David Kroman went to Eastern Washington's Adams County (where my mother grew up on a wheat ranch) and concludes the GOP Presidential vote there was due to little more than "feelings."

I've got a better diagnosis: it was nothing more or less than demographic target marketing.

The GOP candidate positioned himself as the brand "for" the "forgotten" rural whites, even though he's bound to betray them economically and otherwise.

It's no different from Mountain Dew being "for" snowboarders or PBR being "for" bearded urban hipsters.

Or, perhaps more aptly, it's no different from the cigarette brands "for" women, "for" alt-culture people, "for" African Americans, etc.; all of which kill many of the people they're supposedly "for."


Rain should return late Tuesday and stick around Wednesday.



A Muslim woman was attacked on the UW campus two weeks ago. Local Muslim leaders say the assault could have been an organized "hate crime." (KUOW) (SeaTimes)

Longtime local alt-journalist Kathryn Robinson says yes, white people should be marching along with Black Lives Matter. But under certain conditions: "white people working to dismantle white privilege must listen more than talk, must follow more than lead." (SeattleMet)

An anonymous letter writer describes being called "'pretty for being black' and other ways people have shown me hate." (KUOW) 



Councilmember Deborah Juarez (a Blackfeet Nation member) praises the Standing Rock protest. Among other things, she calls it "the largest ceremonial gathering of tribes in a century." (KUOW) 

North Dakota's governor ordered the Standing Rock protest's immediate eviction. (Slog) 

Scientists need to monitor ocean temperatures, to track warming effects. But traditional tracking schemes can harm whales' communication signals. A UW scientist may have the answer. (KNKX)

Meanwhile, another UW scientist claims rising acid levels in the oceans are contributing to sea snails' shells "dissolving." (Oregonian)

Adults are always trying to encourage young non-nerds to get into STEM studies by showing off the applications of science and tech in the allegedly "real" world. One such example: restoring salmon habitat. (Crosscut)


Tina Podlodowski may make a bid to unseat Jaxon Ravens as chair of the state Democrats. (PubliCola)

Seattle's lobbying priorities in the next Legislative session will include seeking more protection for people of color, and also an end to the state's ban on local rent control. (KUOW) 


Meet the "elector" from Washington who wants to incite a revolt within the Electoral College. (KUOW)


It's almost a year and a half since International District activist Donnie Chin's slaying. Why hasn't anyone been arrested? (PI.com) 

Who's firing a pellet gun at car windows across Tacoma? (KCPQ)


Seattle's police force is steadily getting more diverse, at least among "new hires." (Slog)


An apparently stressed-out Amazon worker threw himself from an office window. Fortunately he only fell 20 feet and will recover. (PI.com) 


Workers at Sea-Tac and more than a dozen other airports will hold a "day of disruption" today, supporting a national $15/hour minimum wage. (PS Biz Journal)


Of the Puget Sound region's top 10 office-building sales this year, at least six involve either foreign buyers or Amazon (as buyer, builder, or leaser). (PS Biz Journal)

The total value of the Seattle area's residential "construction starts" has fallen, quite a bit. (PS Biz Journal) 

In less lucrative real-estate deals, the town of Sammamish paid $6 million early last year for an ex-Mars Hill Church building. The thing's still empty. (KIRO-TV) 


Subscribe to the Skagit Valley Herald (or one of Seattle-based Pioneer News Group's other 22 papers) and get a free Windows tablet, pre-loaded with a "citizen journalist" app. (GeekWire) 


Remember the World Trade Organization? It really, really doesn't like all the tax breaks Wash. state's been giving to Boeing. Sanctions may ensue. (PS Biz Journal) (SeaTimes) (LATimes) 


Microsoft's Redmond campus got an award for producing "almost zero waste." (GeekWire) 


Joe Ross and the Bird Watchers. (Parlaiment)

Kristin Hersh. (Triple Door)

Pauline Oliveros memorial "silence and sounding." (Chapel Performance Space) 

Ian Jones, Hymn and Her, Tyler Hamilton. (High Dive)

Kyle Craft, Evening Bell. (Tractor)

Polarizer, Night Ships, Figg. (Sunset)

Antonioni, Gully, TheDrifterLuke. (Central Saloon)

Poets Sarah Riggs and Sarah Mangold. (Open Books) 

"Liberal Rednecks" comedy tour with Trae Crowder. (Parlor Live, Bellevue)

"Fucking A," modern stage adaptation of "The Scarlet Letter" by Suzan-Lori Parks. (UW Meany Studio Theater, thru Sun)

"General Custer, Deconstructed," talk by author T.J. Stiles. (Town Hall)

Lauret Savoy on "Memory, Race, History, and the American Landscape." (Elliott Bay Book Co.) 




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