MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2016

The worst mass shooting on U.S. soil (if you don't remember old ones against Blacks and Native Americans) took place in a once-minor town that for 46 years has been one of the globe's top tourist destinations. It's a place where the particular set of weirdnesses that is Florida co-mingles with every other culture from everywhere.

Specifically, the disaster occurred at a gay nightclub, a type of place where violence has been threatened in many cities (including at Seattle's Neighbours). There was also an attempted shooting at an L.A. pride parade by a man who was caught just in time. (As a HuffPo essay said, the massacre is an extreme example of "the dangers LGBT people live with every day.")

Violent homophobes can be of any race or religion. They only have to believe they're so Perfectly Good that it's OK for them do horrible things.

As the UK Guardian said after the Umpqua College shooting last fall, "Thoughts and prayers are not enough" to stop all the mass shootings, not as long as the Gun Lobby holds Congress, and all of us, in its grip.


Showers return Monday. Heavier rain possible Tuesday.



I'll be posting more images from Sunday evening's vigil in Cal Anderson Park.



UW faculty members turned down a proposal that would give them more pay-raise opportunities. (KING)

Strawberry pickers at one Burlington farm are striking for higher wages. (KPLU)  

Former Weyerhaeuser employees are suing the company, over suspended retirement benefits. (Longview Daily News)


Nationally, women hold fewer than 18 percent of corporate board seats. In Seattle, it's even worse. (Crosscut)


Strewn drug needles in parks. It's perfectly OK to find them gross, while still wanting better fates for those who'd strewn them. (KOMO)


The Oregon oil-train crash and burn could've been caused by a single broken bolt. (AP)


Wash. state firefighters want Gov. Inslee to stop oil trains. (SeaTimes) 

The latest value-increasing home amenity: earthquake protection. (KOMO) 

The new gym at a Westport elementary school can double as a mega-tsunami refuge. (SeaTimes)


A nine-year-old is at the forefront of a neighborhood drive to save one tall tree on private property. (West Seattle Blog)


Folks defending the embattled dean of SU's Matteo Ricci College had their own protest. (KUOW)

At a meeting of the Legislature's Joint Education Funding Task Force, Republican State Sen. Ann Rivers rejected suggestions by a parent activist to impose a capital gains tax and close business tax loopholes to fully fund schools. (PubliCola)


Seattle Police dropped plans for "crime forecasting" based on "racially biased 911 call data." (Slog)


A Snohomish County judge found "pervasive and egregious" misconduct by a local child-advocacy program. (KING)

Cheryl Strange just became CEO of Western State Hospital weeks ago, and she's already in legal trouble. A judge ordered Strange to report to jail unless she takes a dementia patient off the hospital's long waiting list and into inpatient care. (SeaTimes)


Tim Eyman's taken down "illegal independent expenditure" web videos attacking Democratic legislators. (NW Progressive)


Sound Transit's negotiating with BNSF Railway to have Sounder South trains run more often. (SeaTimes)


Shellfish harvests in south King County have been halted due to "Diarrhetic Shellfish Poison" discovered in some of the critters. (SeaTimes)


In-person visits at Seattle and King County libraries are down a bit, while "digital checkouts" in both systems are way up. (SeaTimes)


The Storm lost on a last-second shot to Connecticut Friday, 77-76. Then on Sunday, they held off a fourth-quarter run to beat Indiana 90-88. At San Antonio Tuesday.

The Mariners came within one ninth-inning pitch Saturday of taking the home series vs. Texas, but wound up losing two of three games to the division rivals (Sunday's score: 6-4). At Tampa Bay starting Tuesday.

Injured Ms pitching ace Felix Hernandez may be out another month or more. (ESPN)

In a tiebreaker playoff, Brooke Henderson beat Lydia Ko in the LPGA championship in Sammamish. But were its relatively low TV ratings due to a general post-Tiger Woods disaffection from golf? (SeaTimes)

Art Thiel says the Bellevue High School football scandal is only the most visible example of a school-sports system that needs "statewide reform." (SportsPress NW)

Seahawks QB Richard Sherman believes pro stadiums don't need govt. funding. (ESPN)


"Endangered Species Project," readings of "nearly-forgotten plays." (ACT)

Silent Movie Mondays presents Cecil B. DeMille's 1927 version of "Chicago." (Paramount)

Novelist Jonathan Evison. (University Book Store) 

Author Jay Newton-Small on "leveraging female political power." (Town Hall)

Yaroslav Levkiv, Drew Martin, 100 Watt Horse. (Sunset)

Anthony Strong. (Jazz Alley)

Classical organist Joseph Adam. (Benaroya Hall)

Seattle International Dance Festival continues. (Various spots, thru June 25)


(Conor Oberst):

“I really just want to be warm yellow light that pours over everyone I love.”


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