FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 2017

April Fool's Day is, among other things, the time when many college and high-school student newspapers used to run "parody editions." This was prior to 1989 or so, when some student-paper vets in Madison, WI got the idea to run a paper that would be all "parody" stories. (Some of that paper's original team later came to Seattle and started The Stranger.)

It's easy to see these annual papers as at least one precursor to the "fake news" sites that currently poison the national discourse. 

But that'd be largely mistaken.

The real roots of the exaggerated and/or totally fabricated headlines popping up in social media feeds, and the sites that make them (sometimes with a tiny "satirical" excuse buried in their "About Us" pages), are in "outrage porn" talk radio, old "scandal sheet" newspapers, "true confession" magazines, and a couple centuries' worth of made-up propaganda, by many groups in many places, against perceived political or racial 'Others."  


Would you believe, we could have our first full day of sunshine in who knows how long? Clouds and showers should return over the weekend.



As we've mentioned before, this year is the 75th anniversary of the forced removal of over 100,000 U.S. citizens of Japanese ancestry into WWII internment camps. Specifically, Thursday was the 75th anniversary of the removal of Bainbridge Island's once-significant Japanese American community.

A solemn memorial ceremony took place on the island yesterday.

The history site Densho.org has a whole photo essay about the tragic occasion on Bainbridge.

The Wing Luke Museum's got an art exhibit by Roger Shimomura about one of the camps, in Idaho. (Slog) (KING) (image: Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community) 



Councilmember Lorena Gonzalez announced a $1 million city fund, to help pay the legal defense of Seattleites fighting deportation. (Seattlish) (PubliCola)

Mayor Ed Murray says, "The war on immigrants is a war on cities." (The C Is For Crank) 

Meet the UW alums (one you've heard of, one you might not of) who helped defeat Travel Ban 1.0. (UW Daily)

ICE agents arrested 84 undocumented immigrants from Washington, Oregon, and Alaska in recent days, including 19 in King County. (AP)

Yes, it's cool that our own Bill Nye's one of the three honorary co-chairs for the "March for Science," happening April 22 in DC, Seattle, and cities around the country. But the two women who are the other co-chairs are even cooler. (GeekWire)

Some 200 Rainier Vista residents sent letters to Muslim neighbor families, assuring them they're welcome here: “You are us. America is not America without you.” (The Evergrey via South Seattle Emerald)

Arrange to talk in person with someone of the opposite political persuasion, get a Starbucks gift card. (SeaTimes) 



Just what is the cosmic force that attracts tornados to trailer parks and RV lots (like this one in Monroe)? (KOMO) 


Councilmember Lisa Herbold will propose a revision to the HALA "Grand Bargain," requiring more "affordable" units from developers in exchange for taller towers. (KING)


Republicans are launching a slick ad campaign to cripple Sound Transit's car-tab funding. (Weekly) 

Ex-Gov. Christine Gregoire's now co-running a nonprofit warning local cities and counties to prepare themselves (fiscal- and regulatory-wise) for driverless vehicles. (This Crosscut story refers to the autonomous autos in one point as "autobots." So who are the Decepticons?)

The one local street project that's not threatened by potential Federal budget cuts? The Lander Street overpass, which some ped/bike advocates dislike as having a design that "ignores safety." (Seattle Bike Blog) 


There's a new video game in which players "take an online trip with a real-life salmon navigating the perils of Puget Sound." It's intended to educate people about threats to our region's most iconic sea critters. (GeekWire) 

Still alive in the state House: a bill to require tugboat escorts on more, smaller, oil-bearing ships. (InvestigateWest via Crosscut)

A yearling humpback whale got stranded and died on Anderson Island. (AP)


By today we might know whether WSDOT will insist on razing the beloved Montlake Boulevard Market for an SR-520 construction staging area. (KING)


The director of the King County Library System (which does NOT include the Seattle Public Library, just suburban libraries) has resigned, in response to an investigation over an unnamed "code of conduct violation." (KING)


"Hello Columbus": After 15 years, On the Boards artistic director Lane Czaplinski is leaving for to take a position at Ohio State U. (SeaTimes)


It's not just the ferry system that's top-heavy with older workers inching toward retirement. The maritime industry as a whole has an average worker age of 52. (KCPQ)


Amazon's trying to get food and household-product makers to create special products and packages just for online sales; just as Costco's encouraged 'em to make special "bulk size" units. (SeaTimes)

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos and family donated $35 million to Fred Hutch. Could the Bezoses, or Amazon, be finally rising up toward significant civic donating? (GeekWire) (KIRO-FM) 


Gonzaga men's basketball plays its first-ever Final Four game tomorrow, in Glendale, AZ vs. South Carolina.

Sounders FC at home tonight vs. Atlanta.

The Mariners' preseason ends today and tomorrow vs. the Rockies. "Real" games start next week.

