1. I've heard scandal accusations against past Seattle mayors that were never proven. There's every reason to be skeptical about these ones.

2. The person making these accusations doesn't have a political agenda, as far as we know at this point. (He says he doesn't.)

3. But it's certainly plausible that hard-right forces would try to "get" an out-and-proud gay man running a "sanctuary city" at the heart of the resistance.

4. It's also a historic smear against gay men to stereotype them as pederasts.

5. But, as we've learned from certain religious figures, there are men who abuse boys. Some of these men have positions of authority.

6. In any event, a media circus about these kinds of claims can trigger awful memories among abuse survivors. If you're one, please be kind to yourself. If you need to, find someone to talk with about it.


Miserable with very heavy winds Friday, abating a little over the weekend.



Microsoft's running "public service" ads, pleading with girls and women to enter, and stay in, STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) degree programs.

Author/playwright Monica Byrne says that's the real reason there aren't enough women in tech careers isn't because they're not studying for them.

Instead, Byrne cites women (including herself) who'd started tech careers but abandoned them, because the industry's "dudebro" culture encourages discrimination, harassment, and even violence against women: "STEM is so hostile to women that leaving the field is an act of survival. It was for me."



A man filed a lawsuit on Thursday in King County Superior Court. In it, he claims that he'd been regularly hired for sex work by now-Mayor Ed Murray decades ago, when Murray was a young adult and the accuser was a "troubled," drug-addicted teenager. The Seattle Times' story about it says two previous men had made similar accusations in the past, which were not proven in court. (Slog) (PubliCola) (SeaTimes) (KUOW) (PI.com) 

Muray and his attorneys denied all the claims, saying they were "intended to damage a prominent elected official who has been a defender of vulnerable populations for decades." A Murray spokesperson promised he'd fight the claims vigorously. (SeaTimes) (KING) 

"A city asks, what now?" (Crosscut) 


State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has compiled a "playbook" for would-be "sanctuary" jurisdictions. (KUOW)

Ann Coulter essentially said it'd be no tragedy if North Korea dropped a nuclear bomb on Seattle. And we're still supposed to respect the conservative movement WHY? (KCPQ)

Ex-Gov. Gary Locke, who's been the US ambassador to China, says any trade war with the Middle Kingdom would be devastating to American jobs. (KUOW) 


The SPD's federally appointed "monitor" reports a sharp decrease in local officers' use of force. (KING) (KIRO-TV) 


The internal dispute within the Nooksack tribe has grown, from a question of who's a real member to who are its real leaders. The feds are sick of it, and want the Nooksack to get its collective act together or else lose funding. (SeaTimes) 


An Aurora motel with 28 families was to have been evicted, until the owner's last-minute payment of past-due utility bills. (KOMO) 

Housing prices in Seattle have doubled in the past five years, with the average home now costing $700,000. (SeaTimes) 


The Pratt Fine Arts Center, like Hugo House, is blessed to own its building. That means it can commission a mixed-use mid-rise on the Jackson Street site that will also double its own space. (Capitol Hill Seattle)


The Legislature passed a bill that would allow permanent protection orders for sexual-assault victims. (AP) 

"House Democrats want a capital-gains tax to raise money for their budget. Is it even legal?" (News Tribune) 

A state Senate Democrat proposed a compromise on car-tab fees that would still fund Sound Transit 3. (KING) Instead, Senate Republicans passed, and sent to the House, a more draconian "fix." (AP) 


Some folks want to build a 137-mile "hyperloop" train tube between Seattle and Portland. If it does get built it won't be soon; the super-fast technology's still highly experimental. (PS Biz Journal) 

Like previous Republican administrations, this one wants to do a hatchet job on Amtrak. (Joel Connelly) 


A former Nike contract-factory worker spoke out in a UW speech against sweatshops, which still exist even if US white leftists have forgotten about them. (UW Daily)


Boeing Commercial Airplanes reported its fewest quarterly jetliner deliveries in three years. (PS Biz Journal)


An industry analyst says Amazon may one day "touch everything we do online." (Minnesota Public Radio "Marketplace") 


Sounders FC at San Jose Saturday.

The Mariners finally won their first game, 4-2 at Houston. At Oakland Fri-Sun.

