As Lent begins, this week is the 16th anniversary of the last real (and very unofficial) attempt at a Seattle Mardi Gras, in which a portion of the crowd got way out of hand and a guy got fatally beaten up. 

That was followed less than 12 hours later by an earthquake. It seemed at the time as if the Judeo-Christian deity was telling us to repent (without saying, you know, what we were supposed to repent from).


Rain increasing Thursday and especially Friday. Snow's still a remote possibility on Sunday.

For the first time since 1969, Seattle had more snow than Minneapolis this January and February. (KOMO) 



An "inverted depiction of the topography of Mount Rainier," designed by the Seattle-based firm Acrylicize, now hangs in the lobby of Tableau Software's new Fremont office. It's intended as "an ode to data visualization." (GeekWire) 



In a "socialist response" to Tuesday's presidential speech, Councilmember Sawant said "we’re seeing a mood of rebellion not seen since the Vietnam War.” She called for folks to show up to more protests, including "A Day WIthout a Woman" next Wednesday. (KIRO-FM) 

Despite the vague platitudes given at Tuesday's speech, a lot of folks are rightfully frightened about a post-ACA future. (KOMO) 

Seattle tech workers staged a march and rally along Westlake Avenue, denouncing immigration crackdowns and promoting "inclusion." (GeekWire)

Any crackdown on H-1B visas would throw a wrench into local tech companies, especially Microsoft. (GeekWire) 

Some wag put up a "missing person" ad on Craigslist for Rep. Dave Reichert, who wouldn't hold a constituents' town hall during the last Congressional recess. (KIRO-FM)

Declaring support for the Resistance has become a way of life at some local restaurants and cafes. (SeaTimes)

Seattle has launched a hotline to report harassment (by race, gender, religion, or otherwise). (Slog)

The state's agriculture director says current White House trade policies pose "a concern" to Washington farmers and farm-product exporters. (AP) (KING)

The South Seattle Emerald's got another list of "action items for those who feel at a loss."



KEXP's holding a "Music Heals" event all day on the air (and, after 6 p.m., in a public "community dance party" at the station). One of the participants, DJ Cheryl Waters, is herself a cancer survivor. (GeekWire)


Proponents of a city income tax, vowing it would "Trump-proof Seattle" by reducing its dependence on federal funds, know any such tax would face huge legal challenges. They're hyping it up anyway. (KIRO-TV)

Mayor Ed Murray announced a tentative plan to build the last "missing link" in the Burke-Gilman Trail at Ballard. (Seattle Bike Blog)


Alaska AIrlines baggage handlers at Sea-Tac, who'd worked for a subcontractor that allegedly underpaid them, will now work directly for the airline with Machinists' Union representation. (SeaTimes)


Dr. Johnny Delashaw, the neurosurgeon at the center of a recent Seattle Times exposé about "assembly line" surgeries, resigned from Swedish Health. (SeaTimes) 

If you think Tuesday's day-long, city-wide traffic jam, due to an overturned propane truck near the I-5/I-90 interchange, was bad, just remember: the truck could've exploded. (KUOW)


The Duwamish River gets minor oil spills just about every day. (KUOW)

Are Washington kids at risk for lead poisoning in the drinking water? "We don't really know." (Crosscut) 


State Senate Republicans passed a bill to change the structure of Sound Transit's board. They've got even more serious anti-transit maneuvers ahead. (News Tribune)

State House Democrats passed a measure to insure that "preventive health" benefits remain intact in Washington, no matter what Congress does to the ACA. (KING)

Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced an $18 million fine against the Grocery Manufacturers Association, which had tried to hide its contributions against an initiative to require GMO labeling on food products. (KUOW)

Hugo House wants you to contact your legislators, to make sure they include funding for the writing/literary center's new home. (Capitol Hill Seattle) 


Nick Hanauer explains what he's really doing with Mayor Murray to find more money to fight homelessness (as opposed to what a slanted Seattle Times article said he was doing).

Yep, rents keep a-risin' in Seattle, now among the dozen costliest apartment markets in the country. (Weekly) (SeaTimes)


SDOT will add "transit priority" (i.e., rearranging the green lights) along the First Hill Streetcar route, which usually gets stuck in traffic. (Seattle Transit Blog) 


UW men's basketball suffered its 11th straight loss, 87-64 at UCLA. The season-to-forget ends at USC Saturday.

The preseason Mariners beat Cleveland 7-4. Milwaukee (i.e., the ex-Pilots) in Arizona today.


Emerald City Comicon. (Convention Center, thru Sun) 


Lauren Iida: "How to Trap a Memory." (ArtXchange)

Marita Dingus: "The Gathering." (William Traver) 

Carolyn Gracz: "Land Marks." (Shift) 

Edd Cox. (Collins Pub)

"Make America Create Again" members' group show. (CoCA)

"Four From Portland." (SAM Gallery)

"Archipenko in the Crosshairs of the European Avant-Garde." (Frye Art Museum)

Andrew "Lamb" Schultz: "Eutopos/Utopos." (TK Lofts)

Cosmic Twin Jewelry trunk show. (Velouria)

Handmade Seattle." (Central Saloon)

"Future Isms," photo/video works. (Glass Box)

Deanne Belinoff. (4Culture)

Larry Ahvakana. (Stonington)

"Migration Stories" panel. (SAM)

Liz Tran: "JaWbReAkEr." (Zinc Contemporary) 


Karaoke with DJ Vodka Twist. (Cafe Racer) 

22nd annual Candlelight Vigil. (King County Courthouse) 

"Immigration 101" program by NW Immigrant Rights Project. (Central Library)

"The Populist Explosion" author John B. Judis. (Folio)

Joel Berg and Matt Taibi on "Finding Common Ground in America." (Town Hall) 

"Exoneree Diaries" author Alison Flowers. (Town Hall) 

"Alt-Country Showdown: A Benefit for MusiCares." (Tractor)

Ty Segall, Axis Sova, Gazebos, more. (Neumos, thru Sat)

"Rambunctious #3: The Immigrants," music by immigrant composers. (Cornish Playhouse) 

"Pillow Talk (Nerdy to Me)." (Rendezvous)

"Ms. Pak-Man: On My Last Heart!," camp cabaret with Scott Shoemaker. (Re-bar, thru March 11) 

"From Cuba to Brazil with Carlos Cascante and Adriana Giordano Quinteto." (Royal Room)

Difficult Children, Wei Zhongle, Yeah No Totally, Powerbleeder. (Victory Lounge)

Paul Gabrielson Quartet. (Tula's)

Mozart's Sister, Teen Daze. (LoFi)

OTEP, the Convalescence, more. (Studio 7) 

Marie Davidson, Soft Metals, Aos, more. (Timbre Room)

Dobet Gnahoré. (UW Meany Center)

Daddy Issues Retirement, more. (Lucky Liquor)

Radio Concuss launch party. (Monkey Loft) 

Lucky Thirteens, Comvictions, RedBolt, Kreed. (Funhouse)

James Falzone, Bonnie Whiting. (Chapel Performance Space)

"Pachinko" novelist Min Jin Lee. (Elliott Bay Book Co.) 

Annual Sex Work Symposium. (Various spots, thru Sun) 


(Freddy Fender):

“I’m a romantic, and we romantics are more sensitive to the way people feel. We love more, and we hurt more. When we’re hurt, we hurt for a long time.”


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