FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 2017

Against the apparent will of many staffers, KOMO-TV was forced by its out-of-state conservative owners to run a 15-minute screed by company management, ostensibly railing against "media bias" but really invoking right-wing buzzwords, implying that right-skewing media are trustworthy and anyone else is churning out "fake news."

Sinclair Broadcasting has been known in the past for promoting conservative bias at its stations, and forcing its stations to run an anti-John Kerry "documentary" in '04. 

If the company's doing this now, long before the next election, it means certain right-wing elements are running scared.

Keep up the good work.


Showers Friday and Saturday. Clearing at the start of Sunday, with rain returning later on.



Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" is 25 years old, gender-role contradictions and all. In retrospect, it's a product of a time before hiphop was taken over by LA promoters obsessed with selling a stereotype-laden "gangsta" mythology to white mall kids. (PI.com) (KIRO-FM)

Meanwhile, a classically-trained UW Tacoma prof's teaching hiphop as a genre worthy of serious study (which, of course, it is).



Bill Ruckelshaus, who ran the EPA under Nixon, now says its regulatory system could use some tinkering, but not the "elimination" the DC regime now proposes. (KNKX) A statement by 37 U.S. Senators charges that proposed big cuts would "gut the EPA's core mission." (Joel Connelly) 

Sen. Patty Murray outlines the case against subsidized private-school vouchers. (WaPo) 


Cutting back Sound Transit's car-tab revenue could lead to lawsuits, bringing the big transit expansion we desperately need to "a standstill." (KCPQ) (Weekly)

And it turns out that runing light-rail tracks across an existing floating bridge is more complicated, and expensive, than previously thought. (KING)

A simple re-programming of WALK signals will potentially prevent a lot of run-overs. (Capitol Hill Seattle) (Seattle Transit Blog)


A majority of the City Council supports mandating six months of paid family leave for everyone working in Seattle. (Slog) 


Sick Hanford workers and their families beg state legislators for help getting needed health care and compensation: "Nobody is listening to us." (KING)

(Some) legislators seem to agree on (some) paid family leave, but how much? (KUOW) 


No, County Exec Dow Constantine's proposal for a small sales-tax hike on behalf of arts, culture, and science education is NOT frivolous. It's something we need to keep this place "vibrant" and "equitable." (Crosscut) (Slog)


A landlords' group has filed suit against the city's "first come, first served" tenancy law. (KCPQ) 

Operation Nightwatch is temporarily moving an indoor, nighttime-only men's shelter to an unused room at Seattle Center. (KOMO) 

At a recent public forum, KIRO-FM's Dave Ross postulated whether many homeless people don't have to live outside but are just making a political statement. Uh, no. (The C Is For Crank) 

Another day, another report that Seattle home-value and rental prices are growing faster than most anywhere else. (GeekWire)

The greater Puget Sound area's getting closer to its four millionth resident, with 1,100 newcomers showing up every week. (PS Biz Journal)


A mumps breakout has occurred along the U District's Greek Row. All of its initial recipients had been inoculated. (SeaTimes)


The Space Needle will "go dark" at 8:30 p.m. Saturday, part of an "Earth Hour" PR campaign by the World Wildlife Fund. (SeaTimes) 


A TSA officer at Sea-Tac pled guilty to taking "upskirt" photos of female passengers. (KOMO) 


Would all-civilian investigations of Seattle police misconduct cases "backfire"? (Crosscut) 


Did you know Amazon has a "small business lending" division? Well it does, and it plans to double in size. (PS Biz Journal)

Amazon won a $15 billion case against the IRS, regarding its tax-shelter subsidiaries in Europe. (SeaTImes) 


Despite how some "analysts" might try to skew the figures, higher minimum wages are good for jobs, business, and the economy as a whole. (The Stand) (American Prospect)


In a story about the soon-to-open "Neko Cat Cafe": "We incorrectly described the area where the cats will be encountered as the 'catrium.' The area is actually called the 'catarium.'” (Capitol Hill Seattle) 


UW women's basketball continues in the NCAA tourney today, vs. Mississippi State in (ugh!) Oklahoma City.

Gonzaga men's basketball edged West Virginia in the NCAA tourney result, 61-58. Next: Saturday in San Jose, CA vs. Xavier (this year's "Cinderella team").

The preseason Mariners beat the Giants 9-2. Four games this weekend, including split-squad contests today with the Angels and Royals.

