It's 15 years after 9/11. I won't go into creepy "tragedy nostalgia" here. I will say it led to needless hype for needless wars against regimes that had nothing to do with the attack, wars in which too many needlessly died. Have our politicians learned from this? In some cases, still not.


Dry and warm Friday. Clouds and showers possible Saturday/Sunday.




An ice cube measuring over six feet on each side will be installed in Pioneer Square today. (KIRO-FM)



So the big, costly, "consulting firm"-written report on how to deal with homelessness came out. It said little to nothing about encampments; though its author is said to personally dislike them. It also says little to nothing about addictions or chronic drpression. It advocates (1) making social-service agencies compete for funding as if they were businesses, and (2) putting people as quickly as possible into "permanent housing" that doesn't currently exist. Geov Parrish claims it's a not-so-thinly disguised ploy to turn the crisis over to the private sector (yep, the same private sector whose "market rate" obsession has kicked so many into homelessness). (Slog) (Crosscut)

Solid Ground, a nonprofit running shelters and services for homeless folk, fired a security company that issued bigoted, insulting Tweets® against homeless folk.


A Puyallup man was charged with defrauding people out of about $2.7 million. Prosecutors say he falsely told victims he'd received a multimillion-dollar settlement in a drug-company lawsuit, and would give them some if they helped pay his medical bills first. (KCPQ)

Redmond police arrested a swimming-pool lifeguard, who'd allegedly hidden a camera-equipped cell phone in a women's locker room. (KOMO)


The woman who created the "Reparations" website wants white people to know that they don't have to be wealthy to benefit from at least basic "white privilege". (KNKX)

Meet one Black family in central Seattle that's fighting back against foreclosure and gentrification. (Seattle Globalist)

Airbnb says it will now compensate, and provide alternate accommodations for, anyone racially discriminated against by a roomshare provider. (Geekwire) 


There are more and more homes for sale in the Puget Sound region. Prices? Still climbing. (PS Biz Journal)

The Chinese investors scared off by B.C.'s new tax on foreign real-estate buys? Some of them are speculating in Seattle real estate instead. (PS Biz Journal)

Lots of people want to come here. But according to Zillow, few people want to live here. Not even all the people who say this town sucks anymore. (GeekWire) 


How has Athletic Awards stayed put in South Lake Union? Among other things, by owning its building. (Weekly)


A state legislator admits the hearings about police shootings haven't talked much about amending state laws that essentially prevent holding individual officers accountable for their actions. (Slog)

A judge says the SPD didn't have to monitor the actions of a man who committed crimes while also acting as a police informant. (AP)

The state Attorney General's office won't prosecute the three Pasco officers involved in the shooting of an unarmed suspect. (KOMO) 


The boss of the Tacoma Art Museum, who's crusaded against federal censorship of arts funding in the past, recently got gay-married to the former NEA "decency czar" who carried out funding denials to gay (and other controversial) art projects. (Jen Graves)


How much are candidates spending in statewide election races, and where's that money coming from? KUOW's got a handy guide.

The state initiative to help remove guns from people deemed "a threat to temselves and others" has got some big-money backing. (Joel Connelly)


One of the NIMBY complaints against "urbanist" planners is they don't realize you need a car to go hiking out in the wilderness. Is this really an issue? (Weekly)


An analyst calls the Rolls-Royce engines in Boeing's 787 Dreamliners "an engineering calamity." (PS Biz Journal) 


The Seahawks' regular season begins Sunday at home vs. Miami.

The Storm's at Washington tonight, then returns home vs. LA Sunday.

UW Husky football (ranked #8 in one national poll) is at home vs. Idaho (from the second-tier Big Sky Conference) Saturday afternoon.

Sounders FC's back in action at San Jose Saturday.

The Mariners went three-for-four in the series vs. Texas, winning Thursday 6-3. The Ms start three games in Oakland tonight.


