FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 2017

It's St. Pat's, the day invented by the Irish Catholics to replace pagan equinox rites. 

You know about Ireland, the home of what Yeats called "a terrible beauty." He specifically referred to the first, failed, uprising by Irish nationalists against British rule. Others have since used the phrase to more generally describe that country's long history of oppression, division, famine, and "troubles."

Even after independence, the Irish people still suffered from home-grown repressions (cf. the film "The Magdalene Sisters").

As we work to (non-violently) oust our nation's own yoke of repressive rule, let's remember that it's not just a political faction that needs removal but a whole ingrained system that had allowed that faction to grow and mutate into its present form.

It's a job that will take the rest of our lives.

But if the Irish can do it, and keep its spirit and culture alive while doing so, so can we.


Rain returns Friday, becoming heavy again on Saturday. Clearing possible Sunday.



When a totem pole, given from Seattle to our sister city of Kobe, Japan, became too worn out to be preserved, it was ceremonially laid to the ground, to "return to nature." (KING) 



A Seattle startup offers to "teabag" politicians for you. (The company defines "teabagging" far more cleanly than Dan Savage does.) (PI.com) 

It's not just the would-be ACA scrapping that's dangerous to your health. Proposed massive cuts to the National Institutes of Health would erase vital research at the UW and Fred Hutch. Leaders at the latter institution call the proposed cuts "a major step backward" and "indefensible." (GeekWire) (SeaTimes) (PS Biz Journal) 

Proposed USDOT cuts would strangle seven transportation projects in our state, including Sound Transit 3. (Slog) (SeaTimes) 

State arts organizations "stand to lose big" if the Natl. Endowment for the Arts is completely shuttered. (KUOW) 

Gov. Inslee says the overall proposed federal budget would be "incredibly harmful" to Wash. state. (SeaTimes)

State Sen. Doug Ericksen is being paid at an annual rate of $161,900 at the (slated to be gutted) EPA, in addition to his Legislative salary. (Joel Connelly) 

Meanwhile, a top Boeing exec was named to be the Defense Department's #2. (KING) 



Protests continued outside the UMOJA Peace Center site, evicted Wednesday. (Weekly) (Slog) 


The State Supreme Court ruled that Washington tribes "can transport goods and services across state lines without taxation." Tribal leaders said the decision a triumph for tribal sovereignty. (KNKX) 

State Sen. Mark "I hate Seattle but want to be its dictator" Miloscia introduced a bill that's described as helping the homeless, but would really only harass them even further, by (among other things) demanding the "sweeping" of all encampments. (Seattlish)

State House Democrats have their own set of (much milder) bills to re-jigger Sound Transit's car-tab taxes. (KING)

State revenue projections are "higher than expected." (SeaTimes)


The City Council's expected to formally establish a Renters' Commission on Monday. (Capitol Hill Times) 


Melinda Gates says the tech industry needs to "fix its gender problem now": “If we don't have women in the tech space, we won't even be asking ourselves some of the right questions.” (Atlantic)

A Woodinville man was charged with a knife threat against a Seattle trans woman he'd dated, after he learned her gender-at-birth. (PI.com)


Students and teachers keep pressing the Seattle School Board to make ethnic-studies classes mandatory. But how'll they be funded? (Weekly)


A Lynden man's trying to avenge his seventh-grade granddaughter's suicide, saying everyone at her school "knew she was being bullied." (KCPQ) 

A judge said sex-scam artist Matt Hickey has to pay $332,000 for his fake "porn audition" operation. (Slog)

Starbucks' new paid family leave policy "isn't as groundbreaking as you may have heard." For one thing, front-office staff get far better benefits than baristas. (Slog) 


The Eldridge Tire building, the historic ex gas station and garage on Broadway, received "historic landmark" status. Seattle Central College owns the property and wants to build "affordable" housing on it. (Capitol Hill Times)

Seattle's near the top of US cities with new residential projects. So why are prices still so freakishly high? (SeaTimes) 


Enough of the non-important stuff. What we all really want to know: "Why do some locals say 'Wershington' instead of 'Washington'?" (KUOW) 


Sounders FC's home opener, with championship banner raising, Sunday vs. New York Red Bull.

NCAA women's basketball tourney games in KeyArena Saturday feature Gonzaga vs. Oklahoma, followed by the UW vs. Montana State.

The preseason Mariners beat the Royals 9-2. The Ms meet the Dodgers, Diamondbacks, and Giants this weekend.

Gonzaga men's basketball downed South Dakota State 66-46 in the NCAA tournament opener. Next: Saturday vs. Northwestern in Salt Lake City.

