It's 53 years after JFK was shot, and two weeks into our own century's potentially greatest tragedy, and it's only slightly getting easier to deal with. But deal with it we must.


Serious rain and strong winds return Tuesday; should stick around all week.

Could some ski areas open this weekend? (SeaTimes) 



Seahawk Doug Baldwin (hero of a trick-play touchdown in last Sunday's game) spoke to the state's "Use of Deadly Force in Community Policing Joint Task Force" on Monday in Olympia. Baldwin said legislation to make officers more accountable in wrongful-shooting cases would send "a very clear message to the community, that law-enforcement agencies are understanding the gravity of the decisions that they make." (News Tribune) (SeaTimes) (image: AP) 

Later Monday, the task force narrowly voted to recommend making it easier to charge officers for "reckless or negligent use of deadly force." (News Tribune)

Could the new DC administration simply throw out the Seattle Police reform decree? (SeaTimes)

Meanwhile, is Seattle's 911 call center, already understaffed, being "too polite" with callers, to the detriment of response times? (Crosscut)



The Shanty Cafe, open for 102 years (and owned by women all that time), closes for good on Monday. The building will become part of a Mexican-themed chain. (KOMO) 


Rep. Susan DelBene's co-sponsoring a bill to prevent the proposed national "Muslim registry." (PubliCola)

Shaun Scott notes the deep roots of the Rabid Right, in entertainment and elsewhere: "Our culture got us here, and if we’re to endure, our culture must get us out." (CityArts)

Knute Berger suggests we expand the notion of a "sanctuary city", defining the whole "Cascadia" region as a place of refuge for everyone "terrorized" by the incoming DC regime.

A "#TransLawHelp" movement is springing up, to help trans folks get passports and other legal documents before January. (GeekWire)

KUOW explains why it doesn't use the term "alt-right" but "white nationalist" or "white supremacist" to describe the goons now ascendant in DC.


The Trans Mountain Pipeline, which carries tar sands-derived crude oil from Alberta to a tanker terminal outside Vancouver, would triple in capacity under a current expansion scheme. A Seattle port commissioner and a San Juan County councilmember claim the enlarged pipeline and terminal pose "a major threat to the San Juan region." (Crosscut)

Meanwhile, a coalition of Washington tribes wrote asking Obama to stop and reroute the Dakota Access Pipeline. (SeaTimes)


The City Council passed a $5 billion budget. It includes bonds for affordable housing. It doesn't include municipal broadband (even as an idea to study). It keeps some sort of North Police Precinct project. (Slog)

"How $29 million for housing went from 'impossible' to 'done.'" (Weekly)

The petition asking Mayor Murray to "remove" Councilmember Sawant "is motivated by racism and you damn well know it." It's also futile; the mayor doesn't have the authority to oust elected officials. (Seattlish)


An interstate organ-sharing network plans to ship up to 40 percent of Washington's donated livers to patients in California. Some people here don't like it. (KIRO-TV) 


Today's massive-vehicle-recall story is brought to you by Tonka. (AP)


Bellevue Square boss Kemper Freeman likes the President-Elect. He also likes the Bellevue Arts Museum. (SeaTimes) 


A local "angel investor" blames the paucity of women in tech-startup management partly on "risk profile." (PS Biz Journal) 

Some survey ranks Seattle only in "the middle of the pack" for tech-sector job growth. (GeekWire)


Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Ray Conner's retiring. A GE aircraft-engine exec's been tapped to replace him. (PS Biz Journal)

Boeing's 2016 plane orders lag behind its original estimates. (Everett Herald) 


Even "co-working spaces" are getting the one-percenter treatment. (PS Biz Journal) 


After waiting for seemingly ever (two weeks, due to a break for World Cup qualifying matches), the MLS playoffs finally resume, with Sounders FC at home in a semifinal series opener vs. Colorado tonight.

UW basketball has another home doubleheader tonight: the women vs. Idaho, then the men vs. Long Beach State.


City Council vote on move-in fee reform. (City Hall) 


"The Next Conversation: What Do We Do Now?," hosted by John Boylan. (Vermillion)

Taj Mahal Trio. (Jazz Alley, thru Sun) 

"Cream," drag/burlesque show with Ben DeLaCreme, Violet Chachki, the Atomic Bombshells, more. (Triple Door, thru Wed) 

Wild Wild Mexico, Black Chevys, Vito and the One Eyed Jacks. (Sunset)

Ethan J Perry and the Remedy Band, Rooster Crow, Lady Grace Band, Pine Hearts. (Tractor)

The Dales. (High Dive)

"Send It Into Winter" party and ski-film premiere. (Nectar)

"King Charles III," play by Mike Bartlett. (Seattle Rep, thru Dec. 18) 




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