Former UW men's basketball coash Lorenzo Romar hired Mischael Porter Sr. as an assistant, in a deal to bring Porter Jr. to the state and to the UW once he graduated from high school. Now with Romar gone, Porter Sr.'s going to work somewhere else and Porter Jr.'s been released from his "letter of intent." (Danny O'Neil) (SportsPress NW) 


Citizen University national conference on "Reckoning and Repair." (Fisher Pavilion, Fri-Sat) 

"Black Like Me," solo dance performance by Jade Solomon Curtis. (Fred Wildlife Refuge, Fri-Sat) 

"Bitter Suites," dance/music performance. (Yaw Theater, Fri-Sat) 

"Perfect Arrangement," play by Topher Payne about closeted State Department workers. (12th Ave. Arts, Fri thru April 15) 


Lori Goldston solo cello performance, in memory of Genevieve Castrée. (Chapel Performance Space, Fri) 

Xurs, Local Pavlov, Porn Bloopers. (Cafe Racer, Fri) 

Lushy Mini. (Orient Express, Fri) 

Arcade Lights. (Pike Place Market, Fri) 

"An Art Show on How Not to Have an Art Show," multimedia installation/performance piece by Krista Lee Wolfe. (InArtsNW, Fri) 

Misty Copeland. (UW Kane Hall, Fri) 

Patton Oswalt. (Paramount, Fri) 

"Women Transforming Transportation" panel. (City Hall, Fri) 

"The Idiot" novelist Elif Batuman. (Elliott Bay Book Co., Fri) 

Teenage Fanclub, Britta Phillips. (Neptune, Fri) 

STRFKR, Psychic Twin. (Showbox, Fri) 

Pure Bathing Culture, My Body. (Barboza, Fri) 

Bob Log III, Spinning Whips, Jake Laundry. (Sunset, Fri) 

"Japan in American Music." (Poncho Concert Hall, Fri) 

Book launch for manuel arturo abreu's "transtrender." (INCA, Fri) 


Seattle Jewish Film Festival. (Various spots, Sat thru April 2) 

Used board game auction. (Blue Highway Games, Sat-Sun) 


Architects Marion Weiss and Michael Manfredi on the Olympic Sculpture Park and "Seattle Genealogies." (SAM, Sat)

Argentinian cartoonist Ezequiel Garcia. (Fantagraphics Bookstore, Sat) 

Cartoonist Peter Bagge on "Fire!!: The Zora Neale Hurston Story." (Elliott Bay Book Co., Sat) 

"Video Nasty Film Festival." (Scarecrow Video, Sat) 

"Tunes and Tales," Bushwick Northwest fundraiser. (OmCulture, Sat) 

Rocky Votolato. (Ballard Homestead, Sat) 

The Gods Themselves ("WeRideWhy" benefit). (Metier Bike Shop & Cafe, Sat) 

Weeed, Bay Witch, Oh Rose. (Lucky Liquor, Sat) 

James Chance and the Contortions, Quid Quo. (Lo-Fi, Sat) 

Marc Maron. (Moore, Sat) 

Elhoffer Design fashion show. (Outsider Comics, Sat) 

"Punishment Cube," play by sketch group Babes. (Pocket Theater, Sat) 

"Black Arts Love Mixer & Marketplace." (Franklin High, Sat) 

"Cartoons and Bloody Marys" animation fest. (Factory Luxe, Sat) 

"Post Alley Film Festival," short films by female directors. (SIFF Film Center, Sat) 


"Haters Roast," with stars from "RuPaul's Drag Race." (Moore, Sun) 

"Cities at Dawn" author Geoffrey Nutter. (Sorrento, Sun) 

Passenger, Paper Kites. (Showbox Sodo, Sun)

Mega Bog, Hand Habits, Hoop. (Timbre Room, Sun) 

Why?, Open Mike Eagle. (Crocodile, Sun)

"Oh… OH… Seven: Burlesque to Bond." (Theatre Off Jackson, Sun) 

"Happy hour heckling" screening of the "Wicker Man" remake. (Naked City Brewery, Sun) 

Documentary "If Hired Hands Could Talk." (Wing Luke, Sun) 

SeaNote, Portland Timbre. (Skylark, Sun) 


(Alan Watts):

“We do not 'come into' this world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree.”


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