely brutal slaying has been charged with first degree murder. (KCPQ) 


The official unemployment rate in March was down a little in Seattle; virtually unchanged in the state as a whole. (SeaTimes)


The case for "safe injection" sites, as asvocated by a woman who got out of addiction and helps others still in it. (KUOW) 


Sen. Murray's proposing a Federal bill to cut craft brewery/winery taxes in half. (PS Biz Journal) 


Yeah, there are smartphones and tablets everywhere. But Amazon believes there's still a future in stand-alone ebook machines. (PS Biz Journal) 


The Mariners' pathetic opening homestand finally ended with a home win (at last), 4-2 over Texas. Off to the Yankees starting Friday.

Bored by summer sports already? The Seahawks' regular season scuedule will be announced today. Wer already know it includes home and away games with the back-in-L.A. Rams. (KCPQ) 


Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, Trombone Shorty. (Moore) 

Capitol Hill Art Walk, including Jeff Mihalyo's "Abstract Alternatives" at Dendroica; an Aaron Huffman tribute/retrospective at Cafe Pettirosso; the "Hairstory" group show and interactive performance at The Factory; "photographic monotypes" by Matthew Chernicoff at Lovecitylove; the "Riffs" group show at Photo Center NW; the "Man-Date" male-figures group show at True Love; Hickory Mertsching's paintings at Ghost; Drew Lausman's "Explosionism" at Fred Wildlife Refuge; Emily Hanzal's ink illustrations at Standard Goods.

Pop Conference 2016, on "The Voice in Music." (EMP Museum, thru Sun)

Robyn Hitchcock introduces 1998 concert film "Storefront Hitchcock." (SIFF Uptown) 

"Trash-O-Rama Movie Night" with "The Devil's Hand" and "Satan's Children." (Darrell's)

"A Space Program," film about an artist team building "an entire space program from scratch for a journey to Mars." (NW Film Forum)

Artist talk with Buster Simpson. (Henry Art Gallery)

Jane Monheit. (Jazz Alley, thru Sun) 

Washington State Spring Fair. (Puyallup Fairgrounds, thru Sun)

Fahim Anwar, Michael Lenochi. (Comedy Underground)

"Noir at the Bar" group reading. (Sorrento)

UW scientist Jeff Cordell on efforts to support salmon habitat in Elliott Bay. (Waterfront Space) 

Record Store Showdown. (EMP Museum)

Woody Guthrie tribute with Jim Page, Mike & Matty, Crying Shame, Gerald Collier, more. (Tractor)

Bunny Wailer. (Showbox) 

Fungal Abyss, Diminished Men, Weeed. (Sunset) 




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