MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2016

We're back to hot weather, ready or not, like it or not. But MISCmedia MAIL's wit always stays cool, like the lettuce-and-tomato half of a McDLT. 


Hotness (as in the low 80s) is back today and tomorrow.



Hundreds of fans, including several nice suburban white families with kids and dogs, showed up at the KEXP Komplex's public opening Saturday, featuring Grace Love (above) leading off more than a dozen live acts.

I'd heard about this a few days before, but couldn't confirm it until Friday morning: KING-TV's out-of-state corporate masters weren't content with "downsizing" the station's operations into half of a Sodo office building. They offered "early retirement" to all employees 55 or older. The acceptees include many of the station's biggest "stars": News anchor Dennis Bounds, weatherman Jeff Renner, reporter Linda Byron, and TV-news legend (and 48-year veteran) Jean Enersen. They'll have a big on-air goodbye Friday; Bounds will be on the station's (also downsized) morning talker "New Day NW" today.

Local media-biz vet Frank Catalano offers another reason for keeping KPLU: its online music streams, which KUOW likely would just fold into its own efforts or completely shutter. (GeekWire)



It's still way too early to tell how Greenwood's business district will bounce back from the recent gas explosion. (PI.com) 


Looks like the planned big liquified natural gas export terminal in Oregon (to be fed by a pipeline from Washington) won't be built after all. (AP)

Even if oil prices have fallen as far as they will (as some claim), it'll still be a while before Canada's oil-dependent economy improves. (Jon Talton)


Ex-Councilmember Jean Godden and longtime local educator/commentator Taso Lagos warn against remaking the U District too much. (SeaTimes oped)

The corner where the McGuire apartment tower (Belltown's own Einstruzende Neubauten, or "collapsing new building") was built and then demolished will finally get a new tower. (Daily Journal of Commerce)


A police commission recommended allowing drinking in (some) Seattle parks. (KING)


Police have concluded that the Arlington couple missing since Tuesday have indeed been murdered, even though no bodies have yet been found. They're looking for two brothers who'd lived near the couple. (SeaTimes)


"Home services": one area where Amazon's helping small local businesses. (SeaTimes)


Not in time for this year's Record Store Day alas, but a Toronto company claims to have the first all-new vinyl record pressing machines designed and built in the Western Hemisphere since the pre-CD era. (NYer)


A new mobile dating site's announced a public event to mark its Seattle-area launch. It's in Volunteer Park on a July Saturday. It'll include projected movies. It'll be called the "Netflix & Chill Open Air Festival." Apparently, they do know this is a euphemism for living-room sex. Whether any such behavior will be permitted/encouraged at this event is still unknown. (Seattlish)


Dan Ireland, 57, came to Seattle from Vancouver in the early 1970s. While still in his teens, he and Darryl McDonald leased the Moore Theatre as a cinema. There, in 1975, they founded the Seattle International Film Festival. Ireland later moved to L.A. and became a studio exec, director, and producer. (SeaTimes) (People)

Anne Gould Hauberg, 98, was one of the region's most influential arts patrons/entrepreneurs/collectors, and also a big advocate for children with learning disabilities. She co-founded the Pilchuck Glass School and Tacoma's Museum of Glass. She helped start the UW's Experimental Education Unit. She helped organize campaigns to save Pioneer Square and the Pike Place Market. (Her father, architect Carl Gould, designed what's now the Seattle Asian Art Museum and the UW's Suzallo Library.) (SeaTimes)


The Mariners had a good weekend series at the Yankees, winning the first two games and only losing the last one 4-3. At Cleveland for three games starting Tuesday.

Sounders FC went 2-1 against a red-card-depleted Philadelphia squad. At Colorado Saturday.

Beach volleyball has come to the UW (actually to Alki, under UW auspices). (West Seattle Blog)


"Beware of the Dandelions," multimedia performance project with Detroit "sci-fi hiphop, activist geeks" Complex Movements. (On the Boards, thru Tues)

Organ recital/demonstration with Joseph Adam. (Benaroya Hall, 12:30 p.m.)


Peelander-Z, Death*Star, Smashie Smashie. (Funhouse)

Pavlov Stelar, Stelartronic, Anduze. (Showbox)

Author Tamara Draut on national responses to wage inequality. (Town Hall)

George Colligan Trio, Thomas Marriott. (Jazz Alley)

Film "The Seven Percent Solution." (Central Library, free) 




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