MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016

News reports from the May Day madness referred to certain police tactical objects as "blast balls" and "flash bangs." And some commenters noted that a window got broken at the condo tower where "50 Shades of Gray" was set. Feel free to make your own "fan fiction" from these prompts.


The low 80s today. Cooler with potential showers Tuesday.



As I mentioned Friday, every year the May Day "black bloc" marches (NOT the more constructive, less white, less testosteronic "immigrant and worker" rallies) get dumber and sadder. I could say the clash of a couple hundred anarchists (at least some of whom would oppose ANY form of government existing or yet to be invented) and a much larger number of police (jack-booted and otherwise dressed like something out of a "Judge Dredd" graphic novel) was a large-scale farce, except real people got really hurt. (Capitol Hill Seattle) (Slog) (KIRO-TV)

Are the more "smashy smashy" types of May Day protests merely a vehicle for white doodz to show off their "riot privilege"? (Seattle Globalist)



Eleven Hanford workers were sickened last week by noxious vapors. (KING)

"Hanford, not Fukushima, is the big radiological threat to the west coast." This from a historian at the Hiroshima Peace Institute. (CounterPunch)


A King County judge ruled that the state must "be placed on a court-ordered deadline" to hold polluters accountable for carbon emissions. The ruling reverses a lower-court decision, in a case originally filed by eight children. (Slog)

"Seattle's food-waste law is working, and it's not because of the garbage snooping." (Weekly) 

There's another case of a private landowner allegedly, illegally cutting trees from public property in West Seattle. (West Seattle Blog)

A state/county environmental study said the proposed Longview coal export port would have significant eco-effects, not all of which could be mitigated. The project, however, was allowed to proceed for now. (Crosscut)


Think of "co-housing" as housemate arrangements on steroids. Especially in the case of nine families who pooled their resources to build their own new midrise building on Capitol Hill. (Capitol Hill Seattle)

Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy called for a sales tax increase to help deal with homelessness, which jumped 37 percent there since the last count. (KPLU) (KING)


Federal and state officials worked out an agreement so Western State Hospital wouldn't lose its funding. (AP) 


Five more Uber and Lyft drivers have been accused of sexually assaulting passengers. (KIRO-TV)


There's a suit to stop the building of a new county "juvenile justice center." Among other accusations, the plaintiffs claim the county's really creating a new youth jail (with all the sentencing racial disparities as the old one), and lied about that when it asked taxpayers to approve it in a special levy. (Slog)

A tribal judge ruled in favor of the tribal lawyer who'd gotten "disbarred" after he'd opposed the Nooksack tribal council's "disenrollment" of 306 tribal members. The council then fired the judge. (SeaTimes) 


Seattle-King County Public Health has made a settlement with one Seattle hookah lounge. (SeaTimes)


Boeing reaped $305 million last year from its state tax breaks, as it continues massive staff reductions. (AP)


Booktrope, a local book publishing venture with tech-industry funding, has called it quits. (GeekWire)


The Mariners won another series, this one against the defending champs from Kansas City (albeit losing Sunday's finale 4-1). At Oakland for three games starting tonight.

Sounders FC snuck in a rebound goal against Columbus in the 88th minute for a 1-0 victory. Home vs. San Jose Saturday.

The coach of Bellevue High's football program (under scruriny for alleged corruption) quit to take a job in Sammamish. (SeaTimes)

This afternoon, it's the final big City Council vote on giving up a little-used stretch of road, the final step toward Chris Hansen's big arena plan. (Well, that and landing a basketball and/or hockey franchise within five years.) (KING) (AP)

The Sonicsgate group has a handy data guide to the arena issue.


"Sustainable Sounds," KEXP/Goodwill benefit with Ivan & Alyosha, Lemolo, Evening Bell. (Tractor)

Documentary "Project Fukushima," introduced by experimental musician Otomo Yoshihide. (NW Film Forum)

"Digitour," with a host of "social media all stars." (Neptune)

Sonics Arena letter-writing campaign and gathering. (Moe Bar)

Author Pamela Haag on the history of America's "gun culture." (Town Hall)

Wrvth, Odyssian, Thieves of Eden. (Funhouse)

Meat Raffle Mondays. (Rhein Haus)

"Fruit" with DJs Toast and MR Timothy. (Pony)




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