Remember the "Create Your Own Reality" memes of the past decade? As in the book "The Secret," the Wayne Dyer pledge-drive specials, various corporate-motivation retreats, Ayn Randian Libertarians, etc?

It's time we on the prog side of the spectrum made this meme our own.

Not merely in terms of passive "vision" and 'affirmation" and "intent," but in real-life work. In every state, every county, every town, among those demonized by the new regime and also those who still believe its lies.

But first, some rest, some reflection, some preparation for the weirdness ahead.


Slightly less rainy today and Friday.

I-90 across the Cascades remains closed until later today at the earliest, in both directions, due to wild weather effects. (PI.com) (KCPQ)



Dunno 'bout you, but the county's new restaurant food-safety "emoji" icons look more like they could be logos for Japanese soda-pop brands. (KUOW)



Meet the UW Muslim student who's become a fighter for civil rights and against hate crimes: "What gives me hope is the promise of America." (SeattleMet)

Yes, the resistance is everywhere. Even in central Oregon. (NWNews) 


The Legislature might be approaching a compromise on changing laws concerning police use of deadly force. Just might, mind you. (Olympian) 

State health officials now say "crumb rubber" (that recycled stuff from ground-up tires, used in many artificial-turf playfields) doesn't cause cancer. (AP)

The Legislature might not put off school districts' official "levy cliff" after all. Thus, Seattle (and other districts) are "planning for the worst." (KNKX) 

The state auditor's office says the sex-offender facility at McNeil Island is illegally understaffed. (News Tribune)


The cap on move-in fees for Seattle renters is now in effect. (Seattlish) 

There's another announced City Council candidate. It's Teresa Mosqueda, a "strategic campaign director" for the Puget Sound Labor Council. (Slog) 


Everett might sue the maker of OxyContin, saying the prescription painkiller and its "aggressive marketing" helped create today's opioid addiction crisis. (Everett Herald)


The local company that's putting out a Keurig-like home beer-brewing device is now coming out with a slightly larger version for restaurants and bars that want to make their own house-brand brewskis. (PS Biz Journal)


Wash. state lags way behind Ore. and Calif. in preparation for a "Big One" earthquake. (NWNews)

Who doesn't like "wind farm" energy? GOP legislators in North Carolina, for one. They want the new DC regime to outlaw the windmill installation planned for a new Amazon warehouse there. (PS Biz Journal)


Can a Pike/Pine "pedestrian corridor" be designed and built to accommodate both daytime business and nighttime nightlife crowds? (PubliCola)


Clever Dunne's, the Irish theme bar on E. Olive Way, was just told it has to move out by the end of the month. (Capitol Hill Seattle) 


The Islamic Center of the Eastside has already started raising money to rebuild after last week's arson fire (which, police believe, was not committed as a "hate crime"). (Seattle Globalist)

The incident that ended with the shooting of a Mt. Vernon police officer is now believed to have begun as a gang turf war. (PI.com)

Christopher Monfort, who killed a Seattle police officer in a 2009 ambush attack, then became a parapleigic in the shootout that led to his capture, has died in prison. (KIRO-TV) 



UW men's basketball edged Colorado 85-83. Home vs. Utah Saturday.

Gonzaga men's basketball at Santa Clara tonight.

Mariners legend Edgar Martinez wasn't voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, again. (News Tribune) 

Knute Berger agrees that KeyArena could be re-re-rebuilt, without declaring whether it should be.


"The Ghostlight Project," nationwide event for arts groups to affirm "values of inclusion, participation, and compassion for everyone." (ArtsWest) 

Opening of group art exhibit "Re:Definition: Indigenous Centered Perspectives." (Paramount lobby)

"J19 Guerrilla Art School: Night of Resistance." (Rainier Arts Center) 

"What A Joke: National Comedy Fest" (ACLU benefit). (Rendezvous) 

The Gods Themselves, Erik Blood, DJ Marco Collins. (Chop Suey)

The Bad Plus. (Neptune)

Dolly Parton tribute. (Conor Byrne)

Will Downing. (Jazz Alley, thru Sun)

"A Word for Love" novelist Emily Robbins. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

"Ivy is a Weed" novelist Bob Roseth. (Folio)

Geologist and "Seattle Walks" author David B. Williams. (UW Kane Hall)

Author Suzanne O'Sullivan on psychosomatic illnesses. (Town Hall)

"Adept: A Sick & Disabled LGBTQ Show." (Gay City, thru Sat)

"Proof," play by David Auburn. (12th Ave. Arts, thru Feb. 18)

"Shot," performance piece exploring "police brutality and racism." (Seattle Rep, thru Feb. 4)

Seattle Phographers Union. (Chapel Performance Space)

Campout Cinema series presents "Singles." (MoPOP)

"Cocktail Theater: Guilty Pleasures Style." (ACT)

Performance/video artist Susan Mogul on "Critical Issues in Contemporary Art Practice." (Henry Art Gallery)

"The Unhappy Hour," one-person autobiographical musical play with Robert "El Vez" Lopez. (West of Lenin, thru Jan. 28) 


I've now seen the first print copies of our short novel "Who Am I? Why Am I Here?". They're gorgeous. Go out and get yours, okie? 


(From the BBC miniseries "I, Claudius," 1976):

"I've watched your career with fascination, Sejanus. I've never fully realized before how a small mind, allied to unlimited ambition and without scruple, can destroy a country full of clever men."


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