Our quaint little fishing village, so used to being treated as America's "forgotten corner," has suddenly become the epicenter of defending American freedom and democracy. 

The latest example: A federal appeals court unanimously sided with our state, and refused to reinstate the immigration/travel ban against persons from seven Mideast countries. The case will go to the Supreme Court, but the executive order "sunsets" in 90 days and may expire before a high-court ruling.

Earlier this week came Nordstrom's dropping of the Ivanka fashion line. Many other retail chains have done the same thing. But it was Nordy's that got called out for (probably illegal and unethical) public insults. 

We couldn't be prouder.


More serious rain Friday. Decreasing showers and increasing sun breaks over the weekend. Lows above freezing.

As predicted, the sudden combo of heavy rain and melting snow has caused landslides and spot flooding. (KCPQ) 



St. Mark's Cathedral is, at least on the outside, more or less the same building it was when construction was halted in an unfinished state after the 1929 stock-market crash. The exterior walls are still mostly unclad concrete. The windows still hold panes of cheap "Depression glass." 

But starting in mid-April, they're finally getting around to putting a "finish" on the place (and repairing the roof, adding an elevator, etc.). It all starts Easter Monday and should be done by Christmas.

(Capitol Hill Seattle) (image: iBjorn/flickr.com, Creative Commons license)



Rep. Dave Reichert (R-WA) says the travel ban “did not uphold our values and disrupted the lives of many individuals who legally deserve to be here.” (KCPQ)

Among those cheering the court decision were officials at Lutheran Community Services, a refugee-resettlement agency. (KCPQ) 

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a big piece about the Breitbart guy at the UW, and how the debatable premise of brutal racist/sexist "jokes" as "protected free speech" made the U "turn on itself."

Jon Talton finds the whole Ivanka/Nordstrom kerfluffle "deeply disturbing", whether it was meant as an "attraction" or as an attempt "to harm an American business."

Government ethics experts see this relatively minor attempt to tie the presidency to private businesses as "deeply problematic." (AP) 



An emergency equipment failure at the West Point treatment plant next to Discovery Park meant over 100,000 gallons of untreated sewage got diverted into the Sound. (KIRO-TV) (KING)

The former chief doctor at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation says he " felt forced and under duress," ordered to "disregard worker safety" and "loosen medical policy." (KING)

The companies wanting to build a coal-export terminal at Cherry Point withdrew their permit applications, but say they're "still weighing their options." (AP) 


Can the county's fact-finding inquest reveal what really happened in the police shooting of Che Taylor? (Crosscut) (Slog) 


Solo car-commuting has dropped to 30 percent among downtown workers. In all, only 5 percent of new downtown "commute trips" are made by driving alone. However, the massive growth in greater downtown's office space means total car volume there is still up. Meanwhile, bike commuting in the city's core is still "flat." (SeaTimes) (Seattle Transit Blog) (Seattle Bike Blog)


Yesterday we mentioned how the Bonney-Watson funeral home was selling its longtime Broadway site. Now, the city's considering landmark preservation status for the Bleitz Funeral Home's 1921 building, at the south end of the Fremont Bridge. Developers want to raze it for an office project. (Daily Journal of Commerce)


Mayor Murray's expanding a program to hire more female, minority, and low-income workers on city-commissioned construction projects. (PS Biz Journal)


A group of Whatcom County residents has started a recall campaign against State Sen. Doug Ericksen (R-Ferndale), who's held on to his Olympia gig even though he's now working in DC. Ericksen's removal would temporarily re-tie the Senate. (Bellingham Herald)

Can this be the year we finally get a film-production tax credit and stop seeing "Vancouver playing Seattle" on the screen? (PI.com) 


In a case that predates the current DC regime, a federal judge declined to dismiss Microsoft's suit against a federal law that says tech companies can't tell customers when the government "demands their electronic data." (AP)


Boeing landed a huge 39-plane deal with Singapore Airways. Some analysts think it could knock one Airbus model out of production. (PS Biz Journal) 


More than half of Amazon's profits from "web services" (providing computing and server space to other companies) get eaten up by losses from shipping consumer goods at less than their true shipping costs. (GeekWire) 


The Sleep Country USA stores that were re-branded as Sleep Train will now be re-re-branded as "Mattress Firm." (Capitol Hill Seattle) 


UW women's basketball at home vs. Arizona tonight and Arizona State Sunday.

UW men's basketball continued in freefall mode, losing at Colorado 81-66. At Utah Saturday.

Gonzaga men's basketball is a whoppin' 25-0, winning at Loyola Marymount 90-60. At St. Mary's Saturday.

The city won't consider the latest Chris Hansen arena proposal until its current KeyArena feasability studies are done, which won't be for several months. (PI.com)

Did reps of the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes look around KeyArena recently? (PS Biz Journal) 


COCA Lab: Kin•der•gar•ten of Light." (Equinox) 

"Valentines Schmalentines 3: Prom Night." (Georgetown Trailer Park Mall) 

Sue Danielson: "Permeability of Hardness." (Bridge Productions)

"(In)compatible" group- show. (Interstitial) 


Tower of Power. (Jazz Alley, Fri-Sat) 

"Shlong Song," one-man show by Woody Shticks. (18t & Union, Fri thru Feb. 24)


Pod Blotz, Bloom Offering, Cruel Diagonals. (Chapel Performance Space, Fri)

"American Visionaries: Immigration, Innovation, and Freedom" storytelling panel. (Central Library, Fri)

