The Stranger's "The Resistance" article package leans heavily on Dan Savage's 2004 essay about the "Urban Archipelago" for inspiration.

That piece posited Urban America as the bastion of progress and forward-thinking in the US, compared to the hate-filled hayseeds out in the sparser spots.

As some of you know, I grew up in the outer exurbs, hated it, and have never considered moving back. 

But there are many who like it there.

And many of them are just as democracy- and equality-minded as you or I.

What they often don't have are local social/political networks/systems, in their places, with the power to take on the forces of reaction.

But that can change. And the Internet (with forums and email lists and organizing sites) can help.

But so can the end by folks like us of the "hick bashing" and "square shaming" that's poisoned so much left-O-center discourse for so long.

(These arguments and more are stated better by Irene DeMaris at the South Seattle Emerald, in "The Rural America That Is a Part of Me.")


Probably dry today and Friday; with showers resuming in time for the weekend.

Snow's been falling in the mountain passes. Just not enough yet for Thanksgiving skiing. (KCPQ) 



KCPQ's morning news included a "light" segment about Google's "Quick Draw" online game, where you compete with a computer program to draw an object in 20 seconds. Kaci Aitchison got the assignment to draw a cannon. Hilarity, as you might say, ensued.



Support has "surged" in recent days for many local immigration and civil-rights groups. (Crosscut)

"Seattle’s Muslims and Mexican immigrants share their hopes and concerns following the election." (Weekly) 

Seattle police chief Kathleen O'Toole says the department's "policy on enforcement of federal immigration laws remains in place," no matter what the new White House regime might try. (SeaTimes)

County Exec Dow Constantine, like Mayor Murray, says the county won't discriminate against undocumented residents, even if it means losing all federal funding. (KUOW)

Ex-mayor McGinn says the city must prepare to face "sacrifices" in federal funding/favors for its principles. (Crosscut) (Joel Connelly)

A GOP state senator plans to introduce a bill criminalizing protests. that lead to "economic damage." (News Tribune) 

Undocumented WWU students want Bellingham to become another "sanctuary city." (KOMO)


Leftist think-tank founder Nick Hanauer supports Councilmember Herbold's idea for a "business fee" to support labor-law enforcement. (PubliCola)

And Herbold's "bonds for affordable housing" plan seems to have solid support from the rest of the Council. (SeaTimes)

But "transitional housing' funding's still up in the air. (The C Is For Crank)


Three different groups are challenging the city's planned eight-lane "new Alaskan Way," for different reasons. (SeaTimes)


The SPU shooter was found guilty. (KCPQ)

Two high-school students who were arrested at the student protests earlier this week were released after a short hearing. (Slog)


A big solar farm in Kittitas County got the regulatory OK. (Yakima Herald-Republic)

The state Dept. of Natural Resources wants $28 million from the Legislature for expanded wildfire-fighting capabilities. (KOMO)

A federal judge denied a motion by state Attorney General Bob Ferguson, requesting "emergency legal intervention" on behalf of Hanford workers facing leaks of "toxic vapors." (KING) 


Seattle (formerly "Community") Colleges face a one-day walkout today by faculty members, who say administrators aren't offering them the kind of money it takes to still live in Seattle. (SeaTimes) 


Obama awarded Bell & Melinda Gates the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Presumably it's not for "Clippy." (PS Biz Journal) 


Washington's overall jobless rate finally saw a significant drop, while Seattle's continued to edge downward. (SeaTimes)


The public hearing over the planned huge, huge "upzone" in the U District attracted just the spectrum of opinion you'd imagine. (KOMO)


A UW basketball home doubleheader tonight. The women in another preseason WNIT game vs. Missouri; then the men in the Global Sports Classic vs. Cal State Fullerton.


World Day of Remembrance for "victims or traffic violence." (City Hall, noon) 

Mothers' Justice Breakfast, by Mothers for Police Accountability. (First AME Church)


Jenny Littlefield, Supposably, Judd Wasserman. (Cafe Racer)

Standing Rock benefit concert. (Conor Byrne) 

Haiti relief show with Sol, the Physics, Gifted Gab, more. (Neumos) 

"Plus Crust," three-day music fest with Boots to the Moon, Support Group, Furniture Girls, Steal Shit Do Drugs, more. (Central Saloon, thru Sun) 

Pray for Snow Bash and 20th anniversary. (REI)

Ignite Seattle 10th anniversary, with five-minute slide presentations. (Town Hall)

"Community partnership benefit" with IG88, Maiah Manser, JusMoni. (KEXP)

Honey Mustard. (Columbia City Theater)

Seattle Magazine's 50th anniversary party with Allen Stone, the Dip. (Fremont Studios)

Chastity Belt, Malidont, Versing. (Chop Suey) 

Candlebox. (Neptune) 

Cinema Italian Style closing party. (SIFF Uptown) 

"The Neuroscience of 'Game of Thrones.'" (Mad Art)

"The Attention Merchants" author Tim Wu. (Central Library)

"Dock Street Salon" series presents Matthew Simmons and Tobias Carroll. (Phinney Books)

Jessica Lee "Way Out Sortie." (Solo Bar) 

Patrick Galactic (EP release, A Breakthrough in Field Studies, Among Authors. (Sunset)

Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox. (Paramount)

"Synthesis Dance: Righteous Love." (OmCulture) 

Lizzy Rose. (Crocodile back bar)

Dru Hill. (Clearwater Resort Casino)

Peter Himmelman with Sherman Alexie. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

Hound Dog Taylor's Hand, Bad Luck, Ko Solo. (Blue Moon)

Keys N Krates. (Showbox Sodo)

Trout Steak Revival, Warren G. Hardings, Railsplitters. (Nectar) 

Jennifer West on "Explorations of Materialism in Film." (SAM)

Gender Justice Awards. (Melrose Market Studios)

Medina/Walsh, Mara, Darto. (Chapel Performance Space) 


(Santosh Kalwar):

“We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.”


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