The UK Guardian apologizes for depicting Spokane as a hellhole of a town, kept away from mass suicide only by Gonzaga basketball. (KCPQ) 

An exec at one of the companies that wants to (privately) rebuild KeyArena says that could be done within three or four years of an official OK, and that there's no realistic prospect of an NBA franchise during that time anyway. (SeaTimes) 

The UW men's basketball program "could be gutted" of staff and present and future players, as a consequence of coach Loranzo Romar's firing. (AP)


"Dina Martina: Fine Avec Me." (Re-bar, Fri thru April 2) 

Friends of the Library Book Sale. (Exhibition Hall, Fri-Sun) 

"Dry Powder," play by Sarah Burgess on the world of high finance. (Seattle Rep, Fri thru April 15)

Seattle Shakespeare Company's English/Spanish version of "Taming of the Shrew." (Center Theater, Fri-Sun) 

"Director's Choice" dance program with works by David Dawson and Jessica Lang. (McCaw Hall, Fri thru March 26) 

"A Woman's World" multimedia concert. (Cornish Playhouse, Fri-Sun) 


Barbara Earl Thomas talks on Jacob Larrence's "Migration Series." (Central Library, Fri) 

Adrian Belew Power Trio, Saul Zonana. (Triple Door, Fri)

John Cleese. (Pantages Tacoma, Fri) 

Jessica Hoop, Ritchie Young. (Fremont Abbey, Fri) 

Red Hot Chili Peppers. (KeyArena, Fri) 

Dr. Cornel West on "Art as Resistance." (Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, Fri) 

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Vita and the Woolf. (Crocodile, Fri) 

Grace Love, Arrows in Orbit. (Blue Moon, Fri) 

Fucked Up. (Barboza, Fri) 

St. Patrick's Day in the Market. (Pike Place Market Atrium Kitchen, Fri) 

Seattle StorySLAM. (Fremont Abbey, Fri) 

"An Evening of Speculation" with writers L. Nicol Cabe and Elly Bangs. (Pocket Theater, Fri) 

"The Three Freedoms," video installation by Josh Poehlein. (Common Area Maintenance, Fri) 

Pukesnake, Memphis Radio Kings, Craig Markel & the 88th Street Band. (Slim's Last Chance, Fri) 

"Slay," hiphop party for "LGBT+, POC, and Open-Minded People." (Chop Suey, Fri) 

"Sex With Strangers," Play by Laura Eason. (12th Ave. Arts, Fri thru April 20) 

Polyphia, Jason Richardson. (Vera Project, Fri) 

The Internet. (Neptune, Fri) 

Chronixx. (Showbox, Fri) 

Paperboys. (Tractor, Fri) 

Ali Wong. (Moore, Fri) 

The Green Party. (Monkey Loft, Fri) 


Northwest Women's Show. (CenturyLink Field Events Center, Sat-Sun) 


"Serial" podcast producers Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder. (Paramount, Sat) 

Novelist Moshin Hamid. (SU Pigott Building, Sat)

Gnarlene and the Frisky Pigs, KLED. (Machine House Brewery, Sat) 

"Sessions of She," multi-genre performances by women. (Rendezvous, Sat) 

"Exploring Class & Race Intersections" workshop. (2100 24th Ave. S., Sat) 

Jackie Hell Bingo. (Crescent Lounge, Sat) 

Wages of Sin, Rum Rebellion, Vito and the One Eyed Jacks. (High Dive, Sat) 

Storyteller Grymm. (Merchants Cafe, Sat) 

Donavon Frankenreiter, Grant-Lee Phillips. (Crocodile, Sat) 

Iraqi oud musician Rahim AlHaj. (Town Hall, Sat) 

Japandroids, Craig Finn & the Uptown Controllers. (Neptune, Sat) 

Matt Carlson, Jeff Witscher, Jason E. Anderson. (Chapel Performance Space, Sat) 

Nail Polish, Lithics, Casual Hex. (Timbre Room, Sat) 

Big Wild. (Showbox, Sat) 

Roo and the Few, Etch. (C&P Coffee, Sat) 

Navins, CobraHawk, Stargazing in 35mm. (Substation, Sat) 

Secret Drum Band. (Vera Project, Sat) 

Daya, Jess Kent. (Neumos, Sat) 

Tchami, Angelz. (Showbox Sodo, Sat) 

Branden Daniel and the Chics, Killer Workout, Golden Idols. (Sunset, Sat) 

"Showdown: Blondie vs. the Cars." (Tractor, Sat) 

Queer Artists Fair. (Hillman City Collaboratory, Sat) 


"Galaxaar," marketplace of pop culture arts, crafts, toys, etc. (Issaquah Community Center, Sun) 

Author Ariel Levy. (Elliott Bay Book Co., Sun)

Young Go Hards, Dead Bars, Ramona (We Fight Back benefit). (Vera Project, Sun) 

Coathangers, Birth Defects, VHS. (Chop Suey, Sun) 

Meat Puppets, Modern Era, Stag. (Crocodile, Sun) 

"Womxn's Work" exhibit. (Push/Pull, Sun) 

Save Ferris. (Tractor, Sun) 




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