Cider Summit Seattle. (South Lake Union Discovery Center, Fri-Sat)

70mm Film Festival. (Cinerama, Fri thru Sept. 19)

San Genarro Italian Festival. (South Angelo Street, Fri-Sun) 

"Working," musical based on Studs Terkel's interview book. (Seattle Musical Theatre, Fri thru Oct. 2)

"The Royale," play by Marco Ramirez based on pioneering black boxer Jack Johnson. (ACT, Fri thru Oct. 9) 

"For Love or Money: The Artist's Dilemma," burlesque revue. (Theatre Off Jackson, Fri-Sat)

Whim W'Him Choreographic Shindig. (Erickson Theatre Off Broadway, Fri thru Sept. 17) 


Michael Shrieve's Spellbinder CD release. (Royal Room, Fri)

Hall & Oates. (White River Amphitheatre, Fri)

"The Truth Booth," inflatable sculpture "in the form of a cartoon speech balloon," where you can record your truths. (Olympic Sculpture Park, Fri)  

Dim Desires, Lando, Supper Club, the Women and Children. (Victory Lounge, Fri)

FTHAGN, Working Title (Lite). (Chapel Performance Space, Fri) 

Robert Babicz, Michael Manahan. (Substation, Fri)

Mortuary Drape, Dispirit, Black Fucking Cancer, Hexenslaught. (Highline, Fri)

Bar Bar Flea Market. (Crocodile, Fri)

See By Sound, Strong Suit, Thee Sgt. Major III. (Slim's Last chance, Fri) 

"Chatty Catties." (NW Film Forum, Fri)

Ukulele Road Show. (Triple Door, Fri)

Stuporhero, Green Cross, Lux Fontaine. (Skylark, Fri) 

Biologist Ed Yong on "the microbes within us." (Elliott Bay Book Co., Fri) 

Greenwood Phoenix Party, celebrating rebuilding six months after the gas-pipeline explosion. (85th and Greenwood, Fri)


Seattle Design Festival. (Various spots, Sat thru Sept. 23)

Esoteric Book Conference. (UW, Sat-Sun)


Opening of "A Revolution You Can Dance To," exhibit cabout the '80s-'90s Olympia music scene. (Wash. State History Museum, Tacoma, Sat) 

Shout Your Abortion's Stomp the Patriarchy Ball. (Washington Hall, Sat)

Georgetown Art Attack Sat, including R. Crumb Early Works (Fantagraphics); Tim Cross (Bridge Productions); Lisa Scott Owen's photos (All City Coffee); Bud Cook, David Gray, and Mark Poole (Krab Jab); K-Love's "Artifacts from the Future" (Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center); Suzanne Morlock's "Shelter from the Storm" (CoCA at Equinox Studios).

Ballet dancer Jonaathan Porretta with Marcie Sillman. (Elliott Bay Book Co., Sat) 

"Going All the Way 2," sci-fi and circus-themed art by Kyle Sturner. (Push/Pull, Sat) 

Annex Theatre 30th anniversary party/auction. (Sat)

"Live Wire" podcast recording with Luke Burbank "The Oatmeal" cartoonist Metthew Inman, Paul F. Thomkins, more. (Neptune, Sat)

Green Monkey Records End-O-Summer Bash, with the Green Pajamas, New Pagan Gods, Queen Annes, King County Queens, Navins, Burnseer. (Slim's Last Chance, Sat) 

Joe Walsh. (Chateau Ste. Michelle, Sat)

Prophets of Rage. (White River Amphitheatre, Sat)

ZERO. (Darrell's, Sat)

"Food Justice, Food Education, and Food Literacy" panel. (Central Library, Sat) 

Etapp Kyle, IVVY. (Re-bar, Sat)

SODO Flea Market. (2910 1st Ave. S., Sat)

Author David Kulczyk on "California's Deadliest Women." (Couth Buzzard Books, Sat)

Thai Festival Seattle. (North Seattle College, Sat) 

Chinatown/International District Night Market. (Sat)

Arts-A-Glow. (Dottie Harper Park, Burien, Sat) 


Shanti Celeste, Succubass. (Timbre Room, Sun)

Cold Cave, TR/ST. (Neumos, Sun)

Open Space Edition 9. (Fremont Abbey, Sun) 

Moor Mother, Jenny Zhang, Slow Drips. (Machine House Brewery, Sun)

Live Aloha Hawaiian Cultural Festival. (Seattle Center, Sun)

"Bach, Records, and Pancakes" with marimbist Erin Jorgensen. (On the Boards, Sun) 


I can now announce that copies of the big LOSER book reissue are now in stock. Those who wanted one, or to consign it in their store, please contact me at the addy below. The big release party's still happenning Sunday the 25th at Vermillion on Capitol Hill.




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