Still no Mariners in the World Series. But we've got the next best thing this year: the Cubs, who haven't been in MLB's finals since 1945 (when WWII had depleted every team's rosters) and haven't won since 1908! Their stadium, MLB's second-oldest, has been in use 103 years and never hosted a WS win! If the Cubs can do this after so long, maybe the hapless Ms can do it after a mere 40 years.


More variable-ness today. Heavier rain's possible Wednesday.



Meet the local artist who's making etchings into old vinyl records. (Fret not, music lovers; he only uses damaged or "unwanted" discs.) (GeekWire) 



Weyerhaeuser held an outdoor "grand opening" party for its new Pioneer Square building in Occidental Park. But it was invite-only. (PubliCola)


More details on Mayor Murray's latest homelessness plan: It wouldn't delay encampment "sweeps." It would force people into shelters (even strict religious ones). It would still make people move around from one site to another. (Slog)

The little things of life are among the things homeless folk need the most. For one of these needs, a "box for socks" is now installed at Broadway and Pike. (Capitol Hill Seattle)


A pregnant woman was fatally shot in her home on the Muckleshoot Reservation, by a sheriff's deputy who'd received a call saying she might be suicidal. Two of the woman's children were in the room at the time of the shooting. (Slog)

There were three "gun related incidents" along the Pike-Pine Corridor last weekend. (Capitol Hill Seattle)


I don't agree with all of my ol' pal Geov Parrish's election endorsements, but they're very lucidly presented as always.

Washington's "blue" and "red" areas "really have a lot in common." (Now if we can only persuade the exurban/rural folk that our policies will help their lives better than those of the far-right bigots n' blowhards.) (KNKX)

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell (an ex-REI exec) will return to the Northwest after Jan. 20 to "advocate for tribes." (KNKX)


Is the "revenue neutral carbon tax" initiative too flawed to do any good, or at least a step in the right direction? (Crosscut) 

Would-be builders of a $2 billion methanol plant and export port promise a "zero discharge" design. (Longview Daily News)


A Dept. of Justice-sponsored survey says the public opinion of Seattle police is improving, especially among Black residents. (KING) (Crosscut)


Seattlish wants you to think of Sound Transit 3 as "a social and climate justice issue." 

And the organization City Fruit calls ST3 a key step toward better "access to healthy food."

Metro put up notices saying it would remove most of the bus shelters along the south side of Alaska Street, at the West Seattle Junction transfer point. Then it said it had only planned to take out two of the shelters, but has now put even that on hold. (West Seattle Blog)

Some of Seattle's former Waterfront Trolleys are set to roll again, in St. Louis. (SeaTimes) 


Jackson's Catfish Corner has moved around various pop-up and short-lived locations the past two years. But now it's moving back to the Central District. (Eater)


Uber really doesn't like a city survey of drivers, intended to help refine and implement the driver-unionization law. (Crosscut)


Microsoft boss Satya Nadella insists MS "stands for builders, makers, and creators." (GeekWire)


Local tech entrepreneur Javeen Jain and his wife Anu are offering a $1 million prize for the invention of "an alert system that allows women to call on emergency responders when they experience sexual violence." (GeekWire)

A UW prof describes the drive to prevent/stop malicious hacks to computer networks as "an arms race." (KING)


Jack T. Chick, 92, wrote and published hundreds of "Chick tract" evangelical mini-comics, illustrated by himself and by various uncredited artists. His works were full of red-hot hate against anyone outside the white conservative Evangelical subculture (and some people in it); but their efficient storytelling (and their kitsch factor) influenced countless secular cartoonists over the decades. (Paul Constant) 


Rally for 1,000 Affordable Homes. (City Hall, 4:30) 


"JournalismSoWhite" panel, led by Enrique Cerna. (Town Hall)

Science writer David Bodanis on "Einstein's Greatest Mistake." (Town Hall) 

La Luz, Shivas, DoNormaal. (Tractor)

Joe Ross and the Bird Watchers. (Parlaiment)

The Faint, Gang of Four, Pictureplane. (Showbox) 

"Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right" author Arlie Russell Hochschild. (Central Library) 

Jared & the Mill, Edison, Day Laborours, Petty Intellectuals. (Sunset)

Buzzoven, Bongzilla, Wizard Rifle, Lesbian. (Highline) 

Dillinger Escape Plan. (El Corazon)

M83, Yeasayer. (WaMu Theater)

Gnash, Goody Grace, Quin, Triangle Park. (Chop Suey)

Kaleo. (Neptune) 

Opeth. (Moore) 

"Roz and Ray," play by Karen Hartman about twin boys with hemophilia during the early AIDS crisis. (Seattle Rep, thru Nov. 13) 




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