"The Mariners' slow start gives me that 'here we go again' feeling." (Jim Moore)

Why techie newcomers should support bringing men's pro basketball back to Seattle. (GeekWire) 


Britta Johnson. (CoCA UN[contained]) 

"Lumpers and Splitters." (Prairie Underground) 

"A World of Fae" group show. (Krab Jab)

Sienna Dawn: "Amidst Perspective." (Praxis Arts)

Local photographers view the Space Needle. (Hammie Salon)

Ron Regé Jr.: "What Parsifal Saw." (Fantagraphics Bookstore)

Michelle de la Vega: "The Sugar Project." (Bridge Productions) 

MSHR: "Nested Transmuter Cycle." (Interstitial) 


School of Acrobatics & New Circus Arts spring showcase. (Broadway Performance Hall, Fri-Sun) 

Bellingham Repertory Dance Co. presents "No Such Place." (Velocity Dance, Fri-Sat)

Devil's Adevocate Burlesque presents "Flora & Fauna." (Rendezvous, Fri-Sun)

Black Tie Productions presents "Tea Amo." (Taproot Theatre, Fri-Sun)  

"Here Lies Love," musical by David Byrne and Flatboy Slim about Imelda Marcos. (Seattle Rep, Fri thru May 28) 


Reggie Watts with Spatial. (Moore, Fri) 

John Krausbauer, C. Spencer Yeh, Greg Kelly. (Chapel Performance Space, Fri) 

Surround Sound Laydown. (NW FIlm Forum, Fri)

Hugo Literary Series presents Anis Mojgani, Kaitlyn Greenidge, Rick Barot. (Fred Wildlife Refuge, Fri) 

Youth Speaks Seattle: 2017 Grand Slam. (Town Hall, Fri) 

Thee Perfect Gentlemen, Stay Up, Atomic Rust. (Slim's Last Chance, Fri)

Jacques Greeene. (Barboza, Fri) 

Sunflower Sutra, Willie & the Whips. (Blue Moon, Fri) 

"Mozart's Starling" author Lyanda Lynn Haupt. (Town Hall, Fri) 

Juan Maclean, Blueyedsoul, Pressha. (Nectar, Fri) 

"Hive Mind," free improv "open to all." (Stone Way Cafe, Fri) 


First Nations Pow Wow. (Hec Ed, Sat-Sun) 


Song cycles with Melissa Plagemann. (Chapel Performance Space, Sat) 

Radiohead. (KeyArena, Sat) 

"Civic Saturday with Eric Liu." (Town Hall, Sat) 

"Comedy of Horrors" film fest. (SIFF Uptown, Sat) 

Pearl Jam tribute show (Vitalogy Foundation benefit). (High Dive, Sat) 

"Terra Cotta Warriors of the First Emperor" exhibit opening. (Pacific Science Center, Sat) 

Sign-language readings by Jeremy Quiroga and Theron Parker. (Royal Room, Sat) 

"Disasterpiece Theater," interactive mystery show. (Pocket Theater, Sat) 

"Living Voices" art/theater series persents "La Causa." (MOHAI, Sat) 

Live bunny party, with crafts. (Ugly Baby and La Ru, Sat) 

Wimps, Boy Romeo, Great Spiders, Last Picks. (Funhouse, Sat) 

Wire, Golden Retriever. (Crocodile, Sat) 

Film "Apple Pie." (NW Film Forum, Sat)

"Vernal," light/music installation. (Volunteer Park Conservatory, Sat) 

"Nasty," performance piece by Seattle women improvisers. (Pocket Theater, Sat) 

"Coming Together: Music of Rzewski, Andriessen, and Tenney." (On the Boards, Sat) 

"Legendary Children," performance piece about "the beautiful, the transgressive, and the unique." (SAM, Sat) 

Ken Allan discusses the art of Jim Woodring. (Frye Art Museum, Sat) 


Brian Wilson performs "Pet Sounds." (Paramount, Sun) 

Sunday Saints. (Hotel Albatross, Sun) 

Weezer, Dude York. (Showbox, Sun) 

King Gizzard, ORB. (Neumos, Sun) 

Pleasures, Quid Quo, Merso. (Highline, Sun) 

"Mixerd Media: Sobriety," comedy/music performance. (Market Theater, Sun) 

Horror film "Musarañas (Shrew's Nest)." (Naked City Brewery, Sun) 

Andrea Cohen and Gil Bar-Sela present "Connecting With Calm: The Compassionate Listening Guide to Surviving Political Divides." (Mokedo, Sun) 

Readings from Julene Tripp Weaver's "Truth Be Bold—Serenading Life & Death in the Age of AIDS." (Hugo House First Hill, Sun) 


(Vincent van Gogh):

“The heart of man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, its tides and its depths; it has its pearls too.”


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