MONDAY, JUNE 6, 2016

I was a young boy during the height of Muhammad Ali's career (the controversies and the triumphs alike). I never became a boxing fan, but I appreciated Ali's mastery of the sport. More than that, I admired his willingness to give it all up, if he had to, to make a point about this country, its treatment of its black citizens, and its questionable involvements in the rest of the world. A true American hero.

("…The person we knew as Muhammad Ali was a gestalt of identities." (Vann R. Newkirk II, The Atlantic))


Hot and sunny, but not AS hot as it was on Sunday.

Temps got up to 93 in Seattle Sunday afternoon, and were still over 70 at midnight. (KOMO)



It took 14 hours to do it, but early Saturday morning crews finally put out the oil-train fire that started when a train derailed in the Columbia Gorge region, on its way to Tacoma. A "light sheen" of oil spilled into the Columbia River; a thousand feet of "containment boom" was deployed to keep it from spreading. It could've been MUCH worse. The incident is similar to one in Quebec that caused an entire town's evacuation. Environmentalists say this is another reason oil trains (such as those that travel through BNSF's downtown Seattle rail tunnel) should be stopped. (KGW) (Oregon Public Broadcasting)

The type of oil in those train cars, Bakken Crude, is even more combustible than most. (EarthFX/KUOW)

There are new rules to make oil-carrying tank cars safer. But most such rail cars now in service don't meet them yet. (KING)

In other fire news, an idle Everett recycling warehouse burned Saturday, with smoke visible for miles. (KCPQ)



Bellevue HS has put its controversial football coach on paid leave, and has hired an interim replacement. (KIRO-TV) 

Lambert House, the LGBTQ youth center, has started a fund drive to buy and keep its Capitol Hill space. (Capitol Hill Seattle) 


Greg Gottesman thinks regulating the likes of Airbnb to save "affordable" rental units is so absurd, he compares it to fighting obesity by cracking down on restaurant delivery services. (GeekWire)


Street cocaine is getting laced with something even deadlier. (Slog)

The Downtown Emergency Services Center has quietly been administering that anti-overdose drug on clients once or twice a month. (The C Is For Crank)


A white Seattle woman explains why people like her (and her sons) need to be involved in "today's civil rights movement." (HuffPo)


There's a big, big practice drill for "Big One" earthquake/tsunami responders throughout the Northwest today. (AP)

Seattle Police are holding "active shooter training" for arts and music venues. (Stranger) 


Should the city's "district councils" coincide geographically with its new City Council districts?  (One complication: There are 13 of the former and seven of the latter.) (West Seattle Blog)


The UW suddenly cut a lot of teaching-assistant jobs in non-techy courses. Faculty and students are protesting. (KUOW)


Marysville's got a priest who's got a wife. (Turns out he was already married when he converted from Lutheranism.) (Everett Herald) 


Tim Eyman's got himself a billionaire backer. Expect more pro-rich-people (thinly disguised as "anti-big-government") moves from the two. (Danny Westneat)


T-Mobile's next "Un-Carrier" gimmick may be to become a (partly) customer-owned company. (GeekWire) 


The Storm beat Phoenix 95-81 Friday, then lost 86-78 to New York Sunday. At Connecticut Friday.

The injury-depleted Mariners finally lost an away series, and to their most direct division rivals, dropping three at Texas. (at least Sunday's loss had a respectable 3-2 score.) Home vs. Cleveland for three tonight.

The UW men's "varsity 8" rowing team failed to get a sixth straight national title, finishing fourth at the championships in New Jersey. (SeaTimes) 

And the Huskies' men's baseball squad fell to Xavier in an NCAA regionals "elimination game." (SeaTimes) 

Peru beat Haiti 1-0 in a Copa America match at CenturyLink Field Saturday. The highly favored Argentina squad plays here a week from Tuesday vs. Bolivia.


SIFF continues all week. (Various spots, thru Sun) 

Mirah, Hjerek Bischoff. (Neptune) 

"The Heroin Epidemic: A Community Conversation," with Enrique Cerna. (MOHAI) 

Silversun Pickups, Joywave. (Showbox)

SimonBeresCuller conceptual-art team, talking with Sharon Arnold. (Town Hall)

Pine Wood Car Derby (yes, really). (Lo-Fi)

Local H. (Crocodile)

Astronautalis. (Barboza)

Pup, Rozwell Kid, Charly Bliss, Scarves. (Vera Project)

Amos Miller: SuperSquare. (Triple Door) 


Our MISCmedia MAIL one year anniversary shindig (and my birthday) are happening in the early evening Wednesday. Watch this space for the surprise location.




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