FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 2017

What Earth Day means this year:

Past Republican presidents from Nixon on have at least paid lip service to environmental protection, even as they underfunded it.

But now, we have a one-party regime in DC overtly opposed to the very idea of saving the planet.

So we must stand, and march, and protest, and act. Not just for the sake of our world (though that's cause enough), but for the very notion of fact-based science. 


Dry and warmer, but just for today. Rain should be back starting Saturday.

Heavy spring snowmelt is devastating Eastern Washington roads. (KNKX) 



Time magazine's annual "Time 100" issue is out, with celeb-written essays about the world's 100 "most influential people." 

Among various Republicans, rappers, and comedians, three folks from our quaint li'l fishing village are included. Sheryl Sandberg writes about Melinda Gates. Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin writes about Jeff Bezos.

And none other than George Takei offers a few words about Wash. state attorney general Bob Ferguson.

Takei says he first heard of Ferguson "when he spoke up for a local gay couple who was denied service by a florist in 2013." Then, when Ferguson filed the lawsuit that halted Travel Ban 1.0, Takei was reminded of his own childhood in an internment camp, where every day began with "pledging allegiance to the flag: 'With liberty and justice for all.' Bob Ferguson clearly believes everyone deserves those guarantees, no matter their background." (GeekWire) (KIRO-FM) 



People who knew Ed Murray in the 1980s describe a hard working, hard playing young lawyer and gay activist, whose known relationships were always with adult men. They say the Murray of that time could not have committed the crimes of abuse of which he's now accused. (KING)

A Volunteers of America branch in Oregon has info about one of Murray's prior accusers, but isn't releasing it. (Slog) 

Aside from these old friends, almost nobody in a position of authority is willing to talk about the allegations. Still. (Isolde Raftery, KUOW)


There's another name in the mayor's race. Sara Nelson is the co-owner of Fremont Brewing and a former assistant to Councilmember Richard Conlin. She calls herself a "progressive," but expresses "concern" about minimum-wage laws and paid family leave. (PubliCola) 

At a candidates' forum Thursday, Murray said he'd support an income tax on the city's "high-end" households, something already proposed by challenger Mike McGinn. (SeaTimes) 

One of the second-tier mayoral candidates, "safe streets" activist Andres Salomon, is leaving the race. (Seattle Bike Blog)


SeattleMet interviews six local people, one from each country mentioned in Travel Ban 2.0. One of them says about the current legal/social environment, “I feel like I’m in a cage. I feel like I’m not free… in the land of the free.” 

Meanwhile, KCTS's Enrique Cerna interviews filmmaker-activist Jose Antonio Vargas, "the most visible, vocal and well-known undocumented immigrant in the country." Vargas says people such as him are ordinary folks, going about ordinary lives: "The undocumented students are going to school. The undocumented workers are going to work. They’re at the farms, they’re at the mechanic shops. Whether or not you know why we’re here, we show up."

A Portland psychologist reports a growing number of patients suffering from political anxiety, or "Trump Traumatic Stress Disorder." (KATU) 


As we head inevitably into yet another special legislative session, who's to blame for not finishing a deal for a budget (including full school funding)? Just about everybody. (Weekly) (News Tribune) (KOMO)

The Legislature passed a bill to bring Washington driver's licenses and ID cards into line with federal REAL ID standards. (AP)

In our state, politicians of all stripes talk about loving the environment. But will they walk the (funding) walk? (Crosscut) 

State Rep. Nicole Marci (D-43) pleads with her colleagues to preserve statewide funding for programs fighting homelessness. (Stranger oped) 


Dan Bertolet at Sightline calls the homeowner lobby's successful efforts to stall HALA's terms encouraging "accessory dwelling units" (backyard cottages and "mother in law" apartments) a "predatory delay," knocking out a vital tool in the fight for affordability.

Barbara Poppe, the city's former homelessness adviser, doesn't like those "tiny house villages." She claims they're little better than "refugee camps." (KING)


The owners of Midtown Center, the 23rd and Union strip-mall block where father-and-son neighborhood organizers were separately evicted, say they've lined up a new buyer and developer to take it over. (Capitol Hill Times)


Making electricity from cow manure: it's more profitable for farmers in other parts of the country, but it does happen here. (KOMO) 

Here's a little more about Sound Transit's plan to eventually run its light-rail trains on wind power. It's a partnership with Puget Sound Energy, which is also striking deals with Starbucks and REI. (PS Biz Journal) 


Only 17 percent of "venture-backed" startup companies have even one female founder, a figure unchanged in five years. (GeekWire)


Rick Anderson tells of "the bitter life and sudden death of Arcan Cetin," the Burlington mall shooter who hanged himself in jail.

A guy who'd tried to rob the Pioneer Square 7-Eleven panicked and shot two police officers. They shot back. They'll live. He won't. (PI.com) (Slog) 


Sounders FC at LA Galaxy Sunday.

The Mariners lost the series opener in Oakland 9-6. Same teams tonight thru Sunday.


