FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2016

It's Memorial Day weekend. Time to wach The Greatest Spectacle in Racing. No: Time to cook outside and drink lots. No: Time to worship n' glorify awesome military power. No: Time to remember those who came, and left, before us; whether with or without past military service. (See below for a great example.)


Coolness, cloud cover, occasional sun breaks, and occasional showers through the holiday weekend.



A daughter remembers her late mother, who led Seattle Mountaineers hikes, foraged for mushrooms, owned a dressmaking and tailoring shop, worked at Boeing in WWII, and spun her own yarn from her own sheep; all while dad would have rather "stayed home to read a book." (KIRO-TV) 



The "Save 88.5" group made its $7 million goal to keep KPLU alive and indie, more than a month ahead of its deadline. Now let's see if Pacific Lutheran U. agrees to sell the station to Save 88.5 instead of to KUOW. (News Tribune) (Crosscut)

Meanwhile, Paul Allen donated $500,000 to end KEXP's new-headquarters fund drive. (GeekWire)


Unisex restrooms solve that trans-toilet problem simply. One Capitol Hill brewpub has one with individual stalls for urinals as well as for toilets. (Slog)

Meanwhile, the sexual-assault charges brought by a black Boise teenage boy against three white students prove that single-gender restrooms do not ensure safety. (AP) 


Renton city leaders, defying cars-and-roads-only pundits, want more Sound Transit bus service, and light rail too. (SeaTimes)

Sound Transit looked under the sofa and discovered it has "additional bonding capacity." That means the "ST3" ballot measure can be bigger. THAT means light rail expansion could be sped up by a few years (getting to Everett by 2036 instead of 2041). (KIRO-TV)

Uber didn't "exploit loopholes" in city taxi regulations around the country, as national pundit Ezra Klein suggests. It deliberately violated them. (Goldy)


The state Supreme Court upheld a ruling that Tim Eyman's "starve the state" initiative is unconstitutional. (KING)


The Interbay RV "safe lot" is closing. There's not enough space in other present/future lots for all the vehicles now there. (KCPQ) 

"You need to eard $23.56 an hour to afford a one-bedroom apartment in King County." (Slog)


A federal jury awarded $1.6 million to a fired BNSF rail worker who publicized safety violations. (SeaTimes)


A local techie wants the city to disclose the results of "security audits" of City Light's "smart meter" systems. The meters' makers are suing to stop any such disclosure, citing fears of terrorist hacking. (Slog) 


A new Federal law lets startup companies use crowdfunding campaigns to raise seed money from "non-credited investors." It's still mighty risky. (Capitol Hill Seattle)


There was a shooting on downtown's historically most dangerous block. (KCPQ)


Maybe food banks, those great Seattle-pioneered resources, aren't what we really need to solve today's hunger-related issues. (South Seattle Emerald)


The Green River CC faculty strike ended on schedule, with no solution to the strikers' demands for mor funding and new administrators. (AP)


Remember Kenneth Starr, superstar of the Bill Clinton impeachment circus? He's been president of Baylor U. in Texas lately. But he's been "reassigned" amid allegations he'd helped cover up sexual assaults by Baylor football players. (Daily Beast)


Desiree McCloud was a biotech worker, a Girl Scout leader, and a leader of girls' role-playing game groups. She died a week and a half after a bicycle accident along the First Hill Streetcar route. (Seattle Bike Blog)


Breanna Stewart scored 25 points as the Storm got nipped by Washington in OT, 84-82. Home vs. Connecticut Saturday.

Mariners home vs. Minnesota starting tonight.

Sounders FC at New England Saturday.

The UW won the NNCAA women's golf championship. (SeaTimes) 

Is there even a chance that Seahawks superstar Marshawn Lynch could un-retire? (KCPQ)

The Bellevue School District recommended that its board fire BHS football coach Butch Concharoff, amid allegations of boosters' funny-money activities and recruiting violations. (KOMO)

Tacoma's Chambers Bay golf course, site of last year's U.S. Open, could soon be watered by extra-treated wastewater. (KIRO-TV) 


SIFF continues on and on. (Various spots, Fri-Mon)

Northwest Folklife Festival. (Seattle Center, Fri-Mon)

Crypticon, horror/macabre fan convention including (among many other things) a drag/burlesque horror-movie tribute and a "Horror VHS Swap." (Airport Hilton, Fri-Sun)

Couth Buzzard Jazz Festival. (Couth Buzzard Books, Fri-Mon) 

Sasquatch! Music Festival. (Gorge Ampitheatre, Fri-Mon)

Rain Fest, "Seattle's premier hardcore festival." (Neumos, Fri-Sun, all ages)

"Creature," play by Heidi Schreck about Christian mystic Margery Kempe. (Theater Schmeater, Fri thru June 18)

Miles Davis birthday concert. (Tula's, Fri-Sat) 

Posies live set. (KEXP studios, noon Fri)

"Eat the Rich: A Motorhead Themed Burlesque," benefitting the Stone Soup Group/Homeless Outreach. (Slim's Last Chance, Fri)

Mark Kurlansky, author of "Paper: Paging Through History." (Town Hall, Fri)

Sir Coyler and his Asthmatic Band, Insect Man, the Evanstones, Between Stations. (Cafe Racer, Fri) 

Raica, Chris Davis, Spacement. (Chapel Performance Space, Fri)

"Voix Étoufées," concert of music by composers persecuted by the Nazis. (Haller Lake Methodist Church, Fri)

"Oh, You Pretty Things!: A David Bowie and Glam Rock Dance Party." (Neptune, Fri)

"The Panel Jumper Live," a "comic book-themed cabaret event." (West of Lenin, Fri) 

Youth Code, youryoungbody, Dirty Dirty. (Sunset, Fri)

Timm Mason, Vast Plains, Subliminal Genocide, DJ Maire. (Kremwerk, Fri) 

Opening of "The Art of the Brick," billed as the world's largest display of Lego® art. (Pacific Science Center, Sat thru Sept. 11)

Family Science Weekend. (Seattle Aquarium, Sat-Mon)

Paul Simon. (Chateau Ste. Michelle, Sat-Sun)

Madaraka Festival, music and art supporting African women's empowerment drives. (EMP, Sat, all ages)

Lust Punch, Wilson Harwood, Dire Fire, Juliet Tango. (Cafe Racer, Sat) 

"Come As You Are," antiques sale and trunk show. (Ghost Gallery, Sat) 

"Punk as Folk" show with the Bad Things, Danberg Nobacon, the Mongrel Jews, more. (Conor Byrne, Sat) 

Kaytranada, Lou Phelps. (Showbox, Sat)

"Bacon Strip" starring Sylvia O'Stayformore. (Theatre Off Jackson, Sat)

The Von Howlers, Wiscon, the Black Tones. (Slim's Last Chance, Sat)

Wood Knot, Scatter Gather, Virgin of the Birds, Crystal Desert. (Lucky Liquor, Sat)

Prong, Witchburn, more. (El Corazon, Sat)

Pigs on the Wing (Pink Floyd Tribute), Tres Hombres (ZZ Top tribute). (Columbia City Theater, Sat) 

"Stiffed! Memorial Day Tea Dance," with DJs Dana Dub and Pavone. (Kremwerk, Sun)

Father, Tommy Genesis, Lui Diamonds. (Crocodile, Sun)

"Cruise Control," reggae/Afrobeat yacht party. (Islander Cruise Ship, Sun)


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