FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 2016

Well that was nice. Just when the Mariners seemed done for the night (due to dreadful pitching), they came back for 14 runs in two innings! Maybe this year's team is the real thang after all.


Sunny and hot (possibly reaching 90) through the weekend.

We just had the third-hottest May in Seattle history. (KOMO) 



Welcome to Seattle's official "geekiest office," where workers sit in reclining chairs with computer monitors hanging at eye level. It's for a company that makes body cams and other devices for law enforcement. (GeekWire) 



Tim Eyman's latest batch of starve-the-state initiatives includes one called "We Love Our Cars" (a reference to the film "singles"?). It would slash car tabs (again), to prevent more public transit from being built. (Seattlish) Another would ban the tolls needed to pay for needed highway upgrades (I-405, etc.). (KIRO-FM) 


Jon Talton asks rhetorically whether Seattle's housing hyper-inflation is a bubble. Of course, he says "probably not." That's what "the experts" usually say during bubbles.


A Seattle-designed bicycle of the future won a prestigious design competition. The prize was to be that the bike would be put into production. But now it won't be. The designers hope to find backing through other means. (Seattle Bike Blog)

Amazon's "Prime Now" abruptly dropped ties with a contractor that provided bicycle couriers for the delivery service. Sone 60 couriers are suddenly jobless. (Slog)


The school children who sued the state over its failure to address climate change (and won!) may go back, to challenge the Dept. of Ecology's newest rules about industrial carbon emissions. The children's attorney says the new rules do far too little. (Slog) 


The city's Dept. of Neighborhoods says the citizen "district councils" don't represent the city's (or the individual neighborhoods') current demographic makeup. (PubliCola)


A man with a "violent past" has been charged with "assaulting and robbing the ex-boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend" at a downtown bus stop. (PI.com)

Mayor Murray announced a pilot project using "acoustic technology" to determine where gunshots are coming from during shootings. (GeekWire) The ACLU is, to put it mildly, "skeptical" about it. (Weekly)


The student sit-in at Seattle U's Matteo Ricci College offices may continue through the end of the school year next week. (SeaTimes) 

There's a campaign to persuade Howard S. Wright Construction to resign its contract to build a new youth jail for King County. The campaign has included a series of phone calls to Wright's offices and speaking engagements in churches. (South Seattle Emerald)


"What it's like to be young and queer in Seattle." (KUOW) 


The former New Foundation gallery space in Pioneer Square, abruptly closed when its founder/patron got into fiscal hardship, will now house Path With Art. That group holds art classes and workshops for people who are, or have been, homeless. The full-time space, which Path will have for at least a year, will allow the group to expand its programs. (Slog)


That hour-long blackout that hit most of downtown at lunch hour a few days back? Caused by "human error." (KIRO-FM)


An Oregon woman admits she knowingly gave gasoline to a suicidal roommate who'd asked for the stuff. (KATU)

A Blue Angels plane crashed during a practice flight in Tennessee. The pilot failed to "eject," and was killed. (AP)


Haggen, the little supermarket chain that couldn't, is no more. The last 15 stores are now operating as a subsidiary of Albertsons/Safeway. (PS Biz Journal)

Tribune Publishing (now divorced from the Chigago media giant's broadcasting properties) will change its name to "Tronc." It's supposed to stand for "Tribune Online Content." It's supposed to proclaim a new business model, away from (unprofitable) newspapers toward (also unprofitable) websites. But I think it sounds like the beloved French singer-actor Jacques Dutronc. (CNN)


The Mariners pulled off their biggest comeback ever, from a 12-2 deficit to a 16-13 victory.  The Ms take the four-game home-and-away series 3-1. At Texas for three games starting tonight.

Storm home vs. Phoenix tonight.

Copa America soccer (Haiti vs. Peru) at CenturyLink Field Saturday.


