Monday gave us all kinds of weird weather, and a "perfect storm" of traffic hell to boot. 

In short, it was a "picture postcard" day for those who, like Knute Berger, want to "make Seattle suck again," in hopes of stemming the vast influx of newcomers.


More rain and/or snow showers Tuesday, tapering off Wednesday.

For what it's worth, we only had the second wettest local February ever. (KING) 



The Space Needle got struck by lightning; part of a day that included two rounds of snow, heavy rain, hail, sleet, school closures, spot power outages, and even some dry spells. More snow could fall in some parts of the region early today. (GeekWire) (KIRO-TV) (image: Space Needle via Twitter)

A tanker truck carrying either propane or butane (depending on the source) fell on its side right at the I-5/I-90 interchange. Both directions of I-5 were closed most of the day. Traffic was a mess all over the city and suburbs, well into the night. (KIRO-TV) (Seattle Transit Blog) 

The mass of non-moving autos meant brisk business for a taco truck that was itself stuck in the mess. (KCPQ) 



A bomb threat caused the Stroum Jewish Community Center on Mercer Island to be evacuated Monday afternoon. Some 225 people, many of them children, were within. Similar threats were phoned in to at least 16 other Jewish facilities across the country. (PI.com) 

Earlier Monday, anti-Semitic graffiti was found on a yard sign in Wallingford and a construction project in Ballard. (Wallyhood) (KCPQ)

Gov. Inslee came away "disturbed" from a meeting of governors with the President: “I have to express really deep concern about what is going on here… We are always hopeful that the president will give us assurance that things will be handled in a thoughtful, non-chaotic, rational basis—based on facts and evidence, rather than just tweets.” (KIRO-FM) (SeaTimes) 

A federal magistrate in Seattle refused a request to hold an immediate hearing on Daniel Ramirez Medina's request to be released from immigration jail. This means hearings will go as scheduled, starting a week from Wednesday. (AP) 

Ramirez's case could set a national precedent regarding the fate of "Dream Act" residents. (BuzzFeed) 

A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refused a Justice Department request to put the travel ban case on hold until the White House issues a revised executive order. (AP) 

More than 1,000 Latino leaders rallied at the State Capitol, for the 12th Latino Legislative Day. Besides the usual priorities of helping small businesses and workers, the marchers called for the state to not help federal anti-immigrant moves: "We need to make sure our workforce is not leaving our state." (Olympian) 



The City Council voted 6-2 to expand police body-cam usage across the department, even though the ACLU and others warned that, without proper supervision and policies, the cameras "may fail at holding police accountable but succeed at surveilling the public." (Weekly)


The Seattle-based Jones Soda Co. is less than thrilled at the prospect of a steep city tax on sugary drinks. (KING) 


Repairs to the West Point Treatment Plant could cost King County as much as $25 million. (KOMO) (SeaTimes)

Activist Alec Connon says the city has a "moral necessity" to move its money "out of the fossil fuel industry." (Crosscut) 

The Cascades are almost bereft of grizzly bears. Should the state import some more? (KUOW)


Industry analysts predict that by 2020, the Seattle area could have 100,000 more apartment units than it had in 2010. (GeekWire)

The owner of Ballard's Olympic Athletic Club wanted to buy a nearby lot owned by the Salmon Bay Eagles. He even paid for acquaintances of his to (temporarily) join the Eagles and lobby for the land sale. He said he wanted the land for a parking garage. He did get a hold of the lot; but now wants to build a five-story hotel on it. (Ballard News-Tribune)


The Klose-In Motel on Aurora Avenue, closed for years but regularly squatted in, is finally getting demolished. (KOMO) 

The police officer who was accused of holding drugs to share with his stripper/dealer girlfriend has pled guilty, to a drug charge and to a charge of improperly feeding info on police cases to a reporter. (KOMO)

Marysville's legendary Village Restaurant, which burned last week, will temporarily reopen in downtown Everett. (Everett Herald)


Phil Williams, 80, was a fiddler and indie record-label operator who helped to start the Seattle Folklife Festival in 1972, and kept it a free event even as it grew to encompass artists from around the globe. (SeaTimes)


The preseason Mariners had their first loss, 14-3 to Kansas City. White Sox today.


"Spanish Inspired Songs and Arias." (Cafe Racer)

"Councilmember Sawant's Socialist Response to Trump." (City Hall, 5:45-8 pm) 

"Bridges, Not Walls" group reading. (Front Room Gallery at JAS)

Launch party for Playback streaming-music service, with Theoretics and Honcho Poncho. (Vera Project) 

"John Boylan's Next Conversation: Culture Jamming." (Vermillion) 

Joe Ross and the Bird Watchers. (Whisky West) 

Columbia City Beatwalk. (Various spots)

Adia Victoria, DoNormaal, Reverend Dollars. (Sunset) 

Mike Watt & the Missingmen, Toys That Kill. (Crocodile) 

"Apparitions," "expanded cinema performance" by Alex Mackenzie. (Grand Illusion) 

"Lincoln in the Bardo" author George Saunders. (Elliott Bay Book Co.) 

Launch party for "Manners: Poems and Collages" by Ted Powers. (The Factory) 

"Loud Mouth Lit" reading series. (St. Andrews) 

"Compartment No. 6" author Rosa Liksom. (Elliott Bay Book Co.) 

David Lanz. (Jazz Alley, thru Wed) 

Polyrhythmics, Cecil Moses & the SGs. (Nectar) 

Sinkane. (Tractor) 

Bash & Pop, Yawpers, Waterloo Teeth. (Chop Suey) 

Forest Beutel. (Perihelion Brewery)

"Carnival Around the World." (Tin Lizzie) 

Mardi Gras party wtih the Barrelhouse Jive Cats. (Triple Door)

Leif Totosek, Candela. (Blue Moon)


(From a statement by UW Tacoma's writing center):

“Linguistic and writing research has shown clearly for many decades that there is no inherent “standard” of English. Language is constantly changing. These two facts make it very difficult to justify placing people in hierarchies or restricting opportunities and privileges because of the way people communicate in particular versions of English.”


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