The Storm preseason arrives bright n' early today. As we saw earlier this year with the UW Huskies' magnificent run, women's basketball's a great sports spectacle. So let's all go and enjoy. (Oh, and it should be nice out today.)


Would you believe, sunny and 70?



Local filmmaker Chris Jordan saw this albatross, killed from ingesting plastic garbage in the ocean, and "sank into a deep depression" from what it said about the state of the planet. Then he found a more positive, action-oriented point of view. (KUOW) 

Wash. state ranks #2 in a list of states with drinking-water safety violations, ranked by the number of households affected. (Slog) 

Sixty years after it closed, pollution from a toxic mine site is no longer flowing into Lake Chelan, thanks to a $500 million cleanup plan paid for by the mine operator's successor company. (AP)

Some 40 trees originally planted for a "deforestation awareness" campaign are dead or dying. Could it be due to the blue paint stuck onto them? (KIRO-TV) 



Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are accused of using unauthorized samples (from a New Orleans jazz musician) in their big hit "Thrift Shop." (PI.com)


A fourth man has emerged to accuse Mayor Ed Murray of paying him for sex when the accuser was underage. (KING) 

City Council candidate Jon Grant wants Murray to immediately resign. Grant claims Murray's "actions to publicly attack the character of alleged survivors of abuse only serve to perpetuate rape culture." (Slog) (Crosscut) 


State House Democrats want to tie Boeing tax breaks to its in-state employment levels. (AP)

Big-business interests are targeting House majority leader Pat Sullivan, over his support of plans to increase corporate taxes to help pay for K-12 schools. (NWNews) 

A Kittitas County judge rejected a lawsuit against the statewide minimum-wage and paid-sick-leave law. (SeaTimes)

Some guy on CNN believes Gov. Inslee (and Starbucks ex-CEO Howard Schultz) have a good shot at the 2020 Presidential nod. (KCPQ) (SeaTimes) 


"The crack epidemic that once ravaged black neighborhoods didn't get as much sympathy as todays opioid epidemic." (Daudi Abe, Stranger oped) 


Third Avenue in Belltown's undergoing a massive repaving project. Major bus stops along the street will close for as much as a month at a time, starting with the Virginia Street stop used by clients of many social-service agencies. (KIRO-TV) 


Tacoma may declare a "state of emergency" over the homelessness crisis. (KING) 

New owners at a Dexter Ave. apartment building (1) more than doubled rents instantly, and (2) commenced a remodeling regimen that makes the place, according to one tenant, "uninhabitable." (PI.com) 

Seattle apartment rents have risen an average of 5.4 percent this past year. Bellevue's rent inflation is even worse. (Daily Journal of Commerce) But at least the rate of increase is slowing down, at least in some neighborhoods. (Capitol Hill Seattle) 


AEG's KeyArena rebuild plan was originally touted as all privately financed. But now we know the company wants to add a big parking garage, to be paid for with $250 million in government-backed bonds. (Art Thiel)

Can the Chinatown-International District, as we know and love it, survive major "upzones" at its periphery? (SeaTimes) 

Paul Allen's staff has released images of its apartment mega-project on the "Red Apple block" at 23rd and Jackson. (Daily Journal of Commerce) 


Congress's "emergency" spending resolution keeps a lot of threatened programs alive for now, including Sound Transit's light-rail expansion. (Seattle Transit Blog)


Researchers at Fred Hutch say the may have developed a cure for at least some kinds of cancer. (KIRO-FM) 


The Eastern Washington town of Quincy's had an economic boom thanks to many Internet "cloud server farms." Not everyone there approves. (KIRO-TV) 

T-Mobile says it's just three years away from rolling out "5G" mobile service, at data speeds up to 10 times as fast as current cell networks. While T-Mobile will mainly use this to improve its mobile services, other cell-phone companies are talking about offering wireless home Internet plans, to compete with those of cable and landline-phone companies. (GeekWire)  


The Storm opens its '17 campaign this morning, with a preseason game at home vs. Phoenix.

It took the Mariners 11 innings and nearly five hours to lose 6-4 to Anaheim. Series continues tonight.


Dana Gould. (Columbia City Theater)

"Am I Normal?: French Soundtrack and Psych Music." (Revolver) 

Vieux Farka Touré, Clinton Fearon. (Nectar) 

Film "Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century." (The Runaway) 

David Crosby. (Neptune) 

"The Islamic Enlightenment" author Christopher de Bellaigue. (Central Library) 

Queer Film Series presents "Mosquita y Mari." (NW Film Forum) 

Roxy Cross. (Royal Room) 

"Civic Cocktail" with Lindy West, Tina Podlodowski, journalists' panel. (Palace Ballroom) 

"Make Your Whole Body a Mass of Doubt," butoh performance. (Capitol Hill light rail station) 

SIlent reading party. (Sorrento) 

Andy Cohen, Trio Brasileiro. (Triple Door) 

CJ Ramone, Big Eyes, Communist Eyes. (Funhouse) 

Coyote Lovely album release. (Rendezvous) 

"Beyond Ballet: A Town Hall on the State of Ballet and Diversity." (Phelps Center Studio C) 

"Black Lives Mater" discusison with Patrisse Cullors and Jamelle Bouie. (Tacoma Pantages Theater)

"History, Conflict and Promise: Civil Rights at the UW" panel. (UW Kane Hall) 


(Jean Cocteau):

“We shelter an angel within us. We must be the guardians of that angel.”


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