MONDAY, APRIL 17, 2017

Easter, renewal, the resurrection and the life. The great Christian co-opting of Euro-pagan vernal-equinox fertility rites. 

What does all that mean in these troubled times?

It means that even in the deepest, darkest winter, there WILL be spring.

Persephone WILL re-emerge from the underworld.

The Son of Man WILL get out of his cave.

The (literal and figurative) storms assailing us WILL pass.


Rain comes back.



As captured on video (as seen above) by YouTube user "teddy boy," thousands attended the "Black Lives Matter" march and rally on Saturday. But I noticed something about it. I asked on Facebook, "When did Black Lives Matter (at least here) become so almost all-white?" You can read the (many) responses here. (KIRO-TV) (Crosscut)

Yes, Seattle is the potential ground zero for any North Korean nuclear strike, or so says ex-Sen. Slade Gorton. (KCPQ)

Immigration visa crackdowns could make it very hard, very soon, to hire tech workers from other lands. (KUOW) 

Does the relatively low reaction to Sean Spicer's "nazi" remarks mean people are forgetting the lessons of the Holocaust? The folks at Belltown's Holocaust Center for Humanity fear it could be so. (KING)

Pro Publica and the Stranger are among the organizations teaming up on "Documenting Hate," a project to track every racial/religious-based hate crime. There's a handy form you can bookmark in case you witness such a crime.



Mayor Ed Murray supplied a written statement, claiming the motivation for the accusations of past teen sex-abuse "is political," engineered by anti-LGBT operatives. Murray later repeated (Slog) (KING) 

"Dear Mayor Murray: Please don't blame the press for your problems." (PubliCola) (Crosscut) 

Councilmember Sally Bagshaw: "I have faith in this mayor." (Weekly)

Murray's 2008 accuser says Murray's claim that the accusations, old and new, are political ploys is "hogwash." (Slog) 

Danni Askini, LGBT activist and abuse survivor: "The motivation [for the accusations against Murray] doesn't matter. It's time for him to step down." (Slog) 

Some local sexual-abuse survivors have been emotionally affected by news of the scandal allegations. (KCPQ)


ICE maintained that the hunger strike at its Tacoma immigration jail was "winding down," with only one detainee contunuing. (News Tribune) 

One of the strike's issues: the probably illegal $1 a day detainees are paid to work within the jail. (KUOW)

Meanwhile, the feds are holding off on compiling "shame lists" of localities that don't participate in deportation arrests. (Weekly) 


A man is suing Seattle for impounding the truck that was his only home. (KCPQ) 


The "sales tax for the arts" proposal still has its proponents, who want the County Council to reconsider it. (Slog) (SeaTimes) 


The Army Corps of Engineers plans to keep killing Washington sea birds, to help protect the salmon runs they feed upon. (AP) 

Can humans help to pollinate fruit trees without the direct involvement of endangered bees? WSU researchers hope to find out. (NWNews via KNKX) 


The Mariners had to put a quota on the surprisingly popular toasted grasshoppers they're selling at the concession stands. Some 18,000 of the critters were sold at the first three home games. (KIRO-TV)


Ann Wilson's husband was sentenced for assailing Nancy Wilson's teenage sons. As pre-arranged, the terms include "restitution, two years of probation, counseling and no contact with his nephews." (PI.com) 


Proving there is no market segment too large or small for Amazon to move in on, the company's "AmazonConnect" imprint is now America's top publisher of translated fiction. (SeaTimes) 


Chyna Thomas, sister of UW grad and NBA superstar Isaiah Thomas, was killed early Saturday in an auto accident on I-5 at Federal Way. (KING) (WaPo) 


Ex-Sounders superstar Fredy Montero scored both goals as the Sounders fell 2-1 at Vancouver. At LA Galaxy Sunday.

The Mariners went from a 2-8 record to a 5-8 record by sweeping Texas in a weekend series; coming back Sunday from a 6-1 deficit to win 8-7 in the ninth inning. The Ms' homestand continues tonight vs. Miami.


Seattle Subversive Square Dance Society (Earth Day benefit). (Tractor)

Of Montreal, Christina Schneider, Ben Varian. (Neumos)

Preservation Hall Jazz Band. (Neptune) 

"Moving Mountains: Healing the Ideological Divide" panel. (Town Hall) 

State Champs, Confidence, Don Broco. (Showbox) 

Aaron Glenn, Heather Edgley, Joseph Dane. (Sunset)

"Monster Planet 8.1," improv music and found visuals. (Re-bar) 


(Pascal Mercier, "Night Train to Lisbon"):

"So, the fear of death might be described as the fear of not being able to become whom one had planned to be."


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