MONDAY, APRIL 24, 2017

Science, reason, rationality. 

Even when some political factions claim to love these values, it's only to the extent that they can exploit them in the service of established ideologies.

Hence, the old Soviet concept of "scientific realism."

Hence, libertarian "objectivism," the notion that pure greed and selfishness are the "rational" bases of an ideal culture.

Hence, the racist/classist pseudo-sciences of "eugenics" and "social Darwinism."

These and similar belief systems allowed people of power and privilege to imagine their status was "the way things ought to be."

At least the particular bigots and bullies we've got today admit the're operating in a mindset outside of logic.


Scattered showers all week.

A thousand-mile-wide "mega moisture plume" stretches across the Pacific, ready to dump day after day of precip onto Seattle and environs. (Cliff Mass) 



Thousands of scientists, techies, local politicos, and left-brain-lovers gathered in Cal Anderson Park on a dreary Saturday to champion the planet, the environmental sciences, and rationality itself. And because Seattle's proud to fly its geek flag, the protest signs were gloriously funny and punny. This did NOT detract from the life-and-death seriousness of the project. (KUOW) (Slog) (Crosscut) (Weekly) (SeaTimes) (images: David Hyde, KUOW) 

Our own Bill Nye spoke at the march in DC. (GeekWire) 

Meanwhile, UW communications prof Leah Ceccarelli posits that folk who wish to "defend science" could benefit from learning "the art of rhetoric" to make more persuasive claims.(TheConversation.com) 



We have to bid a fond adieu to Seattlish, the cynical-smart local political blog "brought to you by a trio of mouthy broads." Hannah Brooks Olson, essentially the "first among equals" of the site's triumverate, decided she couldn't cover this year's municipal election season adequately on a part-time volunteer basis (the site never earned a cent). She vows that the site's Twitter presence will continue.


Even though Ed Murray made headlines by proposing a city income tax (an idea previously floated by Mike McGinn, and before that by the "Trump Proof Seattle" coalition), it was first-time challenger Nikkita Oliver who "drove the debate" at Thursday's candidates' forum. (Weekly) (Crosscut) 

How the income-tax proposal would work: the City Council could pass it, without a voters' referendum. It will certainly be challenged, probably all the way to the state Supreme Court. Even with a win there, it'd be a couple of years before any revenue could be collected. (PubliCola) (Weekly) 


Ed Murray's second prior accuser is now talking: "I want him to resign." (Slog) 


As everyone expected all along, the Legislature goes into a special session starting today. (KIRO-FM)

Among bills passed in the regular session: a crackdown on "cutesy" pot-store ads that could conceivably appeal to children. (News Tribune)

Ex-staffers describe state Rep. Jesse Young (R-Gig Harbor) as repeatedly "prone to screaming fits." (SeaTimes)


As the White House occupant claims only "criminals," not Dreamers, are at risk for deportation, US Attorney General Sessions reiterated threats of federal funding cutoffs against "sanctuary" cities and states. Sen. Maria Cantwell and Mayor Murray were quick to denounce the tactic. (Joel Connelly) (Reuters) 


A consultant investigating Western State Hospital's woes finds that "many patients are being ignored," among other things that shouldn't occur. (SeaTimes) 

Local franchises of Positive Changes, the for-profit drug/alcohol rehab clinics accused of "sobriety for sale" tactics in a KING exposé last year, have filed for bankruptcy. (KING)


The King County Council will likely decide today whether police should be able to interrogate detained juveniles without an attorney in the room. (Slog)


Yes, there are LGBTs in the immigrant community and vice versa. But as Seattle Counseling Services found out during a mental-health outreach program, they're not always easy to reach or even to find. (Weekly) 


A car hit a power pole in north Seattle early Saturday. Power lines fell onto I-5. The freeway was closed for several hours. Hundreds of households, and elevators in at least six buildings, lost power. (KCPQ) (KUOW) 


The crippled West Point Treatment plant may resume full normal operations soon, perhaps within a week. (AP)


Healthy eating shouldn't be a luxury reserved for the upscale. That's part of the idea behind an "immigrant- and POC-centered food collaborative" in Kent. (South Seattle Emerald)


Sounders FC beat LA Galaxy 3-0. Home vs. New England Saturday. 

The Mariners finally won big on the road, 11-1 at Oakland, for a 1-for-4 weekend series result. At Detroit for three games starting tomorrow.


"Pearls Before Swine" cartoonist Stephen Pastis. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

The XX, Sampha. (WaMu Theater) 

"Poetry on Buses" launch party. (Moore) 

"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Filibuster: A Political Cabaret." (Rendezvous) 

"Music of the Ghosts" novelist Vaddey Ratner. (Central Library) 

"My Cubs: A Love Story: author Scott Simon. (Town Hall) 

Elwha River slide presentation with Lynda Mapes. (Antioch U) 

"Solidarity on Tap," gathering for "socializing and social justice." (Finn MacCool's) 

Leif Ove Andsnes and Marc-André Hamelin piano recital. (Benaroya Hall) 

Psychic Death, Evening Bell, Ashley Shadow. (Sunset)

Taylor Bennett. (Chop Suey) 

Close Talker, Yurt, Lofty Stills, Rainwater. (LoFi) 




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