Our "LOSER" book reissue is SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY! Books are on hand. Audio and video playlists are being readied. At least one surprise guest has been tracked down. All we need now is you. You will be there (Vermillion, 11th between Pike and Pine), won't you? Good. Fab.


Morning rain Friday, diminishing later on; then mostly sunny and warming up over the weekend.



The Betty Bowen Award, issued annually to a regional visual artist, has seldom gone to a non-white person. But this year it's going to photographer and fabric artist Wendy Red Star, who lives in Portland and grew up on the Apsaalooke (Crow) reservation in Montana. Among her works are takeoffs on fashion photography that play with the "sexy Indian girl" stereotype. (SeaTimes)



The Urbanist explains the issues behind the $210 million "juvenile justice center" (aka "youth jail") project.


Councilmember Bagshaw suggests that, instead of evicting the last few dozen "Jungle" residents, the greenbelt area could be eropened as a city-sanctioned encampment. But she also warns that any "comprehensive" solution to homelessness here may be two years or more away. (KING) (KIRO-FM)

Councilmember Sawant, meanwhile, told a rally at Washington Hall that she wants the $160 previously allocated for a new North Precinct building to instead go to affordable housing—and also $183 million currently spent on parks, police and fire facilities, etc. She says some fo the latter can be paid by real estate excise taxes, freeing up space in the general budget. (KCPQ) 

Council hearings about the ACLU-drafted anti-sweeps proposal have been met with the usual mix of frustration, bewilderment, and out-and-out intolerance. (Crosscut)


A Libertarian-leaning magazine says Wash. state's got the "seventh worst highway system" in the country. (KOMO)

The "Melrose Promenade," a proposal for a landscaped pedestrian walkway along I-5 at west Capitol Hill, is a lot smaller than the competing plan to extend Freeway Park a mile north of Pike Street. Perhaps it's too much smaller. (Daily Journal of Commerce)

The 15-mile system of wildlife overpasses and underpasses along I-90 at Snoqualmie is underway. (SeaTimes)

The "Seattle Subway" folks say light rail can indeed be built out faster than planned in the Sound Transit 3 measure, but not unless ST3's passed first. (Slog)


A "campaign watchdog" group says Sound Transit didn't break any laws when it released ORCA card holders' addresses to the ST3 bond campaign. (SeaTimes)

Tim Eyman and committees associated with him are paying $20,000 in fines to the Attorney General's office, over delays in providing records to campaign-funding investigators. (SeaTimes) (KOMO)


Gov. Inslee wants the feds to declare a "commercial fishery failure" in Washington, after two straight years of poor salmon runs. (KING)

"Chromium 6," the substance at issue in the film "Erin Brockovich," turns out to be in a lot of municipal water supplies, here and around the country. Local officials insist local water's safe. (KCPQ) 

Puget Sound Energy insisted in just-revealed private documents that its proposed liquid natural gas plant for the Port of Tacoma would pose "no off-site danger." (News Tribune)


Are the scare-tactic claims of backyard-cottage opponents based in fact? Erica C. Barnett says mainly not.


Remember the World Trade Organization? It still exists, and it just ruled that Airbus "illegally took billions in sales from Boeing," due to subsidies toward Airbus by the EU and four European countries. (AP)

Could the Alaska Airlines/Virgin America merger face a last-second antitrust hurdle? (SeaTimes)


So why was there a "Cascadia Corridor" summit this week with folks from Seattle and Vancouver but not Portland? Blame its major sponsor, Microsoft. (SeaTimes)


Some Seattleites moved to LA and started a furniture company called "Plantation." They won't use that name when they open up a showroom on Capitol Hill. (Capitol Hill Seattle)  


The UW Huskies open conference play at Arizona tonight. 

Mariners start three games at Minnesota tonight.

Seahawks home vs. San Francisco Sunday.

Sounders FC at LA Galaxy Sunday.

Would-be basketball team owner Chris Hansen's bought more property for his proposed arena. Still no hint by the NBA of even thinking about letting Seattle back into the league. (KING)

Mariners backup catcher Steve Clevenger's apologized for sending Tweets® (since deleted) calling Pres. Obama "pathetic" and saying Black Lives Matter protesters need to be arrested. (KOMO)


"Revolt. She said. Revolt again," multimedia work about language and feminism. (Washington Ensemble Theatre at 12th Ave. Arts, Fri thru Oct. 10) 

BenDeLaCreme's "Inferno-A-Go-Go." (Odd Fellows Hall, Fri thru Oct. 1)

Pacific Northwest Ballet presents "Tricolore." (McCaw Hall, Fri thru Oct. 2)

Fremont Oktoberfest. (N 35th and Phinney, Fri-Sun)

John Coltrane birthday celebration. (Tula's, Fri-Sat)

Singer LiV Warfield. (Martyr Sauce, Fri-Sat)


Screening of 1983 local documentary "Streetwise," plus art, music, and spoken-word pieces. (Olympic Sculpture Park, Fri)

Echo and the Bunnymen. (Moore, Fri)

Foals. (Paramount, Fri)

Honcho Poncho, Grimmie, Colorworks. (Hollow Earth Radio, Fri) 

Guerilla Toss, Nail Polish, Charms, Miscomings. (Black Lodge, Fri)

Tangerine, Fauna Shade, Snuff Redux. (Chop Suey, Fri) 

James Hunnicutt, WT Newton, more. (Funhouse, Fri) 


"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" screening with live show. (Neptune, Sat-Sun) 


POC Boutique. (Hillman City Collaboratory, Sat)

Opening of "Generativity," sculpture/video/sound installation by Fernanda D'Agostino, with performance by Isabelle Choiniere. (Suyama Space (their last show after 19 years), Sat)

"Black Women Wisdom: A Public Conversation," panel moderated by Valerie Curtis-Newton. (UW Jones Playhouse, Sat) 

Art Garfunkel. (Tacoma Pantages Theater, Sat)

Jeff Grienke and friends. (Chapel Performance Space, Sat)

30th annual AIDS Walk. (Volunteer Park, Sat)

Gay Romance Northwest Meetup. (Central Library, Sat)

Moonspinners, Del Vox (album release), Snakebites. (Substation, Sat)

Harper Conspiracy, General Vicinity, Michele D'Amour and the Love Dealers. (Skylark, Sat)

"The Conclave Sessions," with Randy Jones, Sunstrom Sound, Orqid, Anatomecha. (Bonfire Art Culture Design, Sat) 

Stranger Genius Awards. (Moore, Sat)

"A Slice of the Expanse," combining Erika Hanson videos with Ian Breidenbach's installations of "constructed memorabilia." (The Alice, Sat)

Khruangbin. (Tractor, Sat)

1979 film "Phantasm." (SIFF Uptown, Sat)

Washington Artisan Cheesemakers Festival. (Seattle Design Center, Sat)


Poets Megan Snyder-Camp and Rachel Richardson. (Elliott Bay Book Co., Sun)

Humanitarian Razia Jan on "Educating Girls in Afghanistan." (Town Hall, Sun)

"Ban Assault Weapons in Washington" petition signing party. (Retail Therapy, Sun) 

Monkees Peter Tork and Mickey Dolenz. (Moore, Sun)


The Seattle Review of Books has a nice plug for our Sunday "LOSER" book reissue event at Vermillion, including a portrait of the author by Christine Marie Larsen. (Trust me, I don't always look so asymmetrical.)




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