FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2017

Tomorrow's the 100th day of the GOPocalypse. We've made it this far because of some vigilant judges, courageous state and local officials, Congressional Democrats finding enough swing Republican votes to scuttle the worst legislation, but mostly because of the millions across the country refusing to let democracy and equal justice die. 

And Monday's May Day. What had been the Euro equivalent of Labor Day (albeit inspired by a Chicago incident) has, in just the past few years, become national holiday of the American left. 

In some years, that's meant riots and stuff-breaking by macho "anarchists." This year, let's have something more life-affirming, more persuasive.


Clear today and (most of) Saturday, before the rain returns.



The newly-online Washington Interactive Geologic Map is your newest Internet time-waster. Tell yourself you're learning something as you continually adjust the map to show earthquake faults, volcanic vents, topographies, etc. (via News Tribune) 



Local doctors say refugees and undocumented residents are avoiding needed medical care because, they're afraid of being turned over to deportation. (Crosscut) 

Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell are co-sponsoring a bill for a national $15/hr. minimum wage. (Joel Connelly) 

A Capitol Hill woman, who has pro-feminist bumper stickers on her car, found someone had placed a flyer on her windshield with anti-abortion sloganeering and a veiled death threat. (Slog) 

"Boundless" is a new local website, teaching immigrants how to plod through the complexities of getting visas. (SeaTimes) 


Mayor Ed Murray's revised his "soda tax" proposal. It'll now run to 1.75 cents per ounce, and cover diet drinks as well as regular soda pop. Beverage makers and retailers and labor unions promise to fight the proposal. (Slog) (KIRO-FM) 

Even if the "soda tax" goes through, different interests have different ideas on how to spend the funds. (Weekly)

Murray's public safety adviser Scott Lindsay will resign as of next week, to run against City Attorney Pete Holmes. (Slog) 

Someone who doesn't want to be identified has put up a web page begging former GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Bryant to run for Seattle mayor. (Slog) 


We now know a little more about what Paul Allen's $30 million donation (plus $5 million in city matching funds) will do against homelessness. It'll fund one 100-unit project specifically for homeless and low-income families. (SeaTimes)

The next major encampment "sweeps" will be along and under I-90, from Dearborn south to Atlantic. (via KOMO) 


At last, the West Point treatment plant is almost back to "normal operations." Not quite, but almost. (KIRO-TV)

A whole new invasion of "invasive green crabs" has arrived in Wash. state waters. (AP)

The next target bank for local Dakota Access Pipeline protesters: Chase. (Weekly) 


Sound Transit's announced more details on its long-term expansion projects. (KIRO-TV) (SeaTimes) 


Prom night in north Snohomish County, plus "edibles," equals seven teens getting sick, three of them going to a hospital. (KCPQ)


Turns out that one of the restaurant groups that's put a "minimum wage surcharge" onto its bills had contributed to a campaign to reverse the minimum-wage hike. (Slog) 


Amazon's total global employment rose 43 percent last year alone, and now surpasses 350,000. This means more people work for Amazon than live in Iceland. (GeekWire)

Some of those people will work in an existing Bellevue office building Amazon's completely leasing. (GeekWire)


The Gates Foundation claims it contributes $1.5 billion to the local economy a year, in addition to its various "good works" projects around the globe. (GeekWire)  


Sounders FC home tomorrow vs. New England.

The Mariners finally won an away series, beating Detroit 2-1 Thursday to take 2 for 3 in the series. Three games in Cleveland start tonight.

Nintendo got a one-time uptick in its annual revenues when it sold most of its stake in the Mariners. (GeekWire) 

The Storm season, which begins in just a few weeks, will be telecast on KCPQ and "JoeTV." No more searching for an obscure broadcast-subcarrier channel.


Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. (Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, Fri-Sun) 

World Rhythm Festival. (Seattle Center, Fri-Sun) 

"Chitrangada, the Warrior Princess," play by Rabindranath Tagore. (ACT, Fri thru May 20) 

"Full Tilt 2017" contemporary-dance showcase. (Velocity Dance, Fri-Sat) 

Larry Carlton. (Jazz Alley, Fri-Sun) 


Eveline Müller and Klang Quintet. (Chapel Performance Space, Fri)

South Seattle Emerald third anniversary with Rell Be Free, Courtney Weaver, Sidechain. (Royal Room, Fri) 

"The Griot Party: Storytelling and Social Interaction." (Columbia City Theater, Fri) 

Opening of Red May, month-long series of "radical" speakers, artists, and musicians. (INCA Institute, Fri) 

"Karl Marx City," documentary about the old East Germany. (NW Film Forum, Fri) 