Converge Dance Festival. (Erickson Theatre, Fri-Sat)

Pop-up book sale. (Folio, Fri-Sun) 

Seattle Boylesque Festival. (Triple Door, Fri-Sat) 

"Fire & Tassles: 'Game of Thrones' Fan Fiction Burlesque." (Columbia City Theater, Fri-Sat)

"Improvathon: 50 Hours of Improv Comedy." (Market Theater, Fri-Sun)

"Millennials," dance piece by Alex Crozier. (Langston Hughes Center, Fri-Sat) 

"SEA-ART-HEAL: The Art of Infertility." (Art./Not Terminal, Fri-Sat) 


Northgate Music Solutions, Pets, Never Ending Kicks. (Café Racer, Fri) 

Tribute to guitarist Tom Baker. (Chapel Performance Space, Fri)

RJD2, Tortoise. (Showbox, Fri) 

The Motet. (Neumos, Fri) 

Deadmau5. (WaMu Theater, Fri) 

Thunderpussy, Fauna Shade, Wild Powwers, more. (Chop Suey, Fri) 

Katie Kate, NoNormaal. (Barboza, Fri) 

"The Seattle Process with Prett Hamil." (NW Film Forum, Fri) 

Seattle StorySlam. (St. Mark's, Fri) 

Stan Fermin, Low Roar. (Crocodile, Fri) 

Redneck Girlfriend, K-Streets (Fastbacks tribute), Jamie Nova Sky. (Slim's Last Chance, Fri) 

Jason Webley, Pepper Proud, Chris Poage, Johanna Warren. (Fremont Abbey, Fri) 

Lady Coco. (W Hotel, Fri) 

Antiblas, Polyrhythmics. (Nectar, Fri) 

Antonioni EP release, Temple Canyon, Season of Strangers. (Sunset, Fri) 

Grand reopening. (Hula Hula on East Olive Way, Fri) 

Environmentalist/author Paul Hawken. (Town Hall, Fri) 

Make Space zine release party. (Indian Summer, Fri) 

"Craftsravaganza: Tiny Bell Jar." (Push/Pull, Fri) 

"Peerless Revue: A Burlesque Tribute to Women in STEM." (Rendezvous, Fri) 

"Orbit, Poetics, Dance Sound," multi-genre performance tribute to Carl Sagan. (Vermillion, Fri) 

Film "W.R.: Mysteries of the Organism." (Beacon House, Fri) 


Cherry Blossom Festival and Japanese Cultural Festival. (Seattle Center, Sat-Sun)

Mimosas Cabaret presents a one-act version of the musical "Cabaret." (Unicorn, Sat-Sun) 

"Outer Rim: An Improvised Space Western." (Market Theater, Sat thru June 17) 

"SCUBA: Super Cool Underwater Black Light Adventure." (NW Puppet Center, Sat thru April 30.) 

"My Vhite House Christmas Spashial vith Melania." (Rendezvous, Sat-Sun) 


March for Science. (Cal Anderson Park, Sat) 

Earth Day 2017. (Bullitt Center, Sat) 

Record Store Day. (Various spots, Sat) 

Radioshark, the Heels, Zelda Starfire. (Café Racer, Sat) 

"BunnyCon: The Bunny Bar Hop." (Various spots, Sat)

Drone Cinema Festival. (Chapel Performace Space, Sat) 

The Zombies "Odyssey & Oracle" 50th anniversary. (Showbox, Sat) 

Giorgio Moroder. (Neptune, Sat) 

Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares. (Town Hall, Sat) 

Elisa Chavez on "nerds and nazis" in fandom. (Town Hall, Sat) 

Isis Women Arts Festival. (Mokedo, Sat) 

Paul C. Tumey on the comics of Rube Goldberg. (Push/Pull, Sat) 

Kid Fury in "Furious Thoughts Live." (Broadway Performance Hall, Sat) 

The Relationship (with Brian Bell of Weezer), Cotillion, Goat Reward, Versing. (Funhouse, Sat) 

Wynne Greenwood, Christopher Jones, Paul Hiraga. (Gallery 1412, Sat) 

Warsaw Poland Bros., Skablins, Bad Habit, Nation Underdog. (Highline, Sat) 

Flamenco dancer Belén Maya in "Romnia," "a celebration of Gypsyness." (Rainier Arts Center, Sat) 

Documentary "HyperNormalisation." (NW Film Forum, Sat) 

Kairos Theatre Company presents "Eleemosynary." (Pocket Theater, Sat) 

S'Klallam storyteller Roger Fernandes. (Renton History Museum, Sat) 

"A New Orleans State of Mind," Louis Armstrong tribute concert. (Benaroya Hall, Sat) 

Kinks tribute night. (Slim's Last Chance, Sat) 


Staged reading of "Caucasians Anonymous," play by Marcus Harrison Green. (Town Hall, Sun) 

"This Is What Resistance Looks Like," program of speakers and musicians (The Establishment benefit). (NW Film Forum, Sun)

"Storywallahs" reading series presents "Belonging." (ACT, Sun) 

1930 Soviet film "Earth" with live score by Ukranian band Dakhabrakha. (Neptune, Sun) 

Arlo Guthrie. (Tacoma Broadway Center, Sun) 

Emily King. (Crocodile, Sun) 

"Nerd Grinder: Geek Culture Esoterica Swap Meet." (Push/Pull, Sun) 

"One Laugh at a Time: Sober Comedy." (Comedy Underground, Sun) 

Anna Coogan, Shasta Bree. (Triple Door, Sun) 


(Sam Sheridan, "A Fighter’s Heart"):

Somebody asked me if I was looking for something. I am looking for everything.”


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