Belltown Art Walk. (Bell 55 gallery and other spots, Fri) 

"Racer-oke," Black Velvet karaoke night. (Café Racer, Fri) 

Plankton Wat, Lori Goldston, Medina/Walsh. (Teatro de la Psychomachia, Fri)

"Dancing on the Valentine," Leukemia Society benefit. (Crocodile, Fri)

"Radioactive Love Story Dinner." (Ada's Technical Books, Fri) 

South Sound Tug & Barge, Jensen Graham. (West Seattle Brewing Co., Fri)

Maurice and his Thing CD release. (Parlaiment, Fri)

Icarus Kids, Kirby Krackle, Harder Than Contra. (High Dive, Fri) 

"Spilled Milk" food podcast taping. (MOHAI, Fri) 

Popshop NW, Muna. (Sunset, Fri)

NW Immigrant Rights Project benefit. (Machine House Brewery, Fri) 

Dry T-Shirt Contest, Face Transplant, Blame the Wizards. (Victory Lounge, Fri)

"Bravo! Laser Opera." (Pacific Science Center, Fri)

Bushwick Book Club presents music inspired by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's book "Americanah." (Elliott Bay Book Co., Fri) 

Zoolab, Navvi, DoNormaal. (Barboza, Fri)

Galactic, Bright Light Social Hour. (Showbox, Fri)

Ignorant, Zip Tie, Fuzz Mutt, Throwaways. (Lucky Liquor, Fri)

Shawn Smith, Denny Blaine. (Skylark, Fri)

Dirt Nasty, All-Star Opera, more. (Nectar, Fri) 

Nancy Jo Sales on "American Girls Gone WIld." (Town Hall, Fri) 


Surfer Blood, Sloucher. (Barboza, Sat-Sun)

"Cosmic Quest," interactive play. (Pocket Theater, Sat thru Feb. 19) 


LGBTQ Solidarity Rally. (Cal Anderson Park, Sat) 

Defend Planned Parenthood Kent. (Sat)

"The Art of Rube Goldberg" exhibit opening. (MoPOP, Sat) 

Open Studio. (On the Boards, Sat) 

"Highlighter Part 2," group exhibit by "artists from historically underrepresented backgrounds." (Brainfreeze, Sat)

"Seattle Ignited Women Project" panel. (SU Pigott Auditorium, Sat) 

"Kijiji Festival," with African music, dance, and film. (SAM, Sat) 

"1 Billion Rising: Solidarity Against Exploitation of Women." (Gas Works Park, Sat)

Matt Eisenbrandt, author of "Assassination of a Saint: The Plot to Murder Oscar Romero and the Quest to Bring His Killers to Justice." (Elliott Bay Book Co., Sat) 

Anti-Oppression Mass Incarceration Workshop. (Hillman City Collaboratory, Sat) 

"Womxn Who Rock: Water is Life Unconference." (Washington Hall, Sat) 

Ace Frehley, Nuff Z'Nuff. (Neptune, Sat)

Reel Big Fish, Anti-Flag, Ballyhoo, Pkew Pkew Pke. (Showbox, Sat) 

Batsheva Dance Company presents "Last Work." (Paramount, Sat) 

Ayron Jones and the Way. (Crocodile, Sat)

Silent Planet, Hail the Sun, Dayseeker, Ghost Key. (Vera Project, Sat) 

SODO Flea Market. (2910 1st Ave. S., Sat)

"Valentines for the Animals." (Woodland Park Zoo, Sat)

Tom Price Desert Classic, Gallow Swings. (Royal Room, Sat) 

Cupid's Undie Run. (Art Marble 21, Sat)

Kinski, Dreamsalon, Pink Parts. (Sunset, Sat) 

Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah on "The Roots of Muslims in America." (Town Hall, Sat)

Andre Feriante: "The Four Seasons of Love." (Benaroya Hall, Sat)

Human Ottoman. (Seamonster Lounge, Sat) 

Clinton Fearon Acoustic Trio. (Nectar, Sat)

Ann Arbor Film Fest Tour: 16mm shorts. (Grand Illusion, Sat)

Kareem Kandi Band. (Vito's, Sat) 


"Send Love: Send a Political Valentine." (Optimism Brewing, Sun)

Food truck roundup. (Fremont Sunday Market, Sun)

"Seattle Earthship: Trash Studio Tour." (Columbia City, Sun)

Seattle Bike Swap. (Magnuson Park, Sun)

Planned Parenthood fundraiser." (Floating Bridge Brewery, Sun) 

"Adagio: The Music of Avro Pårt." (On the Boards, Sun) 

"Mixed Media: Women in the Arts" performance showcase. (Market Theater, Sun)

"Small Lion," participatory one-woman show about privilege and passion." (Pocket Theater, Sun) 

Basement Surfers, Party Shark, Spencer Carlson. (Vera Project, Sun)

Chastity Belt, French Vanilla, Strange Ranger. (Black Lodge, Sun) 

Steve n' Seagulls. (Sunset, Sun) 

The New Yorker magazine presents "Short Stories Live." (Town Hall, Sun)

Bob and Mira Shimabukuro on the Japanese-American internments. (Elliott Bay Book Co., Sun)

Beacon Hill Block Party. (14th and S. Lander, Sun)  


(Leonard Cohen, “How to Speak Poetry”):

“Do not be afraid to be weak.
Do not be ashamed to be tired.
You look good when you’re tired.
You look like you could go on forever.”


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