We've already mentioned our thoughts about Presidents Day this year. 

So instead, let's note today as Day 32 of "America Held Hostage," as ABC News used to put it back during the 1979 Iran embassy seige. Only unlike then, this time it's whe whole nation in bondage, to a gang of ruffians who are as unstable as they are heartless.


Off-and-on rain through Wednesday at least.

We're almost certain to have the wettest February here ever. (Cliff Mass) 

Another factor in winter landslides around here: suburban/exurban sprawl. (KIRO-FM)



Among the resistance rallies this past weekend: members of the Pike Place Market extended family, standing "together in unity" for immigrant rights. (KOMO) (KING)

On the 75th anniversary of the WWII Japanese-American internments, more than 1,300 people attended a commemoration at Seattle Center on Sunday. The program's chief organizer, Tom Ikeda of the community group Densho, said about the mass imprisonments, "We can't let this happen again." (Joel Connelly) (AP) 

Protests in support of "dreamer" Daniel Ramirez Medina were held in Seattle Friday and in Tacoma Sunday. (Capitol Hill Seattle) (KCPQ) On Friday, a judge said ICE could keep Ramirez detained for a week while his suit to get released proceeds. (Crosscut) (Weekly) (Slog) 

Muslim Amazon employees staged a "pray-in" to protest the company's lack of support for daily prayer breaks. (PI.com) 



Local refugee-advocate groups are scrambling to provide help "while they still can." (KUOW)

A local tech startup hopes to help immigrants take control of the journey to citizenship. (GeekWire)

At a "Deportation Awareness Forum" in Tacoma, Cambodian refugees discussed living "in constant fear" of being sent back. (KIRO-FM) 

Plans to gut the Endangered Species Act may put Northwest orcas, and a lot of other critters, at risk. (PI.com) 

A HuffPo story describes Sen. Patty Murray as "a mild mannered woman from Washington" who's become "the Democrats' deadliest weapon" in fighting awful Cabinet nominations.

Gov. Inslee won re-election last fall easily, but now he's in the fight of his life" battling the DC regime. (Crosscut) 

An attorney and ex-foreign service official wants Federal employees to stay in their jobs and "persist." (SeaTimes oped)

A grade-school teacher in Prosser got put on administrative leave, after she made a Facebook post encouraging people to report suspected undocumented residents to ICE. (Tri-City Herald)



There's an idea to keep a small portion of the "ramps to nowhere" in the Arboretum, to commemorate the successful campaign to stop a new freeway from decimating both the Arboretum and the Central District. (SeaTimes)

Remembering the "sanctuary city" for Japanese Americans during the internments, the sugar-beet farming town of Ontario, Oregon. (KOMO) 

The remains of "Ancient Ancestor," better known as "Kennewick Man," were ceremonially re-buried by a group of local tribes. (SeaTimes)


Tim Eyman's property-tax-limit initiative is fiscally starving a lot of Washington small towns. (Crosscut) (NW Progressive Institute)

Republican State Sen. Mark "I Hate Seattle" Miloscia won't get the Legislature to sotp Seattle's planned "safe injection" site, so now he wants the feds to stop it. (Weekly) 

Similarly, state Dept. of Commerce officials really don't like a Republican bill to make the sanctioning of homeless encampments a state, not a city, responsibility. (SeaTimes) 

DIno Rossi, appointed to fill out the late Andy King's state Senate term, wants to hobble Sound Transit. (KIRO-FM)

A wildfire survivor is pushing for a law to speed inter-agency cooperation in sending firefighting crews and equipment. (KING) 


A recall petition's going around against Councilmember Sawant. You know the drill, "Decline to Sign." (KING) 


The Village Restaurant (née the Village Cafe) is Marysville's oldest and best indie restaurant. It was gutted by a wee-hours fire Sunday. (KOMO)


What's killing manufacturing jobs isn't imports but automation. And with self-driving vehicles and other coming technologies, a lot of other workers could also get shut out. Bill Gates suggests that job-stealing robots should pay income tax, to help support the people the robots are replacing. (CNBC)


Sound Transit may counter-sue the City of Mercer Island, if the former proceeds with its suit to stop light rail construction. (Seattle Transit Blog) 


As expected, the Tini Bigs/Hula Hula combo bar will replace Clever Dunne's on East Olive Way. (Capitol Hill Times)


UW women's basketball's win streak was broken Friday in a 90-79 loss at UCLA. Then on Sunday, the Huskies came back to beat USC 87-74. In that game, Kelsey Plum scored 35 points, becoming NCAA women's basketball's second highest scorer ever. Home vs. Colorado Thursday.

In the team's home-season finale, UW men's basketball fell to Arizona 76-68. At WSU Sunday.

Gonzaga men's basketball, cruising toward a perfect regular-season record, beat Pacific 81-60 Saturday. At San Diego Thursday.

Dallas Mavericks boss Mark Cuban was the only NBA team owner, besides Paul Allen, to vote against moving the Sonics. Now there's another thing to admire him for: the snarky "46" uniform number he wore as a silent protest during an All-Star Weekend promotional event. (Cox Media) 


"Not My President's Day" rally. (Westlake Park, 10 am) 

ACLU benefit. (Mamnoon restaurant, all day)


"Outrage Onstage: Performances of Resistance, Affirmation, and Solidarity." (Sanctuary at Admiral)

Los Campesinos. (Neptune) 

Tennyson, Lushloss. (Vera Project)

Hurry Up, Split Single. (Sunset)

John Darnielle (Mountain Goats). (Town Hall)

"American Spies" author Jennifer S. Granick. (Ada's Technical Books) 

Oscar "Best Picture" nominees marathon. (Cinerama, thru Sat)

"Trends in Latin American Experimental Animation." (NW Film Forum) 

"Monster Planet: Worst Date Ever," found videos and improv music. (Re-bar) 


As you might have noticed, these weekday e-missives have gotten longer of late. There's just so much resistance stuff going on locally alone.

If you want to keep up with national America Held Hostage developments, local techie Matt Kiser has a daily blog called "What the Fuck Just Happened Today". 


(Eugene V. Debs, quoted in "Voices of a People's History of the United States"):

“In every age it has been the tyrant, the oppressor, and the exploiter who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both, to deceive and over-awe the People."


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