Snow in Seattle. It's rare. It's precious. It's not to be feared but to be cherished. It's a sign of better days ahead.

Also: It's Sooper Bowl Weekend everyone! Aren't you all fired up for America's greatest sports/entertainment/TV spectacle?

What, you're not?

Look, this ain't no time to act all radical-er than thou.

We've gotta take back this nation.

And that means taking back its icons, its symbols, its rites and rituals.

Besides, booing the Pats is just too much fun to give up.


Maybe a little more snow on Friday. Just plain rain over the weekend.



Totem poles, sacred carvings, and even grave markers have been stolen in recent weeks from the Lummi Reservation and its cemetery. (Bellingham Herald) 



Microsoft has asked for specific exemptions from the immigration ban for its own employees. (GeekWire via KING)

Bremerton City Councilmember Leslie Daugs was arrested Tuesday for saying "This is bullshit" in the U.S. Capitol, during a Senate hearing on Jeff Sessions' attorney-general nomination. (Kitsap Sun) 

Rumored anti-LGBTQ "religious freedom" discrimination order "will backfire". The queer-rights movement is too strong to let it stand. (Crosscut) 

Local Jewish leaders held a rally supporting refugees, saying "we are not going back to the 1930s." (Joel Connelly)

The term "sanctuary city" still doesn't have a legally specific meaning. (KNKX)

Chris Vance explains why "I'm a Republican and I'm joining the protests." (Crosscut) 

U.S. Rep Dick Larsen said he had a "holy crap" moment when he learned ex-Breitbart.com editor Steve Bannon had been named to the National Security Council. (News Tribune)

Regional farm workers are obviously wary of anti-Mexican machinations. (NWNews) 

Nordstrom is reportedly phasing out its relationship with the Ivanka fashion brand. (SeaTimes)

Now, even students from Norway are afraid to come to study in the U.S. (KUOW)

Families at the Louisa Boren STEM school pledged support with immigrant and refugee kids. (West Seattle Blog) 

A group of Vancouver Whitecaps soccer fans say they won't hold group trips to Seattle and Portland matches due to the travel ban, which directly affects some of the group's members. (KING)

The Northwest Immigrants Rights Project has proceeded with its suit on behalf of several immigrant families. (KING)



Port of Seattle CEO Ted Fick (no puns, please) resigned, one week after he took a leave of absence. The move comes as reports emerged that the port had "gifted" $4.5 million in public funds to hundreds of its own employees last year. Fick himself had faced DUI charges last April. (West Seattle Blog) (KCPQ) (SeaTimes)


King County now has 177 mumps cases. The state has 350 total. (KCPQ)

A bill in the Legislature wants to ban certain chamical-coated papers from being used as fast food wrappers. I'm reminded of the Brian Wilson song that goes, "I threw away the candy bar and I ate the wrapper." Could that be why Wilson got sidelined from making music for so many years? (KOMO) 


Dan Bertolet says the U District's massive HALA rezone won't work out unless developers get even more incentives; while John Fox and Carolee Colter chide what they call "HALA's hypocrites" for promoting redevelopments that will destroy more truly "affordable" units than they create.

Residential sales in Vancouver plummeted 40 percent since new rules against out-of-country buyers were imposed. (SeaTimes)


The Portola tower project at 4th near Blanchard, stalled when its original developer got into legal trouble, will be revived by Calif. developers. (Daily Journal of Commerce)


The trial of the man who "turned the valve" cutting off an oil pipeline during a Burlington, WA protest ended in a hung jury. (Willamette Week)


A man in Springfield, OR "was left naked in a motel room after a bad Tinder date," who'd stolen his wallet and clothes while he was in the shower. (AP)

A man claiming to be an FBI agent stole more than $120,000 from a Seattle money-wiring business. (KIRO-TV)


The European Union launched a probe against local online-game company Valve, over "geo-blocking" its games from some countries. (GeekWire) 

Blue Nile, the local online jewelry company, will "go private" in a half-billion-buck stock deal. (PS Biz Journal) 


UW women's basketball at Utah tonight and Colorado Sunday.

UW men's basketball home vs. UCLA Saturday.

Gonzaga men's basketball's still undefeated, beating BYU 85-75. Home vs. Santa Clara tonight.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, an investor in the Sodo Arena project, says it's still "the best and fastest way" to bring the NBA back to Seattle. (SeaTimes oped)


Pacific Northwest Ballet presents "Cendrillon," a "new take" on the Cinderella story. (McCaw Hall, Fri thru Feb. 12) 

Twisted Cabaret presents "My Twisted Valentine." (Hale's Palladium, Fri thru Feb. 26) 

Louie Anderson. (Tacoma Comedy Club, Fri-Sat) 


Adam Ant, Glam Skanks. (Neptune, Fri)

Murder City Devils, Corey J Brewer, Constant Lovers. (Crocodile, Fri)

Rita Rudner, Robert Klein. (Tulalip Casino, Fri) 

Mark Einzel, Howe Gelb. (Triple Door)

Nacho Picasso, KID Jone$, more. (Columbia City Theater, Fri)

Robert Roth Ensemble, Service Providers, VanityMirrors. (Darrell's, Fri)

"Homesick for Another World" novelist Ottessa Moshfegh. (Elliott Bay Book Co., Fri) 

"Activist Poetics." (Central Library, Fri)

"Through the Eyes of Art," performance/program about building "a firmer black economy." (MoPOP, Fri)

"Cupid AIn't #$%%!: An Anti-Valentine's Day Poetry Movement." (Hillman City Collaboratory, Fri) 


"The I Hate Children Children's Show." (Hale's Palladium, Sat thru Feb. 26) 

Lydia Loveless, Angelica Garcia, Fredd Luongo. (Tractor, Sat-Sun) 


Kimya Dawson, Wimps, Acapulto Lips, Fine Prince (Skate Like a Girl benefit). (Vera Project, Sat) 

Seattle Music Exchange Project. (Benaroya Hall, Sat)

"Exploring Seattle's First Boom and the Party Thrown in its Aftermath" walking tour/lecture. (Central Library, Sat) 

"Finding Perfect" novelist Ell,y Swartz. (U Book Store, Sat) 

"More Fats MOre Femmes Witch Market." (Indian Summer, Sat) 

Wax Tailor, L'Orange. (Showbox. Sat) 

Eric Ostrowski, Ffej, Spacement. (Timbre Room, Sat)

Switchfoot, Relient K. (Showbox Sodo, Sat)

X-Ray. (Tim's, Sat)

Washed in Black (Pearl Jam tribute), Guests Past Curfew. (High Dive, Sat) 

"Waexit" march/rally. (Westlake Park, noon Sat) 

"Black Artists Lead: Creative Education for Liberation and Survival." (Langston Hughes Center, Sat)

"Fire Safety and Other Stories" with readers John Mullen and Barbara Earl Thomas and musician Kate Farrell. (Royal Room, Sat)

Rio James. (Columbia City Theater, Sat) 


"Raisins in a Glass of Milk," "one-act play about actors of color." (18th & Union, Sun thru Feb. 26) 

TV Girl. (Sunset, Sun)

"Creeps Who Drink" trivia. (Vermillion, Sun)

"Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery." (Annex, Sun) 




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