Kelsey Plum is the first UW (or Pac-12) player ever to get the AP's Women's Basketball Player of the Year Award. (SeaTimes) 


"The Fog Machine Play," 18 short pieces by Brendan Mack. (Slate Theater, Fri thru April 22) 

Whirlygig. (Seattle Center Armory, Fri thru April 16) 

"A Rainy Day in Seattle" reading series. (Annex Theatre, Fri-Sat) 

"Data for Democracy Hackathon." (Ada's Technical Books, Fri-Sun) 

"Momentum," dance works by CarliAnn Forthun and Ethan Rome. (Velocity Dance, Fri-Sun)

Relay Dance Collective presents "Passage." (Yaw Theater, Fri-Sun) 

"Telling: Adult Survivors of Child Sex Abuse Step into the Light." (Langston Hughes Center, Fri-Sun) 


Diamanda Galås. (Neptune, Fri) 

"Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience." (KeyArena, Fri) 

Purr Gato, Denim Protegé, Emily McVicker. (Darrell's, Sat) 

"Le Petite Mort's Anthology of Erotic Esoterica, Season II." (The Conservatory, Fri) 

Blockhead, The Hood Internet, more. (Nectar, Fri) 

Oathbreaker, Khemmis, Jay Jayle, Dust Moth. (Highline, Fri) 

Erin Jorgensen. (SOMA Towers, Bellevue, Fri) 

Clean Bandit, Starley. (Showbox, Fri) 

"A Fanatic Heart," documentary about poet W.B. Yeats narrated by Bob Geldof. (Folio, Fri) 

"Lust & Wonder" author Augusten Burroughs. (U Book Store, Fri) 

"Art for Arts' Sake," collaboration between Northwest Sinfonia, Spectrum Dance Theater, and Museum of Glass. (Benaroya Hall, Fri) 

"West End Girls: A Drag Extravaganza." (Skylark, Fri) 

Author Elizabeth Gilbert. (Moore, Fri) 

Lila Downs. (Tacoma Pantages, Fri) 

Katie Kate, Ringers, Sharon WIlliams (Southern Poverty Law Center benefit). (Lo-Fi, Fri) 

Super Geek League, Butt Dial, more. (El Corazon, Fri) 

"Born Both: An Intersex Life" author Hida Viloria. (Elliott Bay Book Co., Fri) 

David Hahn and Concert Imaginaire. (Chapel Performance Space, Fri) 

"Strangely & Shay's Shpectacular Ship Show." (Pocket Theater, Fri) 

Kore Ionz, Whitney Mongé, Cameron Miles Lavi-Jones (Individible North benefit). (Columbia City Theater, Fri) 

"Barbie's Tech Dreamhouse," installation/costume contest. (Living Computers, Fri) 

Julie Cascioppo & John Engerman, Angie Louise & Arnaldo. (Egan's, Fri) 


Seattle Men's Chorus presents "Born This Way." (McCaw Hall, Sat-Sun) 

Spring Show. (Bemis Arts, Sat-Sun) 

"Art Trumps: Resistance and Action" group show. (Bonfire, Sat thru April 30) 


Final APRIL Festival, celebrating indie lit. (Hugo House First Hill, Sat) 

Sera Cahoone, Annie Ford Band, Kevin Large. (Tractor, Sat) 

Maldives "Mad Lives" record release. (Triple Door, Sat) 

Goldston & Icasiano, Ross Hammond, Bonnie Whiting, Zaimph. (Gallery 1412, Sat) 

"Don't Assume I Clean," one-woman show by Janna Wachter. (Chapel Performance Space, Sat) 

"We," Interactive installation by the group LET'S. (MadArt, Sat) 

International Pillow Fight Day. (Cal Anderson Park, Sat) 

Ravenna String Quartet (Planned Parenthood benefit). (Sole Repair, Sat) 

Moon Hooch, WIlldabeast, Deadly D. (Nectar, Sat) 

Insect Man, Velveteen Lotharios, Del Vox, Pleasure Island. (Darrell's, Sat) 

Rebel Souljahz. (Showbox, Sat) 

"The Lurid Queer Three-Way Comedy Show." (Pocket Theater, Sat) 

Zealandia, Did You Die, We Are Not Mel Torme, Hollow Giant. (Central Saloon, Sat) 

Edible Book Festival. (Third Place Lake Forest Park, Sat) 

"The People's Filibuster." (US Courthouse, Sat) 


Seattle Restaurant Week. (Various spots, Sun thru April 13) 


"Hope and Action," program on 'how we can move beyond protests and be the change we want to see." (Moore, Sun) 

Desiigner. (Showbox, Sun) 

"Freak-A-Zoid: Vintage Media Market." (El Corazon, Sun) 

Authors Jonathan Evison, Tom Hansen, Danny Bland, Brian Jabas Smith. (Fantagraphics Bookstore, Sun) 

Naiza Khan on "Art and Social Change." (Central Library, Sun) 

Nikkita Oliver for Mayor launch party. (Washington Hall, Sun) 

Abstracts by Rob Morgan. (Darrell's, Sun thru April 16) 

"Smells Like Stripper Spirit: '90s Burlesque." (Rendezvous, Sun) 

Lawrence, Busty and the Bass. (Vera Project, Sun) 

"7 Deadly Queens" cabaret show. (Unicorn, Sun) 

Comedian Bassem Youssef. (Neptune, Sun) 

HInges, Robert Stewart, Young Pioneers, Yason Webley, Ready Steady Go (NW Immigrant Rights Project benefit). (Skylark, Sun) 




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