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To quote a pop giant who died this time of year, "and so this is Christmas."

It's the time when many of us purport to celebrate (along with materialism and dysfunctional families) the central figure of North America's principal religious tradition.

It's popular in some circles to blame the political/cultural danger now threatening western civilization itself on "Christians."

But others (including people far smarter and wittier than I) have argued that the spirit and teachings of Jesus fall much more heavily on the side of social justice, diversity, tolerance, and equality than on the side of bigotry, brutality, and greed.

So, to quote another pop lyric, Jesus really is "just all right with me."

And also, to quote a bumper sticker, "Jesus, please save me from your [supposed] followers."


An oh-so-slight but possible chance of a white Xmas (or at least a white Xmas eve-eve) in the western Washington lowlands.



Some of the "kayaktivists" who protested a Shell drilling rig at the Port of Seattle praised Obama's decision against drilling for oil in Arctic wates. (KING) 

Conservationists want the Army Corps of Engineers to finally complete an environmental assessment of an additional tanker dock at BP's Cherry Point refinery—15 years after it was built. (KNKX) 



The city's construction department issued permits to King County to start building a new "juvenile justice center," which critics denounce as a "youth jail." Meanwhile, Councilmember Mike O'Brien has joined the project's opponents. So has a coalition of local tribal leaders. (PubliCola) (Crosscut) (Slog) 


The Puget Sound orca who died off the BC Sunshine Coast was the fifth to die this year. (SeaTimes)

A proposed law would establish a "no-drone zone" over and near orcas. (GeekWire)

The newest cost estimate for the big Hanford cleanup is $4 billion more expensive than the the previous guess. (Weekly) 


By "disenrolling" over 300 of their own members, are the Nooksacks' leaders "empowered or just more conquered?" (KUOW) 


In a commentary about Ed Murray's re-election chances, Joel Connelly sticks in a swipe at the City Council, as a place where symbolic, meaningless resolutions are passed that send demonstrators home happy."


When Republican Pam Roach leaves the State Senate to join the Pierce County Council, the Dems may have a temporary, virtual majority. (PI.com)


The local market for new apartment/condo projects may be starting to weaken; will (or should) developers and investors panic yet? (Daily Journal of Commerce)

KOMO (née Fisher) Plaza just got sold for $276 million. (SeaTimes)

Part of the old Satsop nuclear-plant campus will become an Overstock.com call center, employing 150 people. (KIRO-TV) 


King County Sheriff John Urquhart instructed investigators to "ignore" a colleague's rape claim against him, according to recently unearthed documents in an ongoing suit against Urquhart alleging harassment and retaliation against women deputies. (SeaTimes) (Slog)  

Locally-based "payday lender" Moneytree was hit with a half mil in fines and refunds over deceptive practices. (SeaTimes)

A McCleary man was charged with felony illegal big game hunting. He'd posted a picture to social media of him with a killed cougar—hours before he got a cougar-hunting permit. (KING) 


City Light and Seattle Public Utilities have merged their bill-collecting operations. But southeast Seattle residents are still at risk of getting their water and/or power shut off more than residents elsewhere in town. (South Seattle Emerald)

The US Dept. of Justice launched an "inquiry" into the special "high impact business" requirements the City of Puyallup imposed on a downtown homeless-aid program. (News Tribune) 


Burien's "sanctuary city" vote may be void; the council meeting where it was held didn't have a quorum. (KING)

Supporters of last year's invasion of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge now hope the new DC regime will take their side. (AP) 


The next once-fashionable downtown restaurant to close: the Sazerac on Fourth. (PI.com) 


Seahawks home vs. Arizona Saturday.

UW women's basketball finished its non-conference schedule 12-1 by beating BYU 82-70. Home vs. WSU next Thursday.

UW men's basketball beat Seattle U 94-72. Home vs. WSU on New Year's Day.


"Sugar Plum Gary," performance piece with Emmett Montgomery. (18th & Union, Fri-Sat) 


Fly Moon Royalty (last show ever). (Neumos, Fri)

Underworld Alchemy. (The Grocery, Fri) 

Fifth anniversary show with Jessica Lurie, the Royal We, Johynaye Kendrick. (Royal Room, Fri)

Lushy's "Silver & Gold Holiday A Go-Go Show." (Vito's, Fri) 

Manatee Commune, Dave B, Yppah, Saint Claire, DJ Kinda. (Neptune, Fri) 

Hibouy, Fauna Shade, Great Spiders, Chris Cheveyo. (Nectar)

Shakey Blankets. (Conor Byrne, Fri)

Talcum Christmas Soul Dance. (Chop Suey, Fri)

Massy Ferguson, Swearengens, Jackrabbit. (Tractor, Fri)

Marina & the Dreamboats, 45th St. Brass. (Blue Moon, Fri)

Comedian Adam Ray. (Columbia City Theater, Fri) 

Astrol Waters. (Skylark, Fri)

"Throwback Hiphop Party" with Still Ill and Rollin. (Lo-Fi, Fri) 


Christmas pageant with Yule Loggers, Butt Dial, Best Band from Earth, Donner Vixens, more. (Blue Moon, Sat)

"Merry Sithmas: A Star Wars Christmas Eve." (Mercury, Sat)

"Chosen: Experimental Shenanigans" drag/cabaret. (Kremwerk, Sat) 


Christmas Day Compline Choir. (St. Mark's, Sun)

"Fiddler on the Roof" singalong and klezmer concert. (SIFF Uptown, Sun) 


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