"[untitled]" series presents "ANDY: A Popera," music inspired by Andy Warhol. (Benaroya Hall, Fri) 

"Lush Us: A Gay City Arts Showcase." (Town Hall, Fri) 

La Petite Mort's Anthology of Erotic Esoterica." (The Conservatory, Fri) 

"Slay: A Hip Hop Party for LGBT+, POC, and Open Minded People." (Chop Suey, Fri) 

"Gimme Shelter," Downtown Emergency Services Center benefit with the Dusty 45s. (Showbox Sodo, Fri) 

"The Residency," concert by young hiphop artists curated by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. (Washington Hall, Fri) 

Lionel Richie. (KeyArena, Fri) 

DRI, The Accused AD. (El Corazon, Fri) 

Vaudeville Etiquette, Bart Budwig, Marshall McLean Band. (Sunset, Fri) 

Jo Passed, Versing. (Timbre Room, Fri) 

Diet Cig, Lisa Prank, Jenn Champion. (Barboza, Fri) 

Monsterwatch, Silas Blak, Wizdum, more. (LoFi, Fri) 

Jillian Michaels. (Moore, Fri) 

Alt-J. (Chop Suey, Fri) 

"Nerd Prom" with Cataldo, Wild Ones. (Century Ballroom, Fri) 

Kinski, Spoils, Beyond Captain Orca. (Blue Moon, Fri)

Lupe Fiasco. (Neptune, Fri)

Laura Marling, Valley Queen. (Showbox, Fri) 

Pond, Kirin J. Callahan. (Neumos, Fri) 

LeRoy Bell, Erin Austin. (Fremont Abbey, Fri) 

Sofi Tukker. (Crocodile, Fri) 

Signal Lost, Deathraid, Babylon. (Highline) 

Helio Sequence. (Tractor, Fri) 

Author/memoirist Ken Bugul. (Elliott Bay Book Co., Fri) 


Punk Rock Flea Market. (KEXP, SIFF Center, and Vera Project, Sat-Sun) 


Seattle Bookstore Day. (Various spots, Sat) 

People's Climate March. (Occidental Park, Sat) 

Bacon and Beer Classic. (Safeco Field, Sat) 

MKB Ultra, Healthy Kittens. (Georgetown Music, Sat) 

Seattle Unique Boutique spring showcase. (Q, Sat) 

Ask the Ages jazz band. (Chapel Performance Space, Sat)

"Building a Better Boom: Designing a Thriving City for Everyone." (1400 Western Ave., Sat)

"Ignite, Resist, Engage" volunteer service fair. (Nathan Hale HS, Sat) 

Seattle Modern Home Tour. (Various spots, Sat)

Comics writer/artist David Walker. (Outsider Coimcs, Sat) 

Suzi Analogue, SassyBlack, Taylar Elizza Beth, N SO. (Timbre Room, Sat) 

Rev. Horton Heat, Dale Watson. (Tractor, Sat) 

Comedian Zainab Johnson. (Royal Room, Sat) 

Hobosexual. (LoFi, Sat) 

Devin the Dude, Jarv Dee, All Star Opera. (Crocodile, Sat) 

Industrial Revelation, D'Vonne Lewis' Limited Edition. (Blue Moon, Sat) 

Tim Kasher, Allison Weiss. (Barboza, Sat)

"Twisted Flicks" series presents re-dubbed version of "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea." (Jet City Improv, Sat) 

Native American Tea Party. (Duwamish Longhouse, Sat) 

Architectural historian Jeffrey Karl Ochsner. (Central Library, Sat) 

Nasty Women Project book signing. (Queen Anne Book Co., Sat) 

Representation Day, programs and speeches about anti-corruption actions. (City Hall, Sat) 

Kehlani, Ella Mai, Jahkow, Noodles. (Showbox Sodo, Sat) 

Sondre Lerche, Dedekind Cut. (Columbia City Theater, Sat) 

Kansas. (Moore, Sat) 


Author Jonathan Taplin on "How Facebook, Amazon, and Google Threaten Democracy." (Town Hall, Sun) 

NW Immigrant Rights Project benefit with Argan, Catalino Underdog, Black Chevys. (Blue Moon and Floating Bridge Brewing, Sun) 

"Theater in the Library" series presents classic Jewish drama "The Dybbuk." (Central Library, Sun) 

The 1975. (WaMu Theater, Sun) 

Grand Slam poetry competition. (Town Hall, Sun) 

African-American Writers' Alliance reading. (Open Books, Sun) 

Open studios. (Inscape, Sun) 

Trap Them, Call of the Void, Heiress, Wake of Humanity. (Highline, Sun) 

Verlaine, Sundays on the Sun. (High Dive, Sun) 




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