Some of us, of course, have already been in the struggle long before this particular crisis.

One of them is Marcus Harrison Green, who gave an address at a local church Sunday on "What We Must Become":

"Because this is your country, this is my country, let that fact never be forgotten, never be taken for granted again, never be surrendered to those unwilling to acknowledge our ever widening reservoir of justice. 

"There is no need to wait for a congress, a president, a messiah, nor an army because who we are is a choice we have the agency to make every single day we live."


Mostly clear and cold for most of the week.



The founder of the game company that made Pac-Man hit "Game Over" at age 91, just after a tribute to his most famous product was installed at a Capitol Hill "pavement park." (Capitol Hill Seattle) (AP) 



The City Council passed a resolution making Seattle "a welcoming city" that supports "that promotes polices and programs to foster inclusion for all;" possibly including the creation of a legal defense fund. (Seattlish)

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is suing the feds over the immigration ban, with the support of Amazon and Expedia. (GeekWire) (KCPQ)

Jeff Bezos blasted the ban, and promised to put "the full extent of Amazon's resources" behind the employees affected by it—possibly including "legislative options." (PS Biz Journal) (BuzzFeed) 

Also filing a class action suit against the ban: the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. 

Mayor Murray asks residents to light candles and cellphone screens outside their homes at 7 Wednesday night, to support immigrants and refugees. (SeaTimes) 

Local political leaders "were given virtually no info" when the ban went down. (Slog)

Jay Inslee's got "a new role," as a "foil" to the DC regime. (NWNews)

County exec Dow Constantine and Sound Transit chair Dave Somers will hold a meeting to figure out why Link light-rail trains stoppped stopping at the airport during Saturday's protest. (Seattlish)

Google workers in Seattle and Kirkland walked out Monday, in an anti-ban protest. (PS Biz Journal) 

Another "executive order" is rumored to be in the works, that would directly attack the H-1B visas used my so many tech companies. (GeekWire) 

Northwest apple growers are worried about having enough Mexican harvest workers. (KNKX)

More on Sea-Tac airport police, and their pepper-spray usage Saturday night. (PI.com)

Forty-four years before Sally Yates, Nixon fired deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus for refusing to fire the Watergate special prosecutor. He has, as you'd expect, thoughts on recent events. (SeaTimes) 

Families separated by the immigration ban "wait and hope" at Sea-Tac. (SeaTimes)

"The frantic race to stop a deportation." (Crosscut)

In Sunday's airport protest in LA: Storm superstar Breanna Stewart. (AP) 

Amanda Knox calls herself "an unrepresented athiest," part of just one of the many population segments the DC regime belittles and/or ignores.

Pramila Jayapal: "This is only the beginning of our resistance." (SeattleMet) 

Yes, it's already gotten to the point where we need to learn about pre-1941 US pro-Nazi movements—how they grew, how they manipulated the press, and how they were resisted. (Knute Berger)

A "pro-wall" demonstration scheduled for the UW's Red Square didn't happen, but the counter-protest rally meant to oppose it did take place. At it, UW prez Ana Marie Cauce tried to explain to protesters why the College Republicans were allowed to rent a campus hall for the Breitbart guy's speech. (SeaTimes)

Voices from the 'Stand With Immigrants' rally at Westlake." (Slog)



Dante's, the legendary U District dive bar that never re-opened after a 2015 fire, will be replaced by 55 apartments. (Daily Journal of Commerce)

The lovely old garage building at 10th and Union will be razed for six stories of "micro" and larger housing units. (Capitol Hill Seattle)


Ex-Councilmember Nick Licata wants the city to divest from Wells Fargo, over the bank's role in the Dakota Access pipeline. (SeaTimes oped) 

Mayor Murray wants the County to take "a second look" at design plans for the new Juvenile Justice Center, aka "youth jail." (Slog) 

Seven people have filed to run for the City Council's Position 8. (Capitol Hill Seattle) 


Tim Eyman's latest "starve the state" initiative would drastically cut property taxes, just as Legislative Republicans want to raise them to pay for K-12 funding. (SeaTimes)

The State Senate tie: no more. (AP) 


A King County Superior Court is hearing another case against charter schools. (SeaTimes)


Like Seattle, Tacoma had an anti-Chinese expulsion. It remains the only major Pacific Coast city without a Chinatown. (KING) 


The pilots' union at Horizon Air doesn't like that the commuter airline's giving $10,000 bonuses to  new hires. (KNKX)


The company calling itself Macy's, still reeling from its disastrous national re-branding of America's great regional dept. stores, has sold the Frango candy brand (begun here at Frederick & Nelson) to a Chicago chain of popcorn stores. (PS Biz Journal)


For only the second time ever, Gonzaga men's basketball is now #1 in the nation. (SportsPress NW) (AP)

An NHL team is getting kicked out of its arena. There's probably little chance it would move to Seattle, however. (Bloomberg)


Weekly "#ResistTrumpTuesday" rally. (Federal Bldg., 11 am)


Debut of "Sanctuary," textile art piece by Josh Faught. (St. Mark's)

Opening of "Jacob Lawrence: 'The Legend of John Brown' and Other Works." (Jacob Lawrence Gallery) 

Pacifica Literary Review release party. (Capitol Cider)

"What Do We Do Now, Part 2: Creating New Narratives." (Vermillion)

Ladysmith Black Mambazo. (Neptune)

Songwriter Jimmy Webb. (Jazz Alley, thru Wed)

"RESIST! AQ Show of Burlesque, Bellydance, and Punk." (Substation) 

Less Than Jake, Pepper. (Showbox Sodo) 

John K. Samson (The Weakerthans). (Tractor)

Lemon Twigs, Savoy Motel. (Barboza) 

Brad Parsons, Sweet Lilies. (Nectar) 

Cole HGolland, WeBeTheTeam, Thunder Pawh. (Sunset)

"A Really Good Day" author Ayelet Walsman on "microdosing" LSD. (Town Hall)

"The Amazing Adolescent Brain" panel. (Convention Center)

"Loud Mouth Lit." (St. Andrews Bar and Grill)


(Jurgen Moltmann):

“Genuine hope is not blind optimism. It is hope with open eyes, which sees the suffering and yet believes in the future."


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