This week is the 17th anniversary of the Kingdome implosion, which occurred one day short of 24 years after its opening night. I'm proud to say I attended both. 

The Dome, as we've written about previously, was a key icon of late 20th-century Seattle ideas. It was a work of hyper-efficient engineering that had its (many) aesthetic faults, but those only enhanced the notion that it was "ours," something humble but quietly proud.

Its destruction signaled that era in the city's zeitgeist had ended. Big money was coming in, and it had no sympathy for concrete fortresses of fun.


Rain getting heavier through the day.



This isolated line of dialogue from ACT Theatre's new video-captioning system could be a prompt to inspire a hundred new stories. (KCPQ) 



The US Attorney General warns that "sanctuary cities" could not only lose future federal funding but have to pay back recent federal grant money. Mayor Ed Murray's standing by Seattle's "sanctuary" declaration. (Slog) (Weekly) 

Seattle school teachers may stage a one-day walkout on May 1, to protest the DC regime's destructive plans. (South Seattle Emerald)

Daniel Ramirez Medina won't get out of immigration jail any time soon. A judge has sent his case to immigration court, not civil courts as his attorneys wanted. (AP)

Democrats are already planning attack ads citing Rep. Dave Reichert's committee vote for the now-scuttled ACA junking. (SeaTimes)


As expected, the state House Democrats introduced their own budget master plan. Instead of funding public schools through cuts and property taxes, as state Senate Republicans want, the House plan would add $3 billion in new revenue by, among other things, imposing a capital-gains tax on high-value financial transactions. (AP) (Crosscut) 

Not included in the Democrats' plan: any attempt to roll back Boeing's big tax breaks. (KIRO-FM) 

Sound Transit supporters showed up at the Capitol to defend the agency against Senate Republicans' attacks. (KING)

Secretary of State Kim Wyman, one of our state's few Republican elected executives, announced she has colon cancer. (Slog) 


Pierce and Snohomish Counties lead the nation in population growth via "in-migration" from other counties and/or states. (SeaTimes) 

Following a brief slowdown, Seattle-area rents are soaring again. They've now risen an average of 57 percent in six years. (SeaTimes) 

Seattle and Vancouver both have had hyper-inflating home prices. But one analyst says they're for different reasons. (Toronto Globe and Mail) 

Another week, another major encampment "sweep," this one under the Spokane Street Viaduct. (KING)


Black churches in Seattle "hang on by a thread" as their parishioners flee to distant suburbs. (Crosscut)

Ben Keita, the young black Muslim found hanged out by Lake Stevens, "deserves justice." (UW Daily)


Sexual-assault investigations at UW fraternities revealed the houses' security contractors to be "illegitimate." (UW Daily) 


A judge in Portland ruled that more water must be allowed to go through dams along the Columbia and Snake rivers, to help preserve salmon habitat. (AP)

Why did Gov. Inslee cut the budget for Puget Sound cleanup efforts, prior to threatened federal grant cuts to the same programs? (Investigate West via Crosscut) 

Meet the Seattle school kids who are taking it upon themselves to act against climate change, in part by suing the state for tougher carbon limits. (SeattleMet)

A recently-sunken ship now imperils Willapa Bay oysters. (EarthFX via KUOW) 


The "Amazon Go" convenience store prototype's still a long ways from opening to the general public. The fancy-schmancy tech to debit customers' credit cards once they pick up an item still has its bugs. (GeekWire) (PS Biz Journal) 


UK entrepreneur Richard Branson (a guy who got out of the music biz while the gettin' was good) showed up at Sea-Tac to (1) launch Virgin Atlantic's Seattle-to-London service, and (2) dis Alaska AIr for scrapping the separate identity of its recently-acquired Virgin America. (GeekWire) (KING)


T-Mobile's talking again about getting itself merged out of existence, and some of its workers are skittish about their own futures. (PS Biz Journal) 


Paul "Beau Roberts" Stencil was a longtime DJ at KXRX, KISW, and KZOK-FM. Even after he stopped doing live shifts, he continued to record station IDs and promos for KZOK, then for other stations around the country. (M.V. Barer) 


The preseason Mariners began the last week of spring training with a 12-2 loss to the Padres. Diamondbacks today. 

You know how the Port of Seattle was all adamant against Chris Hansen's arena proposal removing two little-used blocks of Occidental Ave. S.? Well, SDOT's new Lander Street overpass plan, which the Port supports, would dead-end Occidental in two places. (KING) 


"16mm Smut Show." (Grand Illusion) 

Bob Ortblad on "Who Built Seattle?". (Town Hall) 

Coffee Cantata Ensemble celebrates Bach's 332nd birthday. (Cafe Racer) 

Jain. (Crocodile) 

Davina and the Vagabonds. (Jazz Alley, thru Wed) 

Chris Stapleton, Maren Morris. (KeyArena) 

Delicate Steve, Alex Cameron, Kingdom Boogie Band. (Tractor) 

Decibel magazine presents Kreator, Obituary, more. (Neptune) 

Twice Nice, Choke the Pope, more. (Vera Project) 

"Think and Drink" series presents talk on "Presidential Power." (Naked City Brewery) 

"Comedy Nest" series presents Natalie Holt, Casey Middaugh. (Rendezvous) 

Musical "Mamma Mia!". (Paramount) 

"Change," photo exhibit by Scott M.X. Turner. (Parliament) 

"Migration Now," group show of prints. (Retail Therapy) 

"Rabbit Cake" novelist Annie Hartnett. (Elliott Bay Book Co.) 

Attorney/civil-rights activist Bryan Stevenson. (Benaroya Hall) 

"Loud Mouth Lit" series presents Kelleen Conway Blanchard and Paul Mullin. (St. Andrews Bar and Grill) 

"Fight Back Seattle," open self-defense sessio. (Block 41) 

"Swedish Crime Scenes" art exhibit. (Nordic Heritage Museum, thru Sun) 


(Arthur Schopenhauer):

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit; 

Genius hits a target no one else can see.”


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