Of course. Just of course. Some talk-radio listener started a petition calling on the mayor to "remove" Councilmember Sawant, after she appeared in and helped organize protests this past week and called for a non-violent general strike on Inauguration Day. 

While I might have wished Sawant had been this adamant during the pre-election weeks, rather than helping to spread the right wing's false "crooked Hillary" meme, I'm glad she's on the side of the Resistance now.


Occasional showers through Thursday.



More than 5,000 students from Seattle high and middle schools, plus others in Bellevue, Shoreline, Tukwila, Kirkland, and Edmonds marched in protest of the new political regime. Many of them gathered at Cal Anderson Park and later at Westlake Park. Some ofthose marched to the Pike Place Market, where police indiscriminately pepper-sprayed them (presumably knowing that some of them were teenagers). College students (UW, SPU, Bellevue College) also marched in separate protests. (Slog) (SeaTimes) (KING) (KIRO-TV)



Several college professors from the Northwest and elsewhere say the election result could mean "dark days ahead" for civil rights, social justice, the economy, the environment, and much much more. (KUOW)  

Jeff Bezos sent an email to Amazon employees, reaffirming the company's "commitment to tolerance and diversity." (GeekWire)

Port of Seattle Commission President John Creighton says he's worried about the new regime's trade policies. (PS Biz Journal)

No, the new regime, despite being run by a New Yorker, won't be "good for cities." (The C Is For Crank)

Visitors at Casa Latina: "I’m more afraid of violence—it can turn lethal. That’s what we’re trying to prevent...." (Slog)

Today's hate-crime reports include a car in Pullman spray painted with "DIE FAGGOT." (KOMO)

The Stranger's got a list of "crucial organizations" (health-care, civil-rights, reproductive-rights, LGBTQ, etc.) who could use your money and/or volunteer support as the crisis over America's future deepens.

Knute Berger's got "seven true-blue ways" to survive the coming darkness.

"The queer community must take this opportunity to unify." (Jinkx Monsoon) 


Could a "solar farm" be built on Port of Seattle land? (KIRO-FM)

The Dakota Pipeline has been put "on hold" pending further study. (Lynda V. Mapes) 


The Washington Community Action Network posted a job ad on Craigslist, looking for fundraising phone-bank workers to "Fight the Trump Agenda." Wingnut Sean Hannity mentioned it on his radio show, claiming it proved street protesters were getting paid. Result: Lots of angry calls, complete with racial slurs and a few death threats. (KING)


How easy will it be for the new Federal regime to get Seattle Police surveillance and body-cam footage? (Crosscut)


Jake Harris, one of the "Deadliest Catch" fishing reality-show stars, was getting a ride home from a Marysville casino when the couple driving the car robbed him, beat him up, and threw him out of the moving vehicle onto the side of I-5. He's now recovering from a "cracked skull" and brain trauma. (KIRO-TV)

A counselor at the Rainier School in Buckley was charged with raping a "non-verbal autistic patient." (KING) 


Mount Analogue, a startup publisher/gallery in Georgetown, wants to publish political pamphlets, particularly by "those oppressed by the white patriarchy." (Slog)


Montlake residents want to keep their neighborhood's only supermarket from being replaced by an SR 520 construction staging area. (KIRO-TV) 


Gwen Ifill, 61, was the first Black woman to anchor a U.S. broadcast-network political broadcast ("Washington Week in Review," then the "PBS NewsHour"). She died from a previously undisclosed bout of cancer. (AP) (PS Biz Journal) 


The Preseason Women's NIT continued with UW women's basketball beating Colorado State 101-68. The tourney continues at home vs. Missouri Thursday.

Gonzaga basketball routed San Diego State 69-48. Home vs. Bryant Friday.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson has joined Chris Hansen's would-be basketball-team-buying group. (News Tribune) 


Vigil for Love. (Bellevue Downtown Park)

Seattle Vigil for Standing Rock. (Ballard Locks, 5:30) 

"Erasures and Spaces: The Revisionist Films of Salise Hughes." (Grand Illusion)

"At the Inkwell" reading series presents "Dystopia." (Vermillion)

Beastie Boys "Licensed to Ill" tribute party with Brass Monkeys. (High Dive)

Teton Gravity Research "Tight Loose" fundraiser. (Tractor)

How Things Work, 45th Street Brass. (Royal Room)

Denzel Curry, Boogie, Yoshi Thompkins. (Neumos)

Jenny Hval, Bordra, American Nudism. (Kremwerk) 

Prom Queen, Chris King, Gutterballs. (Chop Suey) 

Seattle Startup Week. (Various spots, thru Fri) 

Queensryche (the version without Geoff Tate). (Showbox) 


(Robert James Waller, "The Bridges of Madison County"):

“The human heart has a way of making itself large again even after it’s been broken into a million pieces.”


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