Despite our reputation as a "natural" city, Seattle's topography has been greatly lopped off, filled in, and otherwise re-jiggered, as late as 1930. 

As Knute Berger notes, "Seattle has had more plastic surgery than an aging Hollywood star. It’s the David Hasselfoff of cities." 

Berger ponders what Seattle would look like today if none of these earth-movings had occurred. 

Without a long, deep-water seaport, Seattle would have lost its drive to become the dominant commercial city of the early Northwest. That status would've gone to Tacoma, Portland, Astoria, or even Port Townsend. 

Without the Ship Canal, the park lands around Green Lake and western Lake Washington would be smaller or nonexistent.

And without the Denny Regrade, Belltown east of First Avenue might now be even more gentrified than it is.


Sunny and warm thru Friday. Clouds and showers may return Saturday.



Alleycat Acres, a local indie community-garden organization, lost three of its sites to development. It's now putting gardens on street parking strips. (Shareable.net) 



At a Sound Transit 3 campaign kickoff party, Mayor Murray and County Exec Constantine framed mass transit as a racial/economic equality issue. "Too many people I meet who work in our hotels who are East African immigrants spend too much time riding the bus—hours and hours—to get their kids into daycare and then get to their jobs," Murray said. "If we want to create that racially equitable Seattle, then we need to pass Sound Transit 3." (Slog)


Not only is Bellingham's city council poised to extend its moratorium on oil and coal ports, it's also passed a resolution supporting the tribes fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline. (Bellingham Herald)

Chehalis tribal member Selena Kearney explains "why Standing Rock has united America's indigenous people." (Weekly) 


While the usual complainers were predicting their demise in the digital age, physical libraries are more popular places than ever, for events and live performances as well as written matter. (KUOW) 


The driver who allegedly ran over a homeless man in a tent off of an I-5 off ramp was booked into the King County Jail. (SeaTimes)

Did you know that Immigration and Customs Enforcement's holding young children and babies in "family detention centers?" A crusade called "Diapers in Detention" aims to stop it. The group held a protest in Seattle Wednesday. (KING) 


Americans with DWI records can't enter Canada. But all a Canadian has to to is admit to recreational pot smoking to be denied entrance to the US. (SeaTimes)


Another restaurant's been shuttered in the latest E.coli scare. (KCPQ)

Two UW Medical Center patients have died from Legionnaire's Disease. Researchers found "Legionella" traces in the hospital's water supply. (KCPQ)


Whether due to drink, drugs, or cell phones, road deaths went up 23 percent in Washington last year. (KUOW) 

The City Council's close to agreeing to a final "sweep" of "the Jungle," even if it contradicts the anti-sweeps legislation also going through the Council's process. (Crosscut)

The City, the school district, and the Seattle Housing Authority are working on a pilot project to help homeless families find housing. (SeaTimes)


The UK tabloid Daily Mail says some people have seen Kurt Cobain alive, or at least on video streams.


Seattle's unemployment rate's at its lowest in eight years, while the statewide rate also dipped. (SeaTimes)

Yep, the City Council added yet one more delay to the Uber driver unionization act. (KNKX) 


Boeing's curtailing overtime for 80,000 workers. (SeaTimes) 


The City Council today might put municipal broadband into the city's "comprehensive master plan" document. This doesn't necessarily mean the thing's gonna ever get built. (GeekWire)

"The Big Brained Sueprheroes Club," an after-school tech club in Yesler Terrace, is grooming multiracial kids for STEM careers. But will it still have a meeting space as the low-income housing community's redeveloped? (Seattle Globalist)

Disney's closing a Bellevue game development studio, laying off 61 workers. (PS Biz Journal)


The streaking Storm's at Phoenix tonight.

The Mariners swept a road trip for the first time since 2002 with its eights straight win, 2-1 at Anaheim result. The Ms are now 1.5 games in back of the second AL wild card slot. Home vs. Houston starting Friday.

The mayor of DuPont WA will reschedule the Seahawks fan rally he'd canceled after falsely believing the players would insult the nation on 9/11: "I find myself guilty of what I accused NFL players of." (KING)


Opening of "Streetwise Revisited: A 30-Year Journey," exploring and updating Mary Ellen Mark's 1983 photos of Seattle street youth. (Central Library, thru Nov. 3, free)

"Leviathan Helm," interactive, multimedia sculptural installation by Lauren Grossman. (Volunteer Park water tower, thru Tue)

"Eat Out Seattle," with 21 restaurants and bars raising money for the Country Doctor Clinic's new space. (Various spots) 

"History Cafe: The Archeology of Early Seattle." (MOHAI)

"Adult Swim Drive-In." (CenturyLink Field)

"Region of Boom," short presentations about growth and its challenges. (Town Hall)

"Take Three," experimental film and animation shorts. (NW Film Forum)

Neddy Artist Awards 20th anniversary. (Pivot Art + Culture)

"Local Transgender Narratives and Collective Identities." (Henry Art Gallery)

Peter Ho Davies reads from novel "The Fortunes." (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

"Millennial Weekend Seattle." (Various spots, thru Fri)

Charles Bradley and his Extraordinaires. (Neptune)

Stanley Cowell Trio. (Town Hall) 

Atmosphere, Brother Ali, deM atlas, more. (Showbox Sodo)

Inga Copeland. (Kremwerk)

Xenia Rubinos, Stas THEE Boss. (Barboza)

Casual Hex, Validation, Miscomings. (Office Space)

Graphic novelist Raine Telgemeier. (University Book Store) 

"Improv Your Way Through Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality." (Smashing Ideas)

Sketch-comedy troupes Death & Taxes and BEEF!, Matt Hatfield. (Pocket Theater) 


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