I was going to introduce today's e-missive by detailing some of the many things we all must do, alone and together, over the coming weeks and months. 

But others have done a better job of list-making than I could've.

Chief among these folks is my fellow Stranger refugee Geov Parrish. 

He explains that protesting, while necessary, isn't the only thing to do.

There's also the less showy but more long-term-effective stuff: organizing; creating our own "institutions" to do some of the things we can't expect the feds to do now; telling the stories of real people who'll be really hurt by the new regime's plots.

And taking care of one another:

"At the end of the day, community is our best security. We take care of each other. Tribes built on love, and mutual help, are more powerful and lasting than the ones built on hatred and fear."

I also suggest:

• SeattleMet's article package about "Hope and Resistance in Seattle."

• "So You Want to Protest: A Beginner's Guide." (Weekly) 

• An NPR interview with Duncan Green, author of "How Change Happens."

• A start for a resistance plan: "Disconnect from Trump," "seek the truth," "fight back." (Steven Harper, BillMoyers.com)


Decreasing showers over the weekend, with highs nearing 50.



Ahead of the Womxn's March, local shops are running low on the pink yarn marchers are using to make their homemade "pink pussy" hats. (KING) 

Tacocat, the Wimps, and Portland's Kyle Craft are among those pumping up the protest-music volume. (KUOW)

Many high- and middle-school students still plan to walk out today to join the protests. (KUOW) 

Choreographer Donald Byrd's next work will deal with police brutality. (Crosscut)



Three people were shot near the Crocodile Cafe late Thursday night, and taken to Harborview. (SeaTimes)


Two local online startups are devoted to chronicling the new regime's actions. "Last Week In Trump" is an email newsletter listing the headlines of the DC gang. Presterity (a portmonteau of "press" and "posterity") is an ongoing online reference to everything the regime's doing and whom it's doing them for and/or to. (GeekWire)

As you might expect, the regime wants to quickly exterminate the national endowments for the arts and humanities, and to privatize the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Those are just a few of the dozens of vital programs they want to kill or cut. (Slog) 

"How much power does a President really have?" Two UW law profs attempt to explain. (KING)


Future control of the Legislature (specifically, the Republicans' narrow hold on the Senate) hangs on the race to fill the late Sen. Andy Hill's seat. (Crosscut)

A bipartisan proposal would reinstate the state tourism office. Right now we're the only state without one. (PS Biz Journal)

The state's plan for the TSA-mandated "REAL ID" scheme is to offer two tiers of driver's licences—one that meets the TSA's requirements for proof of legal status, and one that doesn't. (KIRO-FM) 


The current Legislative session's chock full o' environmental battles. (Investigate West/Crosscut)

In the near future, "all environmental progress will be local." (Grist) 

But the DC regime could claim the right to negate any state or local environmental law it doesn't like (which would pretty much mean anything that might slightly inconvenience big corporations). (KUOW)

Outgoing Interior Secretary Jally Jewell looks back on her tenure. (SeaTimes)


A lawsuit filed by two homeless people, Real Change, and the Episcopal Diocese alleges that Seattle's encampment "sweeps" violate the rights of their residents. (KIRO-TV) (Seattlish) (SeaTimes)

How the attempt to bring heretofore un-listened-to consituencies into the HALA planning process "went wrong." (The C Is For Crank)


Sound Transit doesn't want restrooms at its planned Kent light-rail station, to avoid undesirable activity. (KOMO)


What's in a name? The U.S. Supreme Court may decide whether bands like Seattle's (all female) Thunderpussy and Portland's (all-Asian) Slant get to keep their monikers. (SeaTimes) 


The King County Health Board approved of the plan to set up two "safe injection sites." (SeaTimes) 

Costco will pay $11.75 million to settle legal claims that some of its pharmacy departments mishandled opioids and other drugs. (PS Biz Journal)


The Seattle Times Co.'s shutting the Issaquah Press and three other suburban weeklies, which it bought in '95. (KOMO)


Boeing workers in South Carolina are trying to get unionized again. (PS Biz Journal) 


Miguel Ferrer, 61, played Agent Rosenfield in "Twin Peaks" (and its upcoming revival). The son of Jose Ferer and Rosemary Clooney (and cousin to George Clooney), he was also in "NCIS Los Angeles," "Crossing Jordan," the original "RoboCop," and many cartoon voice roles. (Hollywood Reporter)


UW women's basketball at WSU Sunday.

UW men's basketball home vs. Utah Saturday.

Gonzaga men's basketball (now ranked #4 nationally) downed Santa Clara 88-57. Home vs. Portland Saturday.


"Bed-In for Peace." (KEXP, 8 a.m. Fri)

"Occupy Inauguration" rally. (Westlake Park, Fri) 

"Seattle United for Immigrant Families" workshop. (McCaw Hall, Fri)

Immigrant-rights march. (Judkins Park to Westlake Park, Fri) 

"Positive Politics Potluck." (Delridge Community General Store, Fri) 

"Salon de la Resistance: An Anti-Inaugural Ball." (The Ruins, Fri)

"Reflect, Be Heard, Take Action" program. (WeWork Holyoke, Fri)

"Flash Mob for Love and Diversity." (Rainier Beach Community Center, Fri)

"Sabbath of Dreams: The Hard Won and the Yet to Be." (Temple de Hirsch Sinai, Fri)

Planned Parenthood presents "We Defy: Voices and Stories from our Progressive Community." (Town Hall, Fri)

#ShoutYourAbortion benefit with Tacocat, Wimps, Black Tones. (Barboza, Fri) 

"Still Here," community event for "artists, allies, and friends of all types." (Velocity Dance, Fri)

Rooftop Brewing "Beer Trumps Hate" parties. (Hopvine and Red Door, Fri)

"The Taming," play by Lauren Gunderson. (ACT, Fri) 

"Race for Our Rights 5K" (Planned Parenthood benefit). (Magnuson Park, Fri) 

"Pink Carpet Project" night with music, art, fashion (Planned Parenthood benefit). (Rhino Room, Fri)

"Voices of 'A People's History of the United States'" group reading. (City Hall, Fri)

Tom Rorem, Haircuts that Hurt, Electric NoNo, Judd Wasserman, Logal Strangers (NAACP/Planned Parenthood benefit). (Conor Byrne, Fri)

"NO TV, No WiFi, No Worries." (Coastal Kitchen, Fri) 


Women's March on Seattle. (Judkins Park to Seattle Center, Sat)

"Rock the Status Quo" with Heart Shaped Boxes (all-female Nirvana tribute), the Morning After, Thursday Night Book Club. (Rendezvous, Sat)


Pantsuit 5K Run/Walk. (Green Lake, Sun) 


"Cry and Roar: Celebrating Seven Years of Racer Sessions." (Cafe Racer, Fri-Sun) 

"Three-Day Free Day." (SAM, Fri-Sun)

Whim W'Him presents "Sensation," dance/performance piece. (Cornish Playhouse, Fri thru Jan. 28) 

"Atomos," multimedia performance by Company Wayne McGragor. (Moore, Fri) 

The Intelligence, MASZER, Psychic Death. (Tractor, Fri)

Zachary Auburn, author of "How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety." (Elliott Bay Book Co., Fri)

Open studios and celebration. (Method, Fri)

Film "Death Becomes Her." (Central Cinema, Fri) 


"Oroboro," comedic percformance by K. Brian Neel. (18th & Union, Sat thru Feb. 11)

"Mimosas Cabaret." (Unicorn, Sat thru May 28.)

Play "Inherit the Wind." (Town Hall, Sat-Mon) 

Opening of "Jacob Lawrence: The Migration Series." (SAM, Sat)

"Lava a Go-Go." (Lava Lounge, Sat)

Lunar new year gala. (UW Kane Hall, Sat) 

Trapeze arts student show. (Emerald City Trapeze, Sat)

"Mystery School: The Art of Jon Stongbow." (Studio Paradiso, Sat)

Bushwick Book Club presents "Music Inspired by Books Inspired by Water." (Town Hall, Sat) 

Waking Things, FairLady, Yr Parents. (Vera Project, Sat) 

Eighth anniversary celebration. (Duwamish Longhouse, Sat)

Seattle Rock Lottery. (Crocodile, Sat)

Seattle Interprets Jobim. (Columbia City Theater, Sat)

Corridor: A Festival of Light, Sound, and Movement." (Georgetown Steam Plant, Sat) 

So Pitted, Charms, Deadbeat Club, Babe Waves. (Lucky Liquor, Sat)

"Concrete—Lines—Fluid—Curves," chamber jazz concert. (Cornish Playhouse, Sat)

"Mixed Bag," comedy/variety show josted by Jeanine Walker. (Royal Room, Sat)

Composer/pianist Sumiko Sato. (Chapel Performance Space, Sat)

"Sound Bath Experience" with Daniella White, Daniel Blue, and Luk Will. (St. Mark's, Sat) 


"Queer Resurgence on Capitol Hill," three-day poetry fest. (Various spots, Sun-Tue) 


Denny Blaine, Moonspinners, Jim Basnight and the Moberlys. (High Dive, Sun) 

Free rock climbing. (UW IMA, Sun)

Talk by Bellingham artist Chris E. Vargas. (Henry Art Gallery, Sun)

Improvathon. (Pocket Theater, Sun)

Staged reading of "It Came Up Heads," play by Caitlin McCown. (West of Lenin, Sun)

Betty McDonald biographer Paula Becker. (Elliott Bay Book Co., Sun)


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