The Lumineers. (Marymoore Park, Fri-Sun)

Bite of Greece. (Orthodox Church of the Assumption, Fri-Sun)

Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show. (Tacoma Convention Center, Fri-Sun)

Seattle Rep Writers Group New Play Showcase. (Seattle Rep, Fri-Sun) 

"IMPFest VII," festival of improvised music. (UW Meany Studio Theater, Fri-Sat)

Whim W'Him Contemporary Dance presents "Out-Spoken." (Cornish Playhouse, Fri thru June 11)

Pacific Northwest Ballet presents "American Stories." (McCaw Hall, Fri thru June 12) 

Community talk about The Jungle, with Tim Harris. (Central Library, Fri) 

"Imagine Me Gone" novelist Adam Haslett. (University Book Store, Fri)

Iska Dhaaf, Champagne Champagne, Wampire. (Crocodile, Fri)

The Briefs, the Derelicts, Dead Bars, Topless. (Chop Suey, Fri) 

Motor Records four-year anniversary with Silent Servant, Raica, IVVY, more. (Kremwerk, Fri) 

"Once in a Lifetime," show by Devin Bell about "the subjective nature of autobiography." (The Factory, Fri)

Rob Morgan's rock-star paintings and more. (Ocean Greens, Fri) 

Seattle Rock Orchestra Social Club. (Town Hall, Fri) 

Fremont 5K and Briefcase Relay. (Fremont Brewing Co., Fri) 

This Blinding Light, The Purrs, Wooky, Mselasco, DJ Aladdin Jail. (Tim's Tavern, Fri)

Spin the Bottle cabaret. (Annex Theatre, Fri)

Ned Behnke Annual Lecture with artist Jefferson Pinder. (Frye Art Museum, Fri)

Arbor Labor Union. (Barboza, Fri)

DUG: Rare Funk Dance Party. (Lo-Fi, Fri)

Fauna Shade, Animal Eyes, Sloucher. (Sunset, Fri)

Oddmall Emporium of the Weird. (Everett Downtown Holiday Inn, Sat-Sun)

Pagdiriwang Philippine Festival. (Seattle Center, Sat-Sun)

Opening of Tariqa Waters' art installation "100% Kanekalon: The Untold Story of the Marginalized Matriarch." (NW African American Museum, Sat)

Kultur Shock, Ama Trio. (Sunset, Sat) 

Big BLDG Bash with Pillar Point, Selector Dub Narcotic, many more. (Big Building, Sat)

12 Hour Comic, comic-book creation marathon. (Push/Pull, Sat)

Parke Diem, family music/arts fest. (Volunteer Park, Sat) 

15th Avenue Bloody Mary March. (Coastal Kitchen, Sat)

"Anna and the Sea," one-woman show with Shawnmarie. (Theatre Offi Jackson, Sat)

TUF LUV, art/music event with works by "women, trans, and non-binary artists." (King St. Station, Sat) 

"The Blue Show," adult improv. (Atlas Theatre, Sat) 

Brewshed Beer Fest. (Hale's Brewpub, Sat) 

Sam Beam (Iron and Wine) and Jesca Hoop, Marlon WIlliams. (Neptune, Sat)

Ted Leo, Chris Brokaw. (Barboza, Sat)

Tay James, Pk, Famous. (Aston Manor, Sat) 

Tomo Nakayama, Led to Sea, Whitney Ballen. (Beery House, Sat) 

Cathedrals XII, Giant Sound Bath. (St. Mark's, Sat) 

Bottlenose Koffins, Knights of Trach (Billy Childish tribute), Porn Bloopers, LoudMotor. (Lucky Liquor, Sat)

Rotten Sound, Wilt, more. (Highline, Sat) 

"Counterculture Comics and the Semiotics of Disney Icons," presentation by Shary Flenniken. (Henry Art Gallery, Sun)

Douglas Mays "Farewell Tour Tribute." (Crocodile, Sun)

Biannual open studio event. (Inscape Arts, Sun)

Backstreet Bazaar. (Hillman City Collaboratory, Sun)

Baby Orca Birthday Bash. (Alki Bathhouse, Sun)

Metaphysical Market. (Spooked in Seattle Museum, Sun)

The Sadies, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet. (Tractor, Sun)

"The Face" author Ruth Ozeki. (Elliott Bay Book Co., Sun) 

Kaki King, Glockabelle. (Triple Door, Sun) 


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