I have lots of (well, several) things to say about the Womxn's Marches here and around the world at the main MISCmedia site.

But one thought for now:

Could Bikini Kill's "Revolution Girl Style Now" be about to come true?


Cloudy with highs in the mid-40s.



Organizers say 175,000 people joined in the Womxn's March in Seattle Saturday. That's a higher figure than some sources give. But it's certainly plausible. The event stretched for nearly four hours, with marchers occupying the entire route from Judkins Park to Seattle Center at once. It may have been bigger than the 2014 Seahawks victory parade. Feliks Banel guesses it might be the biggest mass event in this city since V-J Day. (Capitol Hill Seattle) (KUOW) (Slog) (KCTS) (KING) (KCPQ) (Crosscut)

"Dear mom: Get your boa. It's time to fucking march." (David Schmader, via KUOW)

Planning the next steps, here and in DC. (SeaTimes)

"Now the real work begins." (Scratch Politics)



Students at the private Westside School were among those who walked out in Inauguration Day. But some parents expressed concern about the number of police who appeared at some of the walkout rallies. (West Seattle Blog) (Slog) (Crosscut)

KEXP's "Bed-In for Peace" only had one (unoccupied) bed, but it had a full llive audience and many sung and spoken words promoting, not pacifism, but active work on multiple fronts for a better nation/world. (PI.com)

"Our Fellow Americans, In Their Own Words." (SeattleMet)

Hundreds attended the city-sponsored citizenship worksop at McCaw Hall Friday. (Slog) 

The shooter at the protests outside UW Kane Hall said he'd been assaulted by the man he shot, whom he called a "racist." The shooting victim denied the allegations. Protesting a speech by self-described gay conservative Milo Yiannopolous, it was the only event of the weekend to attract significant numbers of pro-GOP as well as anti-GOP interests. (South Seattle Emerald) (PI.com) (SeaTimes) (KOMO) 

As the new regime threatens to completely end federal arts support, the Capitol Hill Arts District has an "Artists' Statement of Solidarity" with immigrants, people of color, and other threatened communities.

In an ecumenical service Friday at Temple de Hirsch Sinai, local Jewish, Christian, and Islamic leaders said that "the words of faith" are "the only hope we have of keeping our great nation from losing its soul." (Joel Connelly)

Antioch University Seattle students are raising $10,000 to undertake a "Civil Rights Tour of the South." (Capitol Hill Times)


A bill in the Legislature would offer to pay hospitals to take psychiatric patients, reducing the overflow at Western State. (AP) (Olympian)

The turncoat Democrat who gave control of the state Senate to the GOP wants you to be afraid of a state income tax, again. (Crosscut)

Under one GOP-proposed bill, protests against police brutality could theoretically be prosecuted as "hate crimes." (Danny Westneat)


Seattle's Landmarks Preservation Board named Mama's Mexican Kitchen building as named a city landmark. (Daily Journal of Commerce)

Two blocks away, a Friday morning fire broke out in the officially empty but "squatted" Franklin Apartments (which are set to be "façaded" as part of a redevelopment). (SeaTimes)

The Thursday night shooting in the Crocodile (no fatalities; no arrests yet) was apparently the result of a gang dispute. One of the victims is a woman who runs a north-end boutique. (Slog) (PhinneyWood)


Take a "virtual reality visit" with some of Seattle's homeless. (KING) 


Amazon's latest attempt to build a "friendlier" workplace: a special training program for "employees in trouble." (GeekWire)


The idea that '70s skyjacker D.B. Cooper was a Boeing employee has been superceded by the new idea that he might have worked for Tektronix, the once-big Portland commercial-electronics outfit. (SeaTimes)


UW women's basketball beat WSU 87-44. Home vs. Cal Friday.

UW men's basketball fell to Utah 94-72. At Arizona State Wednesday.

Gonzaga men's basketball, now the nation's only unbeaten Division 1 team, downed Portland 73-52. The home-and-away series concludes tonight.

Nathan Hale HS may have the nation's top boys' high-school basketball team. (SeaTimes)


Herb Alpert, Lani Hall. (Triple Door, thru Wed) 

Devendra Banhart. (Showbox)

Communist Daughter. (Barboza)

Heather Edgley, Bug Hunter, Lumphead. (Sunset)

Clinical psychologist Edwin J. Nichols on moving "Beyond the School to Prison Pipeline." (Central Library, free)

Sarah van Gelder, author of "The Revolution Where You Live." (Elliott Bay Book Co., free)

Michael Eric Dyson, author of "A Sermon for White America." (Town Hall)

"Collide-O-Scope" video night. (Re-bar)

D'Vonne Lewis, Marina Christopher. (Royal Room) 


(Jean-Paul Sartre):

“Every word has consequences. Every